20 Global Wellness Trends That Would Boom In India

Which of these wellness trends have you tried or are planning to? Trends usually begin in the US and spread to the rest of the world, but sometimes they are home-grown and have the reverse effect. Here are twenty health, fitness, beauty and wellness trends that are making waves worldwide and in India.

  1. Hyper-Functional Beverages

Bottoms up! A major part of eating healthy is drinking healthy. More and more people will go ultra-healthy by consuming hyper-functional beverages and tonics. Besides drinking green tea and herbal tea, the latest health tonics are apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice. They are not replacing your grandma’s neem and karela juice but adding to your wellness trends options.

Want to try something new? Drink the proven wheatgrass and aloe vera juice combo. Or, the ever desi Neem-Jamun-Karela combo to control blood sugar, skin disease and constipation: Growmax Neem Jamun Karela Juice gives very effective results. These low-sugar, organic super-drinks satiate and boost energy as well as hydrate, promoting overall wellness like immunity and digestion.

  1. Ashwagandha: Super Herb

Natural ways of reducing anxiety and depression are catching up with drug treatments. Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is considered to be the best herbal remedy for de-stressing and mental peace or balance, according to Ayurveda experts. But this magical herb can also lessen inflammation, arthritis, asthma and boost immunity. It also comes in the form of caffeine-free tea. Try sipping a cup of TruU Ashwagandha Herbal Tea.

  1. Magnesium: Stronger Bones and Muscles

Last year was all about kale and chia seeds, which will still be popular, but this year will see a shift toward bone health. Consumers will buy more minerals good for bone health, especially magnesium supplements and Mg-rich foods. What’s more, magnesium has multiple health benefits. It is believed to fend off menstrual pains, heart disease, relax muscles and the nervous system, as well as improve sleep. In fact, personal care brands are already manufacturing more magnesium oils and magnesium bath flakes and body lotions because the skin absorbs this mineral quickly, safely and effectively.

  1. Plant Proteins Blossom

Plant protein powders are blossoming and blooming for a good reason. They do not contain the harmful fats that animal proteins do but have cancer and disease-fighting phytonutrients that energize, detox and slim you. They are easy and healthy recipes for smoothies. They are great for your gut health! Chia seeds and Pea and hemp proteins are popping up everywhere, as are the time-tested green superfoods like Wheatgrass powder and Moringa powder.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Foods

There is a reason why you are filling up your grocery cart with more inflammation-fighting foods. Fighting inflammation with food is a naturally healthy way to fend off everything from bloating and acne to life-threatening illnesses, according to doctors and scientists.

  1. Collagen: Beauty from Within

Looking great isn’t just about the latest beauty product anymore. It’s about being beautiful from inside out. Consumers are getting smarter about what they put into their bodies. Collagen-rich powders and natural supplements are expected to flourish this year. Ageing slows down collagen production, making wrinkles more visible. Collagen supplements work naturally from within to help reverse ageing and boost skin elasticity.

  1. Clean Beauty

Skin care, hair care and makeup are becoming an extension of a healthy body. Women are educating themselves on what is good for skin, reading beauty product labels as carefully as food labels. More consumers are looking up product reviews or what others are saying before putting something on their skin and hair. Better yet, step out without makeup.

Each week a new celebrity proudly posts a makeup-free selfie on social media. Like the celebs, ditch your makeup for the natural look. Join their #NoMakeup movement this year.

  1. Next-Gen Wellness Retreats

A healthy mind and emotional healing holidays are “in”.

That’s no surprise!

Today’s hectic lifestyles and modern-living burnouts demand a refreshing mind-body connect. The big brands are luring you to their getaway destinations by adding ‘wellness’ to the travel brochure. This has led to the development of innovative spas and travel wellness trends.

Yoga retreats are holidays plus the benefit of healthy mind-body rejuvenation. This rising trend in the wellness world means you don’t just do yoga or visit the spa for an hour. But you get to do yoga, go trekking in the Himalayan foothills with your instructor. Take a social group fitness break in St Lucia, get aquatic therapy in Italy, eat-well and detox in Thailand, or bathe in an actual hot spring in Japan.

  1. ‘Athleisure’ in the Workplace

Brands are succumbing to the popular demand of meeting work-cum-leisure, not only in comfy ‘workleisure’ fashion and activewear but in food and fitness facilities. Convenient wellness trends include lunch bags and fitness centres that are sprouting up in crowded office areas. We think Indian employees would love to sneak out for a mid-morning workout or do one before going home for dinner in the office gym.

