H2O+ skin, body and hair care products with natural sea ingredients

H2O+, the international sea inspired skincare innovator from Chicago. It creates a niche range of highly innovative body care, spa, bath and fragrance products. H2O+ believes in the power of nature's most precious resource water combined with the benefits of over 60 sea-derived ingredients and the latest technology. Water works as a moisture transportation system that delivers these key marine nutrients to the skin. ~H2O+ uses pharmaceutical water, which is the best quality of water available across the globe.

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  • H2O+ Agave Mist Moisturizin...

    An intensely hydrating body lotion Contains emollient shea butter & provitamin B to deliver rich moisture Blended with Iceland Moss, aloe & marine algae to soothe & replenish depleted skin Loaded with essence of blue agave, cucumber & dune grass that refreshes the senses Body skin appears softer, smoother, revitalized & feels more comfortable
    INR 790.00   Save 8%
    INR 724.00
  • H2O+ Agave Mist Shower & Ba...

    An all natural, hydrating bath & shower gel With a non-caustic & non-alkaline formula Contains extracts of blue agave, cucumbers & dune grass to rejuvenate skin Provides cool & hydrating effect of water Leaves skin fresh, soft, smooth & comfortable
    INR 658.00   Save 5%
    INR 625.00
  • H2O+ Aquafirm Intensive Lif...

    A supercharged lifting & re-sculpting serum Formulated with Sea Nutrient Barrier, a powerful blend of algae & oat extract Forms a light veil on skin for an instant micro-lifting effect Contains marine microspheres that deliver moisture molecules to fill in surface lines Enriched with amino acids, brown & green marine algae to promote healthy collagen production Unveils a firmer, smoother, plumper & re-contoured complexion To use: Apply to cleansed & toned face & neck. Follow with appropriate moisturizer
    INR 2961.00   Save 19%
    INR 2402.00
  • H2O+ Aquafirm Weekly Active...

    A self-foaming firming mask Enriched with Marine Microspheres, Sea Nutrient Barrier & Brown Sea Kelp Helps replenish depleted moisture levels in skin Promotes collagen production for skin firming action Leaves skin hydrated & youthful looking Perfect for all skin types
    INR 2106.00   Save 13%
    INR 1842.00
  • H2O+ Aquafirm+ Eye Lift Con...

    A quick-functioning, lifting eye concentrate Contains brown & green marine algae to reinforce eye area with vital moisture Blended with amino acids to soften the look of expression lines Loaded with deep-sea nutrients for an instant micro-lifting effect Plus caffeine & light-reflecting brighteners to visibly minimize puffiness & dark circles Unveils a firmer, smoother & more brilliant looking eye area
    INR 2501.00   Save 26%
    INR 1842.00
  • H2O+ Aquafirm+ Micro-Collag...

    An ultra-rich revitalizing eye cream Contains protein-rich brown algae extracts to promote natural collagen production Blended with marine microspheres to deliver deep hydration Instantly plumps the appearance of surface lines around the delicate eye area Infused with vitamins A & E for a rapid micro-lifting effect Banishes signs of fatigue immediately Reveals a firmer, smoother, re-contoured & more vigorous looking eye area
    INR 2501.00   Save 24%
    INR 1908.00
  • H2O+ Aquafirm+ Micro-Collag...

    A firming & anti-aging facial moisturizer Features a silky cream-gel texture Contains Marine Microspheres that deeply penetrate into skin to deliver natural moisture Immediately plumps the appearance of fine lines from within Blended with sea-sourced nutrients & oat extract for firming & toning action Rich in fatty acids, green & brown algae to support healthy collagen production Loaded with Jojoba extract, a rich emollient agent & exceptional moisturizer Unveils a softer, smoother, re-contoured & younger looking complexion
    INR 3290.00   Save 15%
    INR 2796.00
  • H2O+ Aqualibrium Cleansing ...

