9 Health Benefits Of Magical Moringa

We already know eating greens daily is good for health, so why should herbal powders be any different? There is a new superfood that is becoming a buzzword, and it is the humble yet magical moringa.


What is Moringa?

Moringa Oleifera is a small tree that grows naturally in India and Nepal and its leaves are a source of herbal medicine believed to show remarkable health and wellness benefits. It is commonly called the drumstick tree, or horseradish tree. Of course, the health and beauty industries have taken notice and manufactured moringa products in many forms- from powders, tea bags to capsules, even adding the miracle herb to premium beauty creams.


Is Moringa an organic, herbal superfood?

Yes, it is 100% organic superfood, derived by crushing the dried leaves of the drumstick tree. Some of India’s biggest wellness concerns include how to control diabetes, fighting cancer, losing weight and improving skin. Nutritionists and doctors advise us to eat more fruits and veggies, but there is only so much you can eat in a single day to have enough nutrients in the body. This is why superfoods are fast becoming everyone’s source of the fountain of youth and health friend. Even though this herb has been around since ancient times, we only know about a fraction of the health benefits of magical moringa, supported by scientific research.

Moringa pods may have a relatively lower percentage of vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, they are very rich in Vitamin C. One cup (100g) of the vegetable provides a whopping 157% of your daily dose of vitamin C! Indians often lack vitamins, minerals and protein from the daily diet. The drumstick vegetable is an important source of essential nutrients that are lacking in the summer diet of millions of Indians.


  1. Detoxes and is Anti-cancer: The plant is rich in healthy antioxidants, like vitamin C and bioactive compounds. It attracts toxins from the blood, and it has natural antibacterial properties. The magical moringa detoxifies the body of arsenic present in groundwater in India. Long-term exposure to arsenic can bring on cancer.
  2. Very nutritious: Moringa is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that are great for healthy eyes, skin and muscles.
  3. Lowers blood sugar levels: Moringa leaf powder contains chlorogenic acid which helps moderate blood sugar levels.
  4. Lowers high blood pressure: Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that helps lower blood pressure.
  5. Lowers cholesterol: Similar to flaxseeds, oats, and almonds, moringa lowers cholesterol levels and chances of heart disease.
  6. Improves eye health: Beta-carotene or Vitamin A in Moringa helps to improve eyesight.
  7. Reduces inflammation: Like turmeric and pomegranates, moringa leaves, pods and seeds have anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. Improves brain health and Alzheimer’s: Memory and cognitive functions improve thanks to the antioxidant and neuro-enhancer properties in moringa.
  9. Anti-ageing and improves skin: Full of nutrients and antioxidants, moringa seed is extracted and used in cosmetics to bring benefits to your skin with purifying and nourishing it.


How to use Moringa powder:

Mixing the ultra fine powdered magical moringa leaf into your smoothies is the first thought that comes to mind, but there are other ways to taking this herbal superfood. There is the Moringa oil which is an ancient beauty ingredient loved by Egyptians. And with its seeds, you can even plant your own drumstick tree! It is often purchased as convenient Moringa Tea Bags, available at online health shops. For those who love to pop diet pills, this superfood is also packed into capsules.


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