Cobra Magnum Pepper Spray – 35gm

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Cobra Magnum Pepper Spray – 35gm

COBRA sprays a high-irritant chilly extract that causes severe burning sensation (to exposed skin)& temporary blindness along with restricted breathing in an attacker, thus giving the user time to get away from a (life)threatening situation. The effects of the pepper spray last for 30 to 45 minutes & have no known permanent side effects.

Best in The class: Effective Spray Range of 12 feet (Thus safety distance is 12 ft x 360 degrees) Best in The class ·Hi Emission Conical Spray up to 12 ft. ·Conical Sprays is the easiest & most effective spray pattern as the user does not have to take aim of “eyes” which is a very small target. ·Just point it in the general direction of the face of the attacker & spray. ·At a approximate distance of 8 ft the spray cloud covers around 2ft diameter. ·

Conical Pattern effects in Three ways

  • Attacks the Eyes shutting them instantly, thus technically blinding the attacker.
  • Attacks the Mucus membrane & respiratory Track, causing breathing problems to the attacker along with bouts of Coughing & sneezing, which drains out the energy of the attacker.
  • Causes very severe “burning sensation” on the facial tissue.

Additional Features:

  • “Draw & Fire Design” · Single Hand Operation.
  • Integrated 2 pc cap with Safety Mechanism.
  • Lock/Unlock Mode ( First Of Its Kind)
  • Poly Carbonate Clip for ease of carrying
  • Range: 12 feet
  • Double Lock, Single Hand Draw and Fire
  • Effect for 30 to 45 minutes
  • No permanent side effect
  • Useful for Working Women, College Girls, Jewellers, Cash Carriers, Security Guards, Air Marshal
  • Box Content: 1 Pepper Spray

A Quality Product From Cobra

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Specification: Cobra Magnum Pepper Spray – 35gm

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