  1. “Woo-woo” Wellness

Most of you have not heard of this trend yet. If you and your friends have become yoga gurus or clean eaters, then you are leaning toward natural medicine and holistic healing. Yoga helps in ‘wooing’ your brain to think differently; healthy thoughts make up a healthy mind and a happier lifestyle. These life-enhancing wellness trends include yoga, reiki healing stones and crystals.

  1. Recovery: New Fitness Mantra

HIIT (High-intensity training) is still growing in popularity. But the downside has been over-training and injuries. So now we expect to see more of a slow down in gyms, in order to get back on track post-injury.

  1. Art Therapy

Colouring books are a wonderful way of taking people back to your childhood. They take you back to those precious memories in your youth. That is why the latest trend in art therapy are adult colouring books. Adult colouring books are selling like hotcakes in the U.S. They help with mental wellness by reducing stress and depression symptoms. Having fun anywhere with art therapy should work well with Indians too.

  1. Mobile Spa Treatments

The beauty business has big wellness trends and this one has its roots in Malaysia. The trend has spread quickly in Asia and it’s picking up momentum in India.  Travelling to and fro from a spa can ruin the relaxing rejuvenation experience from the spa treatment.  Manicurists, pedicurists and nail artists run mobile manicures and mini-spas at home, but it needs to grow into a more organised sector here. There are even some mobile post-natal treatments available in Malaysia!

  1. Audiovisual Wellness

You have heard of steam rooms and saunas but ever heard of ‘Sound Baths’  Maybe you will soon see them in Indian wellness spas. A Sound Bath uses sound waves to relax your mind reduces the overall stress levels in the body. Another trend that would work in India is the Silent Spa to cut out all the noisiness everywhere.

  1. Nesting at Home

Yes, nesting has made it on our wellness trends list – because staying in is the new going out! If you are lying on a comfy couch and watching Netflix in your jammies, you are probably nesting. All you need is lots of hot tea, microwavable dinner and your social media friends online. And your WiFi-enabled gadget of course.

  1. Future of Fitness is Franchised

Yes, it is like the Netflix of gyms! Forbes magazine has predicted that the future of gyms is online. More and more gyms are shifting focus from physical expansion to virtual ones. The small homely boutique gyms may be quaint, but it is the franchise model that is scaling. Look out for this one – it may well become one of the biggest wellness trends.

Indian fitness sector is at a turning point. It has come a long way even though it is still unorganized. This actually helps the franchisees to step in. Multinational gym brands are taking the franchise route in India which is a smart move with the booming Indian middle-class population. The fastest way to make see the Indian fitness industry catapult would be if investors, gym owners, franchises, equipment and nutrition manufacturers and the government work in tandem. U.S. Brands like Anytime Fitness, CrossFit and Runyon are way ahead of us in the game. Their next goal is to convince people they can get it all in one place.

  1. Old is Gold!

Some wellness trends are making a welcome comeback! Face to face conversation is becoming fashionable again. Human interaction was always loved, at least pre-Facebook and pre-Whatsapp. More and more Indians are realising that connecting on social media and chat groups is not enough. Talking to each other in person is not only more enjoyable but private and time well spent.

Guess what else is back in style?

  • Organic Coffee
  • Turmeric Tea
  • Red Wine
  • Probiotic Yoghurt
  • Vegetarian Diets
  • Vitamin C
  • Home Schooling
  • Avocados
  • Healthy Salts
  1. Menstrual Realness

Embracing menstruation, naturally is more of a movement than a trend. In some parts of India, menstruation is still considered to be an illness. Apparently, it is ‘bad blood’ and even taboo to enter some temples in India while menstruating. Many women and girls are not allowed to enter the kitchen in their own home! Indian women want to see more ‘menstrual realness’. And to meet this demand, brands are making new feminine hygiene products that are good for the body and the environment.

  1. Commercial Cannabis

Admittedly, this is more of a Californian trend right now. Nevertheless, medical marijuana dispensaries are cropping up more and more, and it is legal in 28 U.S. states. Companies advertising products with the ingredient claim that it can calm your nerves as well as relieve aches and pains. Some studies suggest CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana, reduces inflammation and relaxes both the body and mind. This has prompted other countries to make and market commercial Marijuana legally in prescription drugs.

  1. It’s Hip to be Sober

Sobriety is cool again! In America, the social scene started sobering up in 2016, and it is gaining popularity in India, at least with the youth. Purposeful drinking like a glass of vino with dinner is still considered stylish, but chugging beer on Friday afternoons just because it is a no-work zone has gone downhill. Celebrities have made a big impact on global wellness trends by living healthy lifestyles and posting selfies on social media. That is where the youth hangout and they are making the world want to follow the sober trend right now.


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