Tru Tone Hair Dye Stick, Black 4 Sticks

Hair Dye Stick
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4 x 7.5 gm

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INR 260.00
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INR 250.00
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Tru Tone Hair Dye Stick

J.K. Helene Curtis offers an array of hair dyes under the brand name tru-tone useful for coloring the hair. The company is a specialist in providing personal care items.It provides stick hair dye in 9 g stick with screw action stick container in a box. This stick hair dye comes in black color in a convenient screw-action stick container. This stick hair dye is a temporary hair dye ideal for touch-up and coloring hair in areas where other hair dyes cannot be used. This stick hair dye is a safer product for applications in skin.

A quality product from J.K. Helene Curtis

  • Delta Matters Policosanol with COQ10 - 120 Capsules

    Delta Matters Policosanol with COQ10 - 120 Capsules

    Rising cholesterol in middle age is a common problem. Thus , having help in the form of best health products found online at a bargain price is a good option indeed. Delta Matters Policasonol is one such product.

    Delta Matters Policasonol with CoQ10 part of the Cholesterol help family of products, is a blend of compounds isolated from natural plant waxes. Policosanol contains several long chain fatty alcohols, including octacosanol, hexacosanol and triacontanol. Animal and in- vitro research has shown that these compounds may support the cardiovascular system and inhibit lipid peroxidation as well as support macrophage activity. Coenzyme Q10 has been added to promote adequate levels of this important nutrient.

    Research indicates that CoQ10 levels in the body may be lowered by compounds that work on the same metabolic pathway as policosanol. CoQ10 supports the cardiovascular system and cellular energy production. Thus it is indeed an excellent health product available online that allows you to stay fit and healthy.


    Other Ingredients : Dibasic calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate,

    Directions : 1 to 2 capsules daily, or as recommended by your health care professional.

    Warnings :

    If taking anti-platelet medication, such as daily aspirin, consult your health care professional before using this product. Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.


    A Quality Product from Delta Matters

    INR 1890.00
  • Decleor White Bright Extreme Set: Brightening Lotion & Brightening Powder

    Decleor White Bright Extreme Set: Brightening Lotion & Brightening Powder


    WhiteBright Extreme Brightening Mask5 treatments Design House Decleor Fragrance Notes Lily Of The Valley And Jasmine With Seaweed Notes. Recommended Use Casual


    A quality product from Decleor

    INR 4651.00
  • CHA:LAB Pore Clear Mask - 25g

    Pore Clear Mask
    INR 485.00
  • Zindagi Noni Juice - 500ml

    Zindagi Noni Juice

    Noni(Morinda citrifolia) is a tree in the coffee family, Rubiaceae.
    Ingredients: Noni Fruit Juice (Morinda Citrifolia), Coccum fruit Ras Noni is rich in proteins, supportive enzymes, vitamins, minerals and unique phyto nutrients which our body requires daily
    The Benefits of Noni Juice :
    Child Care
    • As Brain tonic, to increase I.Q.
    • Boon for hyper active children
    • To reduce stress and perform better in exams
    Men & Women Care
    • To relive pre menstrual problems like depression, pain, mood swings and back ache.
    • Can alter the Hormone replacement therapy for post menopausal syndrome
    • For purifying blood and improves the texture of the skin
    • For Healthy & Shiny Hair Growth Men Care
    • Choice of daily tonic for highly skilled professionals like doctors, engineers, managers, business tycoons, advocates and IT Professionals
    • Helps to enhance Sexual Activity
    • Works as tonic and protector for regular smokers and drinkers
    • Choice of health drink for the health conscious, who are regularly performing exercise or Yoga. Senior Citizen
    • To control diabetes and its complications.
    • Depression, Insomnia & Other Mental Disorders.
    • Problems of prostate, sexual weakness and urinary system.
    • Before and after heart attack. Helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol & for Mild to Moderate blood pressure.
    • As an Adjuvant in the therapy of Angina.
    • To relive constipation & regularize bowel habits.
    • To slower the progress of the cancer.
    • When chemotherapy, radio therapy or surgery is contra-indicated.
    • To minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radio therapy. HIV-AIDS Immunity Promoter in HIV-AIDS. Helps to slower the viral load SKIN DISEASES. To prevent and treat skin diseases like psoriasis, syphilis, acne, etc
    For children: 5-10ml twice a day
    For Adults: 10-15 ml for Adults
    Net Vol: 500ml.

    A Quality Product From Zindagi

    INR 480.00
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