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Bombay Shaving Company 6 Part Shaving System

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Bombay Shaving Company

Bombay Shaving Company 6 Part Shaving System

Discover a Whole New World of Shaving

Bombay Shaving Company began with the idea that shaving should be more than the auto-pilot chore so many men see it as. We crafted a shaving system built around an immersive, joyful pre-shave, shave and post-shave regimen. Turning shaving from a routine to a ritual. A single-blade razor cuts at the skin level, effectively slicing through the thickest hair without harming the skin underneath. Multi-blade razors on the other hand cut below the skin level, causing razor bumps and skin irritation.

Precision Safety Razor : A single blade safety razor is a highly precise shaving tool and provides a fabulous shave.

Feather Stainless Blades : Sharp Platinum coated stainless steel blades that cut hair in a single stroke.

Pre-Shave Scrub : A black sand scrub with Enriching vitamin E and soothing aloe vera extract.

Shaving Cream : Creates a rich, creamy lather that lubricates the face.

Shaving Brush : Synthetic fibre bristles that are whisper-soft on your skin.

Post-Shave Balm : Soothes and repairs the skin by hydrating and restoring essential oils.


How to Get the Best Out of your Razor

All About the Angle : Lay the razor gently against your skin at roughly a 30-degree angle. Ensure the blade edge is flat against your skin, so that it can cut clean in one stroke.

Gently Does it : The razor should glide, not scrape, across your face, so don’t use too much pressure!

The Right Direction : Always shave along and across the grain of your hair. Never shave against the grain.

Flip it Over : Alternate between the edges of the razor every few strokes so that the blade is used equally on both sides.

Going for Seconds : If you need a second pass, don’t scrape over the same spot in a single session. Can lead to soreness. Reapply your shaving cream first. You could shave across the grain this time.

Don't Get Cornered : Always use the straight edge, and avoid using the corners of the razor

How To Use :

  • Unscrew the razor’s handle to insert a blade.
  • Apply some scrub on your face. Rub gently for 1-­2 minutes and spread over the area to be shaved. Wash off with lukewarm water.
  • Soak your brush in warm water. Take some cream in your hand, and use the brush to lather it with circular motions. Apply.
  • Ensure you are holding the razor at an angle so that the blade touches your face.
  • Shave in the direction that your beard grows, i.e, with the grain.
  • Soft, light strokes. Make gravity work for you.
  • Use the provided aggressive clamp for a closer shave, or go for a second pass.
  • Wash your face with cold water and apply balm on the shaved area.

Pack Contains : 1 Shaving Cream, 1 Pre Shave Scrub, 1 Post ShaveBalm, 1 Precision Safety Razor, 20 Feather Blades, 1 Imitation Badger Brush & 1 Hand Towel.

A Quality Product from Bombay Shaving Company


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Brand Bombay Shaving Company


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    Why rate this product

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    Good Brand

    I have used the products of this brand, products are really awesome.

    By Fahim on 8/11/2017

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    Why rate this product

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    • VALUE

    All product in this shaving kits are awesome. The shaving cream and post shave balm are just great. Good grooming kit and awesome products, all in one pack.

    By Satish Dhaundiyal on 8/9/2017

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    Why rate this product

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    Grooming shaving good

    All in one. Good grooming kit for men. I love the sham balm particularly and it smells awesome. Good value of money buy.

    By Rohan on 8/6/2017

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    Why rate this product

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    Costly but good

    This is a complete combo. Little bit costly but having all otpions in a single packet is really appreciable. Good quality product and genuine quality.

    By Karamjeet on 8/3/2017

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    Why rate this product

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    Complete kit

    With scrub, razor, cream, brush, blades and a post-shave balm it is a complete grooming kit for any handsome. :)

    By Sandeep Kaushik on 7/30/2017

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