9 Kitchen Tools You Need To Make The Best Soup

Soups are good for health year round. From hearty and comforting bowls of winter soups to clear soups in an Indian summer, they are nutritious, delicious, and help fight off illness. But like cooking any homemade dish, you need to have a well-equipped kitchen. This includes small kitchen appliances and kitchen tools to make the best soup you can.

Cook-up restaurant-style soups with these modern kitchen tools and gadgets:

  1. Slow Cooker or Crock Pot:

Crock pots may be traditional, but they are the best for making soups. If you do not have one, choose a heavy-bottomed pan, casserole or slow cooker with a lid. Make sure the lid is always on to slowly cook your soup to perfection and retain more nutrients.

  1. Wooden Spoon:

If you use a non-stick pot, then you will need a wooden spoon. Stirring ensured you do not have chunks stuck to the bottom of the pot. The soup will be cooked evenly and taste delicious!

  1. Food Processor:

You need a powerful blender or food processor to make creamy or soup puree. If you use a blender, do it in batches to get a smoother soup. Some soups can be made using blenders while other soups, especially meats and harder vegetables require food processors. Remember to put chunky soups into the processor in batches to prepare silky-smooth pureed soup at the push of a button!

  1. Hand Blender:

If you are short on time, this whiz kid is the fastest way to puree soup. And you can blend right in the cooking pot! Sometimes when the vegetables are soft, as in pumpkin, hand blenders are enough. If not, transfer it to the food processor to get silky smooth soup.

  1. Soup Bowls:

The shape of your soup bowl can vary according to the type of soup and the number of people at the dining table. Opt for deep soup bowls if you have a large family. To cool down hot soups quickly, use a shallower or wider bowl.

  1. Soup Ladle:

Look for a large, long-handled soup ladle with a pouring lip to serve your soup. That way you can fill the bowls in one neat scoop, and your guests will love you for it.

  1. Cheese Grater:

This is a small but essential kitchen tool and can make all the difference by elevating a good pasta, salad or soup to a delicious one. After ladling the soup, add a blizzard of grated parmesan or sharp cheddar and parsley as a garnish for your guests.

  1. Soup Spoons:

While you are at it, you can buy a set of soup spoons if your cutlery (silverware) set does not have any.

  1. Storage Containers:

Get a nice set of multi-purpose containers for storing leftovers. Ensure that your soup container is spill-proof. Storage containers for salad should be air-tight too to retain freshness. Whip up a double batch of soup on the weekend, then refrigerate or freeze them in smaller microwavable containers so you can zap up dinner during a busy work week.


Other Kitchen Tools for Making Soup:

You may need are razor-sharp knives (or a mini-chopper), a measuring cup, and a stainless steel strainer to separate out the solids after cooking. Check out more home and living, including kitchen tools and gadgets online.

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