10 Two-Tone Hair Colour Trends


The two-tone hair colour trends have spread like wildfire in hair salons, worldwide.

And why not?

They are easy to maintain and suit most haircuts, making them one of the most happening hair colour trends of 2017 and 2018.

Here’s our pick of the top ten dual-tone hair colour ideas, including ombre, balayage, among other hot and happening hair colouring trends.

1. Chocolate Caramel Hair Trend

This rich chocolate brown with honey or caramel highlights looks good enough to eat! Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone use this combo and so do a lot of Hollywood celebs.

2. Auburn Ombre Balayage Trend (perfect for long dark brown and Indian hair)

Ombre styles work best on brunettes. French for ‘shadow, ombre hair is a gradual progression of darkness into lightness, as opposed to heavy contrasting bands.

Balayage means:

‘To sweep’ in French.

And the colouring technique is similar to ombre but creates a natural look leaving darker hair at the ends with sunkissed highlights throughout the length of hair.

3. Subtle Two-Tone Hair Colour Trend

This hair colouring style is trending even more in 2018. Maybe because it is popular because it is more practical and easy to maintain than most two-tone hairstyles. Actress Sophia Vergara (L) is famous for her beautiful long brown hair with a subtle ombre style. The length and ends of Sophia’s hair are only a smidge lighter than the crown. Victoria Justice also has similar rich dark hair with tones so delicately put in that you will need to look at it twice. Her hairstyle is like a “reverse” ombre; dark roots seamlessly blend into ends that are only one shade lighter.

4. Bronde Hair Trend

Being bronde never seems to go out of style! Bronde sparkles in the light and goes chocolate in the shade -a classic combination that always looks fresh and youthful. Hollywood’s Ashley Madekwe carries an uber chic and au naturel look as if she was born with her hairdo.

Wouldn’t you agree?

5. Blorange Hair Trend

Blorange hair was THE hair colouring trend to watch out for in 2017. Best suited for natural blondes, it is a unique blend of blonde, tangerine, peach or ginger. The shades should blend with a natural finish, resembling a beautiful sunset. The trick is to avoid bright orange and yellow shades.

6. Blonde Gray Hair Trend

Evan Rachel Wood’s blonde and grey hybrid hair colour looks fantastic! Based on a solid inch of almost-black roots, this look is as modern as it gets and was all the rage in the US last winter.

7. Overgrown Root Hair Trend

Overgrown roots were trendy even in 2016, but last fall saw this colouring style go up a few notches. Simply outgrow your darker roots to about 5 inches long for a dramatic new look that is ideal for post-summer, fall or winter. If you are a woman who loves low maintenance hair colouring, then look no further!

8. Geode Hair Trend

This is one the most talked about hair colour ideas on social media in 2017. Geode hair trend was the coolest way to add colour without bleaching hair. As predicted, it took off in the ‘teeny bopper’ beauty world. To get the geode effect, take sections of coloured hair from underneath and style so they peek out.

Experiment with indigo blue, purple, plums, and even pink hair colour!!

9. Classic Hair Colour Trends

Other popular hair colours for fall include:

  1. Gray Gray
  2. Platinum Blonde
  3. Jet Black

You read that right, ladies.

A full head of grey hair is hot and happening.

So is the snow white blonde and jet black look. These classic styles are back! They are en vogue and competing with newer dual-tone trends.

10. Hair Tips Colour Trend

Sometimes it is best to go subtle looks instead of the full-blown of blue or pink hair! Try adding a temporary spray colour to your hair tips only and see how it looks. At your next party, add a pop of colour to your fringe or an inch wide hair on the side and the tips at the back. Then look out for the compliments!

Choosing the right hair colour trend for you

This is when it gets tricky. Go with what you love the most. You can experiment a little, starting with subdued shades. Then you can take a call on bolder looks. Caramel balayage is having a moment right now and going balayage is one of the most trendy hair colours for brunettes and dark-haired beauties:

Indian ladies, are you listening?

We love the bronde, red ombre, chocolate caramel, and geode hair because they suit warm Indian skin tones.

  • If you love experimenting with your hair:

Try going blorange or bronde.

  • If you prefer to take the safe route:

Add caramel highlights to your locks this year.

What’s your favourite hair colour trend? Comment below or share this blog on social media/a forum.

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