5 Ways To Prepare Matcha Green Tea

Health is wealth! But a healthy diet does not have to be boring and tasteless, right ladies? Working men and women forget to pay attention to their health, putting family, kids, work and even friends first. So, here are five easy matcha green tea recipes that are healthy and tasty.


What is Matcha Green Tea?

The literal meaning of matcha is ‘powdered tea.’ Instead of a traditional green tea infusion which is what most people drink, the leaves of green tea are ground into a fine powder to create matcha or green tea powder. Drinking matcha solution is a long-standing tradition in Japan, where the best Matcha Green Tea is or powdered green tea is found. Made by grinding tea leaves, the concentration of a serving of matcha is way higher, equalling 10 cups of normal green tea, nutritionally. You also get 100% the nutrients and 137 times more antioxidants of brewed green tea.


Recipes Using Powdered Green Tea

Health and wellness are a top priority for busy men and women alike. We hope you like these quick and yummy matcha recipes on Youtube as much as we do.


1. Get a morning caffeine buzz!

If you like to bake, then try eating a funky green matcha banana bread to get a caffeine buzz going. Mix almond flour and a gluten-free flour, ripe bananas, eggs, vanilla, oil, brown sugar and matcha powder and bake for 25 minutes.


2. Want a fancy frappe?

If you like drinking thicker drinks like milkshakes, this minty matcha frappe is for you. It looks and tastes yum! Blend this beautiful ‘green juice’ with mint, pistachio and matcha powder with coconut milk and ice.


3. Chill Out with Summer Refreshment!

Instead of drinking sodas in the summer, mix matcha powder with honey and lemon juice. Pour it over mint leaves and lime slices for a refreshing daytime drink to energise you.


4. Waffles for Sunday brunch, anyone? It may take more time to make healthy breakfast waffles than a quick smoothie, but this recipe is worth it! It is protein-rich, healthy and sweet enough. These waffles are made by mixing matcha green tea powder, oat flour, honey, banana and a special coconut drink. If you are in a rush grab some matcha green tea waffles.


5. Keep it simple!

If you know how matcha tastes, probably tried this green tea latte already. Mix matcha powder with almond milk, honey and a drop of vanilla essence and blend.


Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Besides fighting disease, matcha is packed with anti-oxidants. It burns calories, detoxifies and relaxes both body and mind. Matcha is rich in vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium too. So while you lose weight naturally, you also lower cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and improve your concentration all in one drink! Compared to the regular caffeine buzz that you get from drinking tea or coffee, matcha is healthier because it creates an ‘alert calm.’


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