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Feeling pressurized while buying a digital blood pressure monitor? Relax. We are going to provide all the details for you to choose from while purchasing the best BP monitor in India, without further delay.

Health is the primary concern for every person and for their friends and family. Keeping in mind, the rising medical expenses as well as individual ailments in almost every person; the need of the hour is monitoring oneself and be updated about one’s health issues. Knowing about your own health can benefit in many ways, which can give a deeper knowledge of your own body and help the doctor understand your condition more accurately.

While monitoring a person’s health issues, blood pressure is one thing that needs to be kept track of, while higher BP causes problems like Hypertension; on the other hand, lower BP can result in feeling a lot light-headed and drained out. BP needs to be regularly monitored, for which, there is no definite need to knock at your doctor’s doorstep every time with all the digital BP monitors doing rounds on the internet.

We understand, it can get very confusing while choosing from the multiple BP machines available online, So without a further ado, let us summaries  the best bp monitor in India to try out and keep yourself updated about your health.

Here is the List of Top 10 Best BP Monitors in India

10. iHealth BP5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


Price: Rs. 16,009

8Zotezo Score

At number 10 on our list of our best bp monitor in India, iHealth BP5 wireless blood pressure monitor can literally burn a hole in your wallet. With an insanely high price, there is no explanation on why this device costs so much. Like Apollo, its is also a wireless BP monitor directed to send its readings via the iHealth mobile app. An overall decent design of the device can be looked into but not worth paying the lump sum.


  • Wrist Cuff
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth available
  • FDA Approved and WHO classification indicator
  • Lithium metal battery
  • Results instantly shared
What We Like
  • Results can be easily tracked through your smartphone
  • The BP Monitor is lightweight (99.8 gm)
What We Didn't Like
  • The price is on higher side
  • Accuracy problem may occur
  • Can sometimes face app difficulty
  • Lower battery life
  • Not very easy to use

9. Niscomed Digital BP Monitor with LCD Display


Price: Rs. 2,499

8Zotezo Score

Niscomed Digital BP monitor has taken the 9th spot on our list of top 10 best BP monitor in India in arguably with it’s easy usage if you know the process. Added with that, this BP monitor is the 3rd one on the list with the cheapest price in India amounting INR 999.00. Provided with adjustable cuff the device derives accurate readings the device is recommended for home use.


  • Comfortable cuff and adjustable
  • Advanced measurement techniques included
  • 4AA Battery
  • 2 user memory (99 each)
  • Voice function installed
  • 1 year warranty
What We Like
  • Best for high BP measurements
  • Designed for home usage
  • Very convenient to use
What We Didn't Like
  • Technical problems may occur
  • Not for household usage
  • Error message may pop up
  • Not entirely easy to use

8. Dr. Morepen BP09 BP Monitor


Price: Rs. 2,610

8Zotezo Score

Having a reasonable price and vying to all the desired features present in the Dr. Morepen BP One BP09, the machine has taken the 8th spot on our list of top 10 best BP monitor in India with both good and bad things to consider before actually buying one. Apart from Irregular Heartbeat Detector, it also has World Health Organisation classification indicator.


  • 4 user interface (120 memory readings)
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • WHO classification indicator
  • Low battery detection
  • Lithium metal battery
  • 1 year warranty
What We Like
  • Has 4 user memory
  • WHO BP classification indication
  • Displays ‘error’ message often on the screen
  • The BP monitor is lightweight (27.2 gm)
What We Didn't Like
  • Accuracy problems may occur
  • Customer complaints on device not working properly

7. HealthSense Heart-Mate BP Monitor


Price: Rs. 2,299

8.5Zotezo Score
Very Good

This is at number 7 on our list of top 10 best BP monitor in India. Accuracy in case of health is a most important thing that we can certainly agree upon. The same should be the primary focus of every person going through this article. While choosing for the best BP monitor in India, HeatSense Heart-Mate BP 120 digital BP machine can be a wiser choice.


