6 Best Under Eye Creams To Pick Right Now

Do your eyes reveal how tired and haggard you feel? You need to apply a good eye cream. The best under eye creams are lightweight, oil-free and have anti-wrinkle properties to prevent further environmental damage.

We can inadvertently treat our eyes harshly by using bad eye makeup, sleeping with eye makeup on, or just wiping roughly with a towel. Thank goodness there are many under eye creams to save the delicate skin around eyes!

Basically, there are two under eye beauty treatments: Dark circles and puffiness, both treatments require antioxidants. Let’s assume the most sought after are under eye creams for dark circles. While the lack of sleep or exhaustion is the most common cause of dark circles. Many Indians inherit dark circles. And, if it is not genetic, then sun exposure, pollution, a bad diet, dehydration or chronic rubbing of the eyes will also give dark circles.

Here are our picks of the six best under eye creams online in India:


Best under eye creams for dark circles

  • Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector: This amazing dark circle corrector contains Vitamin C and Mulberry Root, which help minimise darkening. The caffeine and green tea in this also act as anti-oxidants, stopping further damage from the environment. Plus the unique applicator makes it super easy to use.
  • BGI Herbal & Ayurvedic Under Eye Dark Circle Whitening Cream: This herbal blend is perfect for preventing dark circles, with daily usage.


Best under eye creams for puffiness

  • Osmotics Renovage Cellular Eye Repair: Puffiness or baggy eyes are the biggest concern for ageing and mature eyes. If you are chronically tired or see bags under your eyes every morning, you need an emollient formula that is developed with advanced age-defying technology as this product claims.
  • Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel: If you are looking for a 100% herbal eye gel, look no further. Not only does it reduce puffiness, but it also soothes the eye area.


For under eye creams reducing dark circles and puffiness

  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Synchronized Complex II: This serum may be a bit expensive, but if you want to keep your eyes looking youthful, dewy and beautiful even in your thirties and forties, then this is the night eye serum for you. It removes dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles for all skin types, absorbs easily, works while you sleep, and smells heavenly.
  • Omved Eye Contour Gel:  Gently spot this natural, paraben-free eye gel on the skin around the eyes. You can???t beat this price of under 500 rupees for an eye gel that restores tired eyes, firms and lightens.


Tips on how to use under eye creams

Dot the gel or cream around your eye area, then gently tap the product into the skin using your ring finger. If you are using a cream then this gentle tapping stimulates circulation and drains the excess fluids. Start from the inner corner of your eye moving outward, on both the upper and lower eyelids.

It is best to use under eye treatments before applying night creams and before sleeping. Although, make sure it is a daytime eye cream or gel. Some under eye creams are formulated for only night wear while others can be used anytime. Also, do not forget to add your daily sunscreen under the eyes before you step out!


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