B&S Active Hydrogen Capsules – 60 Capsules

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B&S Active Hydrogen Capsules – 60 Capsules
B&S Active Hydrogen Capsules – 60 Capsules



B&S Active Hydrogen Capsules – 60 Capsules

Nature’s most well kept secret of longevity….

Independent research shows that daily intake of significant amount of hydride ions (negative hydrogen ions) in diet leads to significant higher life expectancy.

For 30 years Dr. Patrick Flanagan worked to discover the health and longevity secrets of the Hunza people. It is believed that a much greater percentage of Hunza people live past the age of 100yrs with good health. The locals claimed that their secrets of longevity lie in cloudy, mineralrich water that rushes down from the Himalayan glaciers.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan found that the natural water had negatively charged hydrogen ions (hydride ions) which make Hunza water a power source as well as a natural Anti-Ageing supplement.

Key Features :

World’s most potent antioxidant known till date

Size of hydride ion is smallest possible in nature, so it enters easily in majority of cells and cause anti-oxidant effect at site where other anti-oxidants can’t reach

With goodness of Okinawa coral calcium (Japan)

Chemical structure of coral calcium is identical to human bone calcium, so it also strengthens the bone

Neutralizes ROS(Reactive Oxygen Species), protects the body cells from oxidative damage and slows down cellular ageing

Manufactured using patented technology

Potent antioxidant with goodness of coral calcium

Significantly slows down ageing process

Reduces oxidative stress

Boosts energy level

Strengthens the immune system

Available in: 30 and 60 capsules pack

A Quality Product from B&S

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