  • 2 user memory (120 each)
  • Comfortable cuff size (22-42 cm)
  • Irregular Heartbeat Indicator
  • 4AAA batteries and Dual power mode
  • Universal USB port
  • Low battery and error indicator
  • 1-year warranty
What We Like
  • Gives acute readings
  • Has larger cuff measurement
  • Clear Display
  • Has a talking function
  • It is Cost-effective
What We Didn't Like
  • Takes longer than usual for conducting results
  • Customer complaints on device not working properly
  • Memory can be lost with battery renewal

6. MCP BP 112 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


Price: Rs. 1,799

8.5Zotezo Score
Very Good

Giving a tough competition to number 2 ranked Agaro, MCP BP 112 digital blood pressure monitor has taken up the 6th spot on the list of top 10 best BP monitor in India. For a multitude of reasons, especially its affordable market price Apart from the BP machine price, this digital device is very user friendly and for accurate readings it has body movement detector and slight pressure change detector installed in it.


  • ON/OFF function present
  • Extra-large LCD screen
  • 2 person user memory (90 each)
  • Lightweight 
  • Body Movement Indicator
  • Universal Cuff (22-36 cm)
What We Like
  • Value for money
  • Larger display
  • Has a larger arm cuff
  • User-Friendly
  • Comes with a USB function
What We Didn't Like
  • Small and tight cuff size
  • Battery problems often experienced
  • Technical problems are often experienced

5. Rossmax AW151f Blood Pressure Monitor


Price: Rs. 2,399

9Zotezo Score

At the 5th place with one touch operation, we have Rossmax AW151f blood pressure monitor with similar features but costs more than your expectations. Rossmax BP monitor has similar in built features like irregular heartbeat readings, resembling its current competitors in the market. However, the device falls behind on the list despite having all the required feature is duly depending on the price.


  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • 1 touch operation
  • Memory Available (90)
  • Moderate weight (549 gm)
What We Like
  • 2 years extended warranty
  • Easy Usage with one-touch operation
  • 90 memory readings
  • Latex-free patented cone cuff
  • Easy and nice to handle
  • Good for home use
What We Didn't Like
  • Slightly, above the price bar
  • Accuracy problems may occur

4. Omron HEM7120 Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: Rs. 2,340

9Zotezo Score

Our next pick is Omron Hem 7120 at number 4 on our list of best BP monitor in India.This is also another fully automated BP machine and like the previous ones on the list has 5 years extended warranty to it as its main draw. Following Oscillometric procedure it helps in accurate measurements. Basically designed as the best BP monitor for home use in India.


  • 1 touch operation
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • Body Movement Indicator
  • Intellisense Technology
  • Hypertension Indicator
  • Body Movement Indicator
  • Last Memory Reading
What We Like
  • 5 years extended warranty
  • The product is lightweight (250 gm)
  • Easy usage with 1 touch operation
  • Has a large display
  • Gives a good battery back up
What We Didn't Like
  • Slightly, above the average price bar
  • Accuracy problems may occur

3. Dr. Trust Smart Blood Pressure Monitor


Price: Rs. 4,000

9.5Zotezo Score

Dr Trust Smart talking automatic BP machine has acquired a spot in the top 3 list of best BP monitor in India, giving other competitors run for their money, with its most interesting feature of dual language talking. Like the other devices on the list till now, Dr Trust Smart also possess the ability to monitor your pulse rating, that too within seconds. The contrast of Zebra Light Display in the device helps in reading the results for all, especially for your ageing relatives


  • Duel Talking Feature in Hindi and English
  • Zebra Light Display 
  • Fast and Accurate Pulse measurement
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
  • USB device supported
  • Conical Cuff
  • 4AA battery
What We Like
  • 5 years Extended Warranty
  • Larger arm cuff (22-42 cm)
  • Effective Display
  • The product is reasonably priced
  • Easy to use BP Monitor
What We Didn't Like
  • Comfort and Usage Issues
  • Accuracy problems may occur

2. Agaro BP 501 Blood pressure Monitor


Price: Rs. 1,995

9.5Zotezo Score

On the list of top 10 best BP monitor, the second place goes to Agaro BP 501. This digital BP Monitor has taken up the position with plenty of qualities falling just short of Hicks. Having the cheapest price on the list, the device can be considered one of the best BP monitor in the budget. Based on Oscillometric technology and with body movement detector installed in the device, it assures of fair accuracy of your blood pressure readings.


