BeatO Smartphone Glucometer With 20 Test Strips

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer With 20 Test Strips
BeatO Smartphone Glucometer With 20 Test Strips



Smartphone Based Compact Glucometer

At BeatO, we constantly aim to make blood glucose management more comprehensive for all our users. We believe with growing technological advancement, it is important to minimize the complication associated with chronic diseases. To ensure this we aim to deliver latest technology coupled with ease of accessibility for all those having problems. BeatO brings to you a range of highly user-friendly services, including mobile based glucometer and healthy food to help you effortlessly take charge of end-to-end blood glucose management.

Turn Your Smartphone into a Glucometer

Monitor your blood sugar levels and keep track of any fluctuations even when you are on the go with BeatO’s smartphone based compact glucometer that even fit into your pocket. Right from directing your regular blood glucose readings to BeatO’s educators, to assisting you with comprehensive diet and lifestyle changes, the app designed by BeatO takes blood glucose monitoring to a new level of ease and accessibility. Stay connected on the go.

Accurate Sugar Level Readings Right On Your Smartphone

Being CE certified, the BeatO smartphone glucometer works on mobile technology and ensures you get instant feedback from our medical experts on your sugar level trends. The seamless network of your family, doctor and BeatO’s personalized medical expert ensures you are always in charge of your blood glucose levels and make the prescribed necessary changes in your lifestyle and food habits.

Share Readings with Experts for Free 3 Months Guidance

Managing sugar levels is more than just keeping a check on your sugar intake. Being a lifestyle disease, it demands a well-planned lifestyle guided by experts. With BeatO’s smartphone based glucometer and app, you are always aware of your blood sugar readings and can share with experts for free assistance for three months.

Accurate Readings, Anytime, Anywhere

The easy to use and comfortable to carry portable glucometer is your window to a well-planned blood glucose care and management program guided by BeatO’s qualified medical and nutrition experts. The glucometer follows standard protocols and is CE certified to give you completely accurate results anytime, anywhere.  

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