Beauty Trend: How Activated Charcoal is a Miracle Ingredient

If you love organic and natural remedies, you have probably heard of activated charcoal by now. It is a hot ingredient in beauty and personal care products – and for a good reason! Because of its medicinal properties, it is also used for gastrointestinal conditions, other times for overdosing on drugs, and even for treating snake bites,

You see, when charcoal gets superheated it is activated. This is when it is highly porous and has medicinal properties. Activated charcoal has the incredible ability to trap toxins! It deep cleans by attracting impurities the skin, hair, teeth, and body. But most people are still not sure how many ways it is useful.

Here are a few amazing benefits of activated charcoal that we thought you’d be interested in:


  1. Treats Acne

Have oily skin or acne? Activated charcoal is a fabulous way of maintaining oily skin and for treating acne. It simply pulls excess sebum from your skin and clarifies pores, leaving it squeaky clean and soft. The powder works by gently exfoliating your skin. Look for activated charcoal in a good anti-acne facial treatment mask, soap, or face wash with positive feedback or user reviews.


  1. Unclogs Pores

Do the pores on your face look like big craters filled with soot or build-up? Face washes and gentle soaps containing charcoal after it is activated can easily remove blackheads or whiteheads by gentle exfoliation. They make pores smaller while conditioning your skin. Just be careful not to overuse just any soap with the charcoal because it may dry your skin out. Look for activated charcoal soaps from a premium brand, such as Aster Luxury, smell great and are gentle on skin.


  1. Whitens Teeth

Have you tried activated charcoal oral care on your teeth yet? Just a tiny bit of it in your toothpaste goes a long way! If you drink tea, coffee or wine regularly then you probably need some to remove teeth stains. It easily and efficiently absorbs a lot of plaque and microbes, which cause discolouration in teeth. Plus you get oral health benefits at the same time. This miracle ingredient prevents cavities, bad breath, and gum diseases by changing the pH level in the mouth.


  1. Deep Cleans Scalp and Hair

Have limp, greasy hair, or itchy scalp problems? Activated charcoal shampoos can instantly get rid of oily hair and dandruff by gently purifying the toxins from your scalp. You also get to add more volume to your hair by clarifying it with a shampoo containing activated charcoal. Choose a standard shampoo or even a dry shampoo spray containing this magic ingredient. Or, add some activated charcoal powder to your regular hair wash routine.


  1. Cures Hangovers

Need a home remedy to cure your hangover? There are few home remedies that work but activated charcoal does the trick. Although it cannot directly absorb alcohol, activated charcoal powder absorbs the artificial sweeteners and toxins in alcohol, instead. About 500 mg of the miracle ingredient in a large glass of water, can help your liver get rid of toxins and other harmful substances from your body. This is why some people try drinking this potion half an hour before and after drinking alcohol.


Ask your doctor or a wellness expert before consuming activated charcoal capsules or powder, even though it is harmless in small doses. If you do take it as a digestive cleanse, remember to have plenty of water and a high-fibre diet to support it. Which of these activated charcoal benefits have you found useful and wonderful?


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