5 Cool Undercuts For Guys Right Now


The undercut is in. Many young men who follow craze and glossy magazines are flocking the parlours. You too can get one of these trendy and cool undercuts.

Eye-catching, comfortable and picture perfect; undercut hairstyles are modern men’s favourite. Popularized by sports stars, fashion icons and film personalities, this type of haircuts, not only give you the killer look, but give you the sense of freedom and sportsman spirit. These hot and happening hairstyles celebrate youthful image and are perfect for men with curly, unmanageable hair. These haircuts are easy to maintain and even easier to manage.

We present 5 most stylish and cool undercuts for men to try right now..

The Classic Undercut

The hairdresser trims the sides and leaves the top not too long. Guys who like to have effortless and uncomplicated hairstyles appreciate this cool undercut hairstyle for its relative simplicity. Neither extreme nor too conventional, this haircut is perfect for those who need a blend of trend and comfort but distractions. It is easy style your hair. Use quality hair cut products to keep it clean and glowing. A wet look gel or mousse can make you look classic, yet cool.

Layered Undercut

When you want to hit the party with a unique style, try layered undercut. This cool haircut will make your top look fuller and more voluminous. The added layers make the locks look more prominent. Your stylist will start off by cutting shorter segments off your hair, and then proceed to manage longer portions if you want. So, understand what type of layer will compliment your look.

Slicked Back Undercut

This is an awesome hairstyle that needs sufficiently long hair to style it back. You must grow your hair longer before you go to a hairstylist. To get attention and maintain a polished look, you need to use high quality hair care products too. Use hair styling gel to tame the longer proportions on the top. You can also use a matte hair mousse to keep this cool undercut style in place.

Side Swept Undercut

The side-swept style is one of the trendiest cool undercuts. It looks best when styling is done using high-quality styling products. Much like the slicked back undercut, the first step to having a side swept undercut is to ensure that you have sufficiently longer hair up top. The slicking of the hair looks best with the shorter sides of your haircut. You look special when you part the hair right. Just understand which way your hair naturally flows down and part the hair accordingly.

Disconnected Undercut

Want a sleek, contemporary yet retro hairstyle? The disconnected undercut is all about a bare contrast between your hairs up top alongside the shaven sides of your hair, made prominent with a line. You will look fashionable and cool, especially if you set your hair right using high quality hair styling products.

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