Nature's Essence Diamond Facial Kit

Diamond Facial Kit
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Nature's Essence Diamond Facial Kit

This kit includes: Diamond Face Cleanser: This transparent gel blended with Vitamin E filled capsule and Diamond dust provides deep cleansing and skin purifying properties.

Diamond Scrub: An amazing blend of scrub powder and serum especially crafted for the mini kit is a combination of Zircon ash, Walnut grains, Diamond dust to give you an exquisite exfoliating scrub which polishes and removes dead skin cells at the same time.

Diamond Skin Cream: It is an oil free cream rich in Vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil and Diamond dust. It has strong skin polishing effect for giving smooth surface texture to the skin. Also improves complexion.

Diamond Glow Pack: Based on Almond Oil, Honey wax, this pack lifts the skin, improves the texture and complexion and offers a lasting shine on the skin surface.

Diamond Polish Cream: This special oil free cream is useful to cover the freshly treated skin. It also protects the skin from harmful sun rays. It leaves a shining effect on the epidermal layer.

A quality product from Nature's Essence

  • HealthAid Lecithin 1200mg Capsules

    Lecithin 1200mg (unbleached) Capsules contain Lecithin, which is a natural emulsifier which assists the breakdown of fats and helps its efficient transportation through the blood vessels. This is an excellent supplement for people who are following a calorie controlled diet or a low cholesterol diet. Super Lecithin from HealthAid is specially formulated using cold pressed soybean oil hermetically sealed in a soft gelatine capsule to maintain purity and strength.
    Who Are Lecithin Capsules For?

    Lecithin Capsules may be of benefit to;

    People on weight management programmes who want to lose weight
    Facilitate the removal of fats in the body for efficient weight loss
    People who have high cholesterol levels and poor heart conditions

    When Should I Take Lecithin Capsules?

    Lecithin capsules can be taken by those who wish to facilitate fat removal from their diet to improve heart health or to manage weight issues more successfully.
    Recommended Daily Intake of Lecithin 1200mg Capsules :

    Adults and children over 12 years of age, one to three capsules daily. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.
    INR 912.00
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    Beckham Signature Man Deo Body Spray

    Signature Deo Spray radiates an energy that invigorates and refreshes dull, vacant minds pushing you into a powerful surge of action. Uniting class with confidence, David Beckham presents Signature which blends naturally with your inherent charm and enhances your strong personality. The luxury fragrance is reminiscent of classic masculine features like chiseled jaw lines and high cheekbones that are offset by the deep, dark dangerous eyes that seem to look right into her soul. A deodorant spray whose heady aroma takes the shape of the person it adorns, the perfect ingredients make it a redolence that seems to proclaim your arrival. For the man who is far from conventional yet very classy, David Beckham Signature Deo Spray adds fuel to the fire burning within.

    A quality product from David Beckham

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  • Natura Bisse SPA Body Slim Brown Seaweed Micro-Complex - 150ml

    Contains concentrated brown algae extract Enhances drainage, reduce fluid retention & dissolve adipose deposits Dramatically reduces volume & reshapes body line Menthol is added to give a refreshing feeling Apply daily using a circular massage until completely absorbed
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  • Orlane Anagenese 25+ Morning Recovery Concentrate First Time-Fighting Serum - 15ml

    A day serum to counteract presence of aging signs Enriched with invigorating agents to renew skin & recover brightness Blends pro-cellular growth factors with a specific peptide Helps boost youth-potential of skin cells Creates sleeker, refreshed & evenly-toned skin in a youthful look To use: Apply in the morning before day cream or whenever needed for a quick beauty replenishment
    INR 3734.00
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  • Nature's Essence Neem Pack

    Nature's Essence Neem Pack

    Nature's Neem Pack - Neem Kernel Oil for cleansing impurities. Lavender Oil to add radiance

    A quality product from Nature's Essence

    INR 100.00
  • Nature's Essence Spanish Spearmint Face Wash

    Nature's Essence Spanish Spearmint Face Wash

    A gentle, cooling, and soothing exfoliating face wash gel with gentle mint milicapsules, which deep cleanses, exfoliates, the skin and ensures that the skin is not stripped off its natural moisturizing. The soap-free face wash is the key to a recharged and renewed looking glowing skin. It effortlessly deep cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes.

    A quality product from Nature's Essence

    INR 55.00
  • Nature's Essence Eye 2 Eye Under Eye Cream

    Nature's Essence Eye 2 Eye Under Eye Cream

    Look stunning and fresh with this potato based under eye cream. Potato based under eye cream. Helps in reducing the under eye dark circles. For best result apply at night.

    A quality product from Nature's Essence

    INR 125.00
  • Nature's Essence Lacto Bleach

    Nature's Essence Lacto Bleach

    Lacto Bleach Remedy For tan removal. Milk Proteins and honey enriched special skin bleach cream helps remove the epidermal sun tan, thereby restoring the natural fairness of the skin and also preventing pigmentation due to harmful sun. Its matt effect is ideal for hot climates and the cream also helps enhance after facial glow.

    Usage: Apply a layer on the face/skin and keep it on for 10-50 min. and after soft massage remove with cotton. Advised to be used everyday to restore natural color and glow of skin.

    Key ingredients: Milk, Honey and Lavender Oil.

    A quality product from Nature's Essence

    INR 145.00

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