6 Weight Loss Tips To Avoid Gaining It Back

Lost weight recently? Afraid you will gain it back? Follow these weight loss tips to keep you from gaining.

Finally, after months of dieting and detoxifying, your weight loss efforts are starting to show results when you get on the scales and look in the mirror.

But be careful!

It is so easy to gain it all back, fast!


Hopefully, our six weight loss tips will help you fight weight gain:

  1. Stay active

Take brisk morning walks a couple of times a week when you cannot hit the gym. If you have a desk job, park the car further away so you are forced to do some walking twice daily. Walk around the office for five minutes. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Watch how much you munch when you are at the movies. Stand instead of sitting the whole time in a meeting.


  1. Pump up in the gym

This is our favourite weight loss tips! Besides cardio workouts, add weights because it is the only way you will build muscle, lose fat and keep illnesses at bay. See a fitter you only after a few months of strength training at the gym.


  1. Eat more lean proteins

Adding more protein is probably the easiest of our weight loss tips. Building muscle is a cinch, so long as you consume protein-rich foods or shakes. Technically, muscle weighs more than fat, so at first it may look like you are gaining a little weight back. However, muscle boosts your body metabolism or the BMR. In no time, you will look lean and mean and burn the extra fat and calories you consume with your new muscles. Vegetarians can add nut butters, protein shakes or whey protein powder to a smoothie.


  1. Do the workouts you love

Lifting weights or running on the treadmill may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If going to the gym is too mundane, find a sport or activity you do enjoy. And mix it up with other fitness interests. Go hiking or biking, join a dance class or a yoga class. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to food and fitness for 3 days and the other two days can be for can be for “boring” weight training.


  1. Eat what you love

Enjoy your favourite foods, without the guilt. That does not mean stuff yourself with unhealthy fried food and desserts till you fall sick. Treat yourself to an occasional treat or your favourite meal. Also, pick your health foods carefully with your nutritionist.

Let’s get real.

Nobody’s diet can be all green smoothies and hemp seeds.

Your body and mind should start to crave for the healthy meal plans or foods you eat every day..such as a yummy salad or soup or breakfast.


  1. Exercise portion control

You will not gain back if you watch your portion sizes and frequency. If it is gooey ice cream you crave, save it for Sundays. Eat out because you will eat less of it, than if it comes out of your freezer. In fact, portion control is half the work done in not gaining weight back.

Just as eating healthy once a week or working out at the gym now and then, will not make any difference to your health or fitness & diet goals, treating yourself will not make you fat either.

Like our weight loss tips? Tell us your weight loss or weight gain story.



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