  • 2 user memory (120 reading per person)
  • Pulse rate and Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • WHO Heart Health Indicator
  • 4AAA batteries or micro USB charger
  • Cuff Indicator and Body Movement Indicator
  • Has conical cuffs
  • 2 years warranty
What We Like
  • Cheapest in the market
  • Instant comparison with standard readings calculated
  • Errors can be easily detected
  • Measures BP, Pulse Rate and Irregular Heartbeat
  • Oscillometric Technology makes it clinically accurate
  • Cuff designed for all sizes
What We Didn't Like
  • Slight accuracy problems may occur

1. Hicks N810 Automatic Bp Monitor


Price: Rs. 1,995

10Zotezo Score

At the top we have Hicks N-810 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. With no-doubt whatsoever, Hicks is one of the brands that has an impressive reputation when it comes to medical devices, namely, the Hicks thermometer is one of the most common items in our homes. With a reasonable price, the digital BP monitor. The product is well trusted with its accuracy. Considering the vast number of benefits can be acquired from the BP monitor it can only be at the number 1 spot of best BP monitor in India without much arguments.


  • 2 user memory (120 reading per person)
  • Auto Pulse and Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • Large Display
  • WHO approved Hypertension Indicator
  • 2 years warranty
  • Date and Time Display
What We Like
  • This is easy to use
  • Added with Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • Automatic Pulse Measurements
  • 4.5/5 rating by customers
  • Acute accuracy in results
  • Has a large LCD panel display
  • The company gives an extended warranty of 3 years
What We Didn't Like
  • Battery issues are rarely experienced

What are the Different Types of BP Monitors?

For starters, BP machines are of two types.

1. Aneroid

You might see the aneroid BP monitors in your doctor’s chamber serving you with almost accurate measurements. In the case of Aneroid, the reading has to be calculated manually with the device and thus requires help.

2. Digital

On the other hand, digital BP monitors are specialized for measuring your blood pressure in the comfort of your home with automated readings and accuracy, almost requiring no help from any other person and sometimes with additional features like measurement of irregular heartbeats and pulse readings. 

How to use a BP Monitor?

BP machines are easy to use if you are well aware of the process and once you know it, it’s only a piece of cake. Firstly, the cuff needs to be tied around your upper arm, keeping at least one-finger-space available. The size of the arm cuff matters concerning accurate or faulty measurements and also how properly you tie the cuff. While the digital BP monitor will automatically show the readings on the display screen; Aneroid BP monitors will have to be used manually squeezing the rubber bulb while intently listening to the stethoscope for heartbeat readings. Due to the complex procedure of checking one’s BP with an aneroid BP machine at home, Digital BP machines are preferred more these days. 

What is the correct way to measure blood pressure? 

  • Blood Pressure measurement needs to be conducted in a calm mind as restlessness can cause inaccuracy in the final readings
  • Caffeine intake and smoking should be avoided before measuring BP
  • The arm cuff needs to be tied on accurately to the bare skin to prevent miscalculation 
  • The procedure of measuring BP needs to be conducted while sitting
  • Measure twice or more times to have an average idea of the readings

Features to keep in mind while buying a BP Monitor


One of the foremost reasons for buying any product can be the price being pocket-friendly and not burn a hole in your wallet.


While buying a product you should feel connected with the product and understand its uses to use it properly. If you can have a clear understanding of the product, half the problem is solved.

Additional Features

Some BP monitors come with additional features such as, irregular heartbeat detector, which might come handy in the hour of need.  


As a BP monitor, the most important thing to consider while buying is the accuracy level of the device on which the entire health and further diagnosis eventually depend on.


All the choices have been laid down for you to dive into and find the best BP monitor for home use in India, considering all the important points to remember while purchasing. Be it for your own health or for the betterment of others, we are here to value your time and money with our knowledge and research.  In case we have missed out on anything, do let us know in the section below. Also, don’t forget to tell us which one is your favorite BP Monitor.

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