Best Potassium Rich Foods In India

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Avoid potassium deficiency by eating more delicious and nutritious potassium rich foods in India.

Why is potassium important?

Potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the body, after calcium and phosphorus. It is not only important for controlling blood pressure, but potassium benefits the kidneys, brain, heart, and ensures bones and muscles work properly. Potassium maintains your body’s fluid and electrolyte balance.

In other words:

Potassium helps lower B.P. and improves kidney health.

Potassium works with sodium and other minerals to support healthy cellular functions. This means you do not retain excessive water due to sodium.

Yes, less bloating!

But which foods have the most potassium?

Check out our pick of the top 10 potassium rich foods in India, that contain the most potassium.


If you eat fish every day, you are probably getting your daily dose of potassium. Fish is loaded with other minerals too. Besides being packed with vitamins, potassium, other minerals and protein, seafood provide a healthy dose of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