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  • Relief Tennis Elbow Support

    Relief Tennis Elbow Support

    Relief Tennis Elbow Support is woven with superior quality cotton fabric that retains heat and protects the elbow bones from strain. Cotton further makes this support a good sweat absorber for long usage. This could be easily hand washed and air dried.

    Salient Features:

    •     High quality material used         
    •     Skin friendly and easy to wear with tubular design
    •     Offers optimum fit and
    •     Comes in a single piece
    •     Can be used for both arms

    A Quality Product from Relief

    INR 295.00
  • Relief Thumb Spika Splint

    Relief Thumb Spika Splint

    The Relief Thumb Spica Splint is made from flexible and breathable 3-layered PUF fused fabric. This removable, malleable splint supports the thumb in abduction & immobilizes the CMC & MCP joints of the thumb. The main quality of the Relief Thumb Spica Splint is that it allows the complete movement of the figures without allowing any movement of the wrist. This feature allows the user to perform regular functions of the figures with ease while preventing any damage to the thumb from wrist movement. The Relief Thumb Spica Splint provides great immobilization to the Carpometacarpal joint & the Metacarpophalangeal joint & thereby also reduces the risk of a carpal tunnel syndrome. The product is ideal for use on soft tissue injuries, ligament strains, gatekeeper's thumb, osteoarthritis, and degenerative joint disease.

    Salient Features:

    • Breathable fabrics for extended wear
    • Two stays provide maximum support
    • Three adjustable straps for custom fit


    A Quality Product from Relief

    INR 395.00
  • Vitane Elbow Support, Pair

    Vitane Elbow Support, Pair

    Recommended for sport injuries & in mild to moderate sprains & strains.
    Reduces pain, protect the joint, stabilize the surrounding muscles
    Designed for light sports and other athletic activities. Ideal for sprains, strains and stress injuries.

    A Quality Product from Vitane

    INR 180.00   Save 8%
    INR 165.00
  • Vitane Tennis Elbow Support

    Vitane Tennis Elbow Support

    Recommended for the treatment & prevention of lateral epicondyitis during sports & during work activities such as gripping.
    Adjustable hook and strap for tension control
    Available with pressure pad for targeted relief from pain.

    A Quality Product from Vitane

    INR 200.00   Save 10%
    INR 180.00
  • Vitane Thumb Spica Splint

    Vitane Thumb Spica Splint

    Immobilizes the Metacarpals & Phalanges joint to support & protect injured collateral ligaments
    Ideal for arthritis and dislocations around the thumb.
    Keeps thumb in abduction position to give proper support.

    A Quality Product from Vitane

    INR 200.00   Save 10%
    INR 180.00
  • Vkare Tennis Elbow - Neoprene

    Therapy to heal muscle injuries
    Reduces inflammation and swelling
    INR 500.00   Save 30%
    INR 350.00

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