Baidyanath Kasisadi Taila (Oil) – 50ml

Baidyanath Kasisadi Taila (Oil) – 50ml
Baidyanath Kasisadi Taila (Oil) – 50ml



Kasisadi Tail is a polyherbal medicated Ayurvedic oil used for external application on piles, corns and warts. It has antiseptic and disinfectant activities. Regular topical application of this oil for few weeks helps in softening the hemorrhoids, corns and warts and reducing their size. It reduces itching in hemorrhoids.
Kasisadi Taila shows beneficial effects in the management of 1st and 2nd degree of Arsha/piles. It is kshar/alkali and corrosive in nature. It reduces bleeding, pain and pile mass.

Badyanath Kashisadi tail has the alkaline quality. Lekhanam, Ksharanam and Kshapanam are three characteristics of this oil. When this oil is applied on the piles abrasion can be observed in the swelling of piles. Later fiber tissue is formed as scars. Then the swelling piles contract and gradually they dissolve.
Pressure makes the anus expand and there by causes piles. Reasons for expansion of anus are constipation, liver diseases and pregnancy. Speciality of Kasisadi tailam is it contracts the expanded anus.

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Specification: Baidyanath Kasisadi Taila (Oil) – 50ml

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