9 Ways to Maintain Your Newly Coloured Hair

Isn’t having gorgeous hair a wonderful feeling? Your hair has a new sheen and a lush look because it is freshly coloured. But you’re worried that the lush colour won’t last. So here are some hair care tips for coloured hair to keep your lovely locks looking fresh longer.


Always remember

#1. Wait 48 hours to shampoo. Dye molecules need time to set into strands. So just rinse and condition and rinse. 

#2. Cleanse with a shampoo for colour-treated hair, which contains gentler detergents, and rinse with tepid water. Hot water expands the cuticle that can fade your colour faster.  

#3. Install a water softener. Tap water contains chlorine, which is a bleaching agent and minerals like copper that coat the hair and alter its hue. If you cannot have water softener, then use at leats two litres of purified water from your RO to rinse your hair after shampooing. . 

#4. Use a conditioner or styling aid with built-in sunscreens to prevent the sun from stripping your shade.  UV rays can strip your hair’s natural shine and fade colour, so products with UV filters go a long way in keeping your colour safe.

#5. Switch to an ionic blow-dryer, which has tourmaline, a type of stone that generates negative ions that reduce frizz and cut dulling drying time in half.


On a Regular Basis

#6. Apply a conditioning mask once weekly. The added hydration strengthens strands, making them less prone to environmental damage that causes fading. Also, creating a smooth surface helps hair better reflect light, making colour look more vibrant. 

#7. Three weeks post colouring, switch to a colour-enhancing shampoo every other time you wash to enhance your brown and caramel hues. The formulas contain ingredients like cocoa beans and sunflower seed extract that brighten your hue and subtly disguise greys.

#8. Protect from heat styling. Spritz on a thermal protection spray before styling. Polymers in the spray prevent heat from penetrating hair and breaking down the dye molecules. 

#9: Use a glossing serum to keep the shine on. A serum on coloured hair adds shine and protects the strands as well. It also smoothens out potential frizziness, and keeps the strands from turning brittle and rough to the touch. 



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