    A pack of oil-free, alchohol-free cleansing wipes Contains pre-moisened cloths to soften & cleanse skin Formulated with antioxidant-rich marine algae, lavender extract & Provitamin B Helps eliminate traces of makeup while refreshing skin Features a re-sealable pack ideal for touch-ups & travel Leaves skin sleek & invigorated Dermatologist-tested
    INR 1185.00   Save 14%
    INR 1020.00
  • H2O+ Aqualibrium Hydrating ...

    A marine-based, moisture-boosting mask Contains an exclusive Sea Mineral Complex that delivers intense moisture to areas that need it most Blended with red marine algae extracts to promote skin cell turnover Loaded with sea plankton & marine botanicals of wakame, sea lettuce & sea fennel Helps replenish essential moisture while reducing fine surface lines Unveils a suppler, sleeker, plumper & younger looking complexion
    INR 1645.00   Save 20%
    INR 1316.00
  • H2O+ Aqualibrium Line-Minim...

    Aqualibrium Line-Minimizing Bio-Boost System: 1x Mist 150ml/5oz 1x Serum 30ml/1oz A synergistic treatment system to intensify any skincare routine Contains mineral-rich waters from the lush volcanic region in France Blended with pure algae extracts to condition & nourish skin Loaded with hydrolyzed elastin to preserve skin's natural flexibility Infused with calcium to fortify cellular barrier to shield against signs of aging Skin appears softer, smoother & younger looking Dermatologist-tested
    INR 3619.00   Save 6%
    INR 3389.00
  • H2O+ Aqualibrium Marine Cle...

    An oil-free marine-derived cleanser Helps gently eliminate makeup & surface impurities Formulated with Microencapsulated Softening Beads to gently remove dull cells Blended with Acacia to soothe irritated skin while correcting its tone & texture Contains Sea Mineral Complex including wakame, sea fennel & sea lettuce Helps preserve skin's natural moisture balance at the cellular level Leaves skin supple, clear, radiant & refreshed without stripping or drying To use: Massage gently into face, rinse with cool water. Follow with daily regimens
    INR 1185.00   Save 14%
    INR 1020.00
  • H2O+ Aqualibrium Marine Ton...

    A revitalizing, marine-derived & alcohol-free toner Helps sweep away impurities & enhanced moisture absorption Formulated with Provitamin B & Allantoin to maximize hydration levels & pacify stressed skin Strengthens skin while protecting it from irritation Contains Sea Mineral Complex including wakame, sea fennel & sea lettuce Helps preserve skin's natural moisture balance at the cellular level Leaves skin calm, clear, fresh, relieved & comfortable To use: Saturate cotton pad & sweep gently over cleansed face & neck
    INR 1185.00   Save 14%
    INR 1020.00
  • H2O+ AqualibriumSea Mineral...

    A gentle marine-derived facial scrub Formulated with Microencapsulated Softening Beads to gently remove dull cells & impurities Blended with Carrageenan from red marine algae for firming action Contains Sea Mineral Complex including wakame, sea fennel & sea lettuce Helps preserve skin's natural moisture balance at the cellular level Loaded with antioxidant-rich Multivitamin Complex to repair & prevent cell damage Skin appears firmer, suppler, sleeker, clearer, more flexible, radiant & refreshed To use: Gently massage onto damp face with fingertips, rinse well
    INR 1185.00   Save 33%
    INR 790.00
  • H2O+ Bath Aquatics Escape C...

    Bath Aquatics Escape Collection: 1x Natural Spring Shower & Bath Gel 180ml/6oz 1x Natural Spring Body Buffer 180ml/6oz 1x Natural Spring Moisturizing Body Balm 180ml/6oz Ideal both for personal use & as a gift
    INR 3619.00   Save 50%
    INR 1809.00
  • H2O+ Bath Aquatics Natural ...

    A lightweight daily conditioner Contains seaweed extract to strengthen & nourish hair Enriched with watercress extract & Iceland moss Provides moisture to restore suppleness Leaves hair smooth, shine & manageable
    INR 1053.00
  • H2O+ Blushing Orange Condit...

    Blushing Orange Conditioner
    INR 1053.00   Save 9%
    INR 954.00

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