3 Quiff Hairstyles for Men with Wavy or Curly Hair

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Quiff hairstyles for men can look awesome on wavy or curly-topped guys. Thick curls or waves give a lot of texture and allowing for more men’s hairstyles to choose from.

Here’s our pick of three classic-inspired quiff hairstyles for men with wavy and curly hair. They are super easy to maintain, look relaxed and will make you look handsome.

With curly or wavy hair for men, it is the hair volume and texture that are the important factors. This year, internationally renowned hair salons and stylists are focussing on men’s haircuts that add volume to men’s hair. But the cuts retain a hair texture that still looks manly. Whether it is a crew cut, quiff haircut, short to medium length or long, it ought to be bold yet relaxed.

Men’s Haircut #1: Curly Quiff

Quiff hairstyles are easy, popular and sexy. The modern quiff haircut is ideal for the confident and somewhat cocky young man. This sixties look was popularized by the Hollywood heartthrob, James Dean. Whether it is tousled and messy or brushed back and structured, it’s a timeless, manly and yet relaxed hairstyle. Styling a curly hair quiff requires some time, though. Blow dry hair up and sweep or toss back. Then apply a men’s hair product to hold the top in place.

Men’s Haircut #2: Messy Curly Quiff

You can tell we love the quiff on men. There are many ways to cut a quiff. This is a voluminous and sophisticated cut. You can get a sharp contrast with a taper fade on the sides (using a razor), or a scissor-cut for longer hair. The hair on top is medium-length, but you can go shorter in summer.

Men’s Haircut #3: Wavy Comb Over Quiff

The curly comb-over will look very different from straight hair comb-over styles. If your curly hair has volume and is thick, then a comb-over with a sharp side parting will give your haircut an edgy but natural finish.

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