5 Simple Ways To Get A Clutter-Free Home

We all have clutter: at home, in the car, on our desk tops and even in our heads! But what people find troubling about organizing is knowing what to remove and where to put it in their living space. Here are five easy ways to get you started on the road to a clutter free home.

3 most common complaints people make about de-cluttering are:  

  • You don???t know where to begin ??? there???s so much clutter that you get overwhelmed.
  • You don???t know where to move it ??? clutter just moves around the house.
  • You de-clutter regularly ??? but somehow you still wind up with too much stuff. 


12-12-12 challenge

Make a list of 12 items to toss, 12 to donate, and 12 to return to the original owner. This way you get rid of 36 things from your home or office space instantly!


33-Item challenge

The whole point of this challenge is to learn to live with less, and minimalism. It can extend from de-cluttering anything from kitchen utensils, office equipment, bathroom accessories, to simplifying your wardrobe and making it spacious. The idea that you should be able to get by wearing only 33 pieces of clothing a month for 3 months is important for one reason only: it challenges you to live with less.


4-Box method

This is a slower but more permanent and effective way to getting organized at home. You get to allocate a large amount of clutter from a hallway, living room or kids play area. It can take an hour or even days, but the technique is long-lasting, and most people will need to use it only once a year.


Clear out the closet

Ever heard of the Oprah Winfrey technique of de-cluttering your closet? Try hanging your clothes in the reverse direction after wearing them once.  After a year you may get a clearer picture of what to throw and keep. If you have a free weekend, try on every piece of clothing one by one to see what fits and what doesn???t, and discard or donate what you can.


Use your imagination

Try to be creative while you attempt to cut the clutter out. Say, you are at your favourite branded store. Imagine what a clothing item will look like in your closet, your living room floor, or tabletop before buying it. Consider grabbing that cute LBD or over-priced saree later. Why? You will have a more clutter free home and bedroom, of course! Perhaps you may not have bought that dress that looked so good at the shop, and you won???t wear till your next international holiday. By then your dress size may be different too.


Still can???t find anything when you need it urgently?

If these how to’s for a clutter free home do not help, you can explore more home and living options online. 

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