8 Anti-Ageing Supplements That Work

There are so many anti ageing supplements and creams, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones are best for younger and healthier skin. You can try these anti-ageing supplements when just applying creams is not enough to delay ageing.


What is the fountain of youth?

That is a centuries-old question.

Today, people are asking:

“Can get gorgeous skin-pills to really work”?

Like millions of people, you probably take a daily supplement and even use expensive creams, but they do not make a significant difference to your skin, do they?

But dermatologists swear by good supplementation. Supplements are here to stay.

More and more researchers are proving that nutrients found in nature can ward off serious disease, delay ageing, and make you look younger. In America, there is a growing trend in anti-ageing supplementation, even though some of the ingredients seem elusive.

But there are a few proven ingredients.

Here’s our pick of some of the best anti ageing supplements for youthful skin, and how they work.


1. Coenzyme Q10: Wrinkles

Just as vitamin C and E, coenzyme Q10 is an anti-ageing nutrient for the skin, which also improves general wellness. It works similar to other antioxidants in preventing cell damage. But studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 supplements can show results in just 2 weeks! You will see youthful looking skin, fewer deep wrinkles, and glowing skin sooner. The daily recommended dose of coenzyme Q10 is 200 mg.


2. Fish Oil: Macular Degeneration

Fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids are certified heart-healthy foods. Eating fish has been considered a natural anti-aging tool for centuries. Research has proven that omega-3s present in the fish oil helps increase lifespan, make skin youthful and is also great for heart health and eye health. Fish oil can lower the effects of macular degeneration and glaucoma.


3. Resveratrol: Diabetes

Found in grapes and berries, this is a polyphenol that is associated with why drinking an aged wine helps lengthen lifespan. A daily dose of this anti ageing supplement is also supposed to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease blood glucose levels, especially in diabetic patients.


4. Glucosamine: Fine lines and sagging skin

Not many people know that a skin amino acid helps you look younger. Glucosamine is an anti-ageing, bone-building, and skin-plumping amino acid that produces more hyaluronic acid. Amino acids have not been researched as much as vitamins for topical use. However, a study revealed a reduction in a third of visible fine lines and wrinkles when people consumed glucosamine supplements. The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology also suggested that a glucosamine supplement can help heal wounds, smooth out wrinkles, and improve the skin’s moisture level. The daily recommended dose of glucosamine is 1,500 mg.


5. Vitamin C: Wrinkles and dullness

Many studies in the past have proved that vitamin C (ingested and topically applied) lower oxidative stress in cells. It is present in many fruits and vegetables, such as citrus fruits. If your body does not get enough of it from your diet, try a vitamin C supplement. It will help your cells regenerate and slow down ageing. It will restore healthier skin, prevent wrinkles, and energise your complexion. The daily recommended dose of vitamin C is 100 mg.


6. Vitamin E: Environmental skin damage

Studies have proved that vitamin E is a strong natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that renews skin cells, and replaces dead skin cells. Vitamin E acts as a natural sunscreen. It protects the skin from environmental damage and UV radiation. Both these are common causes of premature wrinkling and dull skin. Avocado and almonds are a rich source of vitamin E; if your body does not get enough of it from your diet, try a vitamin E supplement. The daily recommended dose of vitamin E is 200 IU.


7. Astaxanthin: Powerful sun protection

If you are looking for a powerful yet natural sunscreen in a pill, this is it. It is what gives salmon their reddish-pink colour. Astaxanthin is a natural sunscreen, antioxidant and carotenoid and is made by algae. Astaxanthin supplements are more powerful than vitamin C, vitamin E, or CoQ10 with regard to sun protection. It protects the skin from solar injuries and can even prevent DNA damage caused by UV-rays. Moreover, it protects the heart, brain, joints, and eyes!


8. Polypodium Leucotomos Extract (PLE): Sun damage, discolouration, and sagging skin

Recent studies in the International Journal of Dermatology suggest that PLE prevents sun damage by making skin more tolerant to skin burns caused by UV rays. If this ingredient is added to sunscreen, it might reduce the risk of skin cancer.

It evens your skin tone too! The recommended dose of PLE is 500 mg before going out in the sun.


But Remember..

The best source of nutrients is eating healthy with a well-balanced diet and supporting it with a regular fitness routine. Before popping more pills, make sure it is compatible with any medication you are taking. Consult your doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician expert before trying new anti ageing supplements.

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