Ready for a New World Post Covid-19?


We said The World is Not Enough… the World responded by saying enough is enough!

From a global population of under 1 Billion in 1800, we grew to about 1.85 Billion by 1920 and we’re now at a whopping 7.79 Billion! We’ve edged out the other inhabitants of the planet and been a predator to the other species with whom we share the world. We believed that as humans, we are entitled to rule and slaughter everything that came our way.

Our insatiable greed for more and more has clogged the arteries and airways of our planet. Now a small unseen enemy has put the human race on a ventilator and locked down more than 3/4th of the populace.

Are we the virus that is spreading rampantly and Covid 19 the vaccine for the world? We sure have been behaving like one and it’s time to wake up and change our ways.

But this post isn’t about our past crimes. It’s not about survival. It’s about learning our lessons and succeeding in the post-Covid 19 world.

This is my take on what’s going to change:

A. New Social norms

  1. People will be more mindful of consumption and their carbon footprint. Expect an increase in localization and self-reliance
  2. Society will acknowledge, appreciate, and reward minimalism. There’ll be lesser peer pressure to get the next big shiny, sparkly thing
  3. More empathy towards each other, the other species, and the planet

B. Embracing Technology

  1. As a race, we have embraced technology like fish to water. From the Internet to emails, mobile phones to social networks… technology has seamlessly integrated with our daily lives. We can’t imagine what life would have been without these, and honestly, most of us can’t imagine how we functioned without them before. Smartphones, 5G networks, lower prices, easier interfaces have contributed to our ubiquitous use of technology. COVID 19 is going to increase the usage and pace of growth even further
  2. We can expect more work from home, lesser travel for work with video conferencing services like Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Goto Meeting, etc becoming household names and the order of the day
  3. Expect lesser full-time jobs, high growth in pay per project or the gig economy; those who learn new skills and embrace this as an option could come out stronger and increase their earnings in this new era
  4. eCommerce will see faster growth as brick & mortar retail gets restricted
  5. The Sharing economy will grow faster as people cut down on non-essential spending
  6. Clean-tech will be the norm going forward on the back of new regulation to clean up our earth
  7. Robotics & automation will begin to find its way into our daily lives sooner due to social distancing norms, fear as well as higher hygiene awareness.

C. Hygiene – the new marketing tool?

  1. Talking about hygiene, expect more brands to promote themselves on the back of their hygiene levels
  2. Uber will talk about how their cars are sanitized after every ride, Swiggy about the high levels of hygiene procedure followed by their Hunger Saviours
  3. Companies will promote their Hygiene Score ratings by an independent third party

Some of us talk about not being able to wait for things going back to normal… well, don’t hold your breath! There is a new world on the horizon and the sooner we brace ourselves for the new norm the better our chances of succeeding in the new world.

Deepak Saraf

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