Tru Tone Hair Dye Stick, Black 4 Sticks

Hair Dye Stick
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4 x 7.5 gm

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INR 260.00
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INR 250.00
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Tru Tone Hair Dye Stick

J.K. Helene Curtis offers an array of hair dyes under the brand name tru-tone useful for coloring the hair. The company is a specialist in providing personal care items.It provides stick hair dye in 9 g stick with screw action stick container in a box. This stick hair dye comes in black color in a convenient screw-action stick container. This stick hair dye is a temporary hair dye ideal for touch-up and coloring hair in areas where other hair dyes cannot be used. This stick hair dye is a safer product for applications in skin.

A quality product from J.K. Helene Curtis

  • Samurai Virus Buster - EA Mask - Virus & Bacteria Protector - Strap

    Samurai Virus Buster - EA Mask - Virus & Bacteria Protector - Strap

    Do you suffer from sneezing, cough & cold? Do you suffer from stomach infection or viral fever in monsoons? Are you fed up of falling sick again & again? Are you searching for effective solution for foul smells that come from your fridge or shoe rack or closet?

    DON'T WORRY. EA-Mask is here.
    EA - Mask is a completely safe product, which has been certified by:
    WHO (World Health Organization)
    FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
    EA-Mask helps you create personalized hygiene zone against deadly viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, etc.

    How long can EA- Mask by used?
    3 months
    First Month: Personal Use - An individual can use EA- Mask by attaching it along with their College ID or Work ID. It can also be clipped on the T-shirt or Shirt of an individual.
    Second Month: The same EA- Mask is used again by placing it inside your Refrigerator. EA- Mask can be placed to reduce the growth of Moulds, Viruses and Bacteria; subsequently killing the odors produced by them & also keeps the groceries fresh for longer period of time. It prevents Food Poisoning and Maintains Freshness
    Third Month: After using it in Refrigerator, EA- Mask can be reused in your Wardrobe or Cabinet or Shoe Rack or any other confine place.

    Tests Conducted:

    1. Mold & Bacteria Test conducted by SETCO Services Pte Ltd an accredited laboratory that is recognized by HSA (Health Sciences Authority) and SAC (Singapore Accreditation Council)
    2. Antibacterial & Deodorant Effect test conducted by Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center (Japan)
    3. Air Test done in Childcare Centre in Singapore using Agar Plate supply by SETCO

    Certified by: 1. WHO – World Health Organization, 2. FAO – Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

    Precautions:- If the chlorine smell becomes unbearable, please remove & keep. Wear after sometime. If you experience mild headache, it’s probably because you are using the product for 1st time.


    A Quality Product Made in Japan

    INR 850.00
  • Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli Cologne Absolue Spray - 200ml

    A green woody fragrance for men & women Crisp, clean, watery, warm & soothing Top note is star anise Middle notes are geranium & iris Base note is patchouli Launched in 2013 Suitable for spring or summer wear
    INR 11172.00
  • Aveda Stress Fix Body Creme - 200ml

    Aveda Stress Fix Body Creme - 200ml


    Hydrating body lotion with aroma proven to relieve feelings of stress. Aroma includes essences of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms and is formulated using the science of aromaology and the power of pure essential oils.


    A quality product form Aveda
    INR 5415.00
  • Bioelements Ultra-Rich Creme Therapy - Super-Emollient Creme Facial Mask for Very Dry to Dry Skin - 73ml

    Bioelements Ultra-Rich Creme Therapy - Super-Emollient Creme Facial Mask for Very Dry to Dry Skin - 73ml


    An ultrarich and emollient cream facial mask Packed with natural emollients and essential oils like Sesame Oil to soften and lubricate skin Contains Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme Essential Oils for refreshing and revitalizing properties Infused with Ginseng, Sumac and Gotu Kola Chinese Herbs for balancing action Visibly reduces the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles Skin appears smoother, nourished, younger looking and feels more comfortable Ideal for dry and very dry skin


    A quality product from Bioelements

    INR 2365.00
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