Beauty Tips: Skin Care Secrets of Bengali Women


The world is obsessed with beauty, especially a vast and complex country like India, where every region has a distinct definition of beauty. And Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is no exception.

Bengal is full of naturally beautiful women who are gifted with perfect skin and hair that they inherit from their moms and grandmoms. Who needs to wear a daily foundation when you have flawless complexion?

Others wonder, “Are Bengali women just born with a beautiful skin, eyes, and thick, lustrous hair”?


It must be more than that.

Here’s a peek into how Bengali women take care of their flawless complexion (from their teens) using nature, diet, and wellness – the three best skin care tips you need.

Use Kitchen Ingredients

Bengalis are obsessed with fair complexions. Not all Bengali women are fair, but some are very fair, not by using harmful bleaches and creams, but in being fair naturally. If you are a Bengali or have close Bengali friends, you will know that ‘Ma’ is an essential part of daily life. They run the house and take care of every aspect of the family’s wellness, including handing down skin care recipes straight from her kitchen.

Here are the natural beauty ingredients that a typical Bengali mother will pass down to her daughter.

  1. Turmeric: Cleanses deeply when mixed with curd, because of its antimicrobial properties.
  2. Besan: Cleanses and makes skin super soft; suits oily skin when mixed with water or curd.
  3. MalaiHeavy cream moisturises and lightens, excellent for dry skin and winter.
  4. Curd: Plain yoghurt exfoliates and lightens, used to mix face packs, yoghurt is excellent for all skin types.
  5. Boroline: Ages old favourite for moisturising lips, knees, elbows, and heels before bedtime.
  6. Rosewater or ACV: Both are excellent for toning, they naturally close skin pores.
  7. Multani MittiFuller’s earth acts as a base of most summer face packs, especially good for oil-control.
  8. Sandalwood: Mixed with rosewater, it is useful in summer to treat acne.
  9. Honey: Moisturises very dry skin gently, ideal for winter.
  10. Lemon juice: A summer skin saver, lemon and lime de-tans skin naturally, ideal for oily skin.
  11. Neem: Must-have skin remedy for acne, pimples, blackheads, and dry skin. Neem reduces lightens acne scars, and can even prevent wrinkles!

Eat Homemade Food

Bengalis are also obsessed with home cooked food, especially rice, lentils, and fish. Bongs love their dal-bhat-maach, preferably Ma’s recipe! Homemade Bengali meals are light, healthy and very well-balanced, even the poppy seed (posto) is calcium-rich! So if you eat Bengali food every day, your body gets a variety of veggies, carbs, proteins and minerals which are great for glowing skin and healthy hair. Bengalis love their mangoes in summer too. From so many varieties of fish, fruits and vegetables, there’s no dearth of good fats, omegas, vitamins and minerals available right at home.

Practice Yoga

Most Bong beauties do yoga to improve overall mind-body wellness, both inside and out. Yoga fights stress, which is responsible for man skin problems, such as breakouts and bad circulation. Doing yoga detoxifies the system, including skin. Some of the best and easiest yoga poses, or asanas to get glowing skin are: Padmasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Dhanurasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, and Shavasana. We will elaborate on these yoga poses for skin care in another article.

Doing simple yoga poses daily enhances blood circulation, which means more oxygen flows to your face. Free radicals and toxins are flushed out, bringing that sought-after healthy glow to your cheeks.

We are sure these skin care tips will help bring back your glowing complexion! Ladies from Kolkata and West Bengal are welcome to share your Bengali beauty secrets with us below. And discover more ways to get gorgeous skin, hair, makeup, and fragrances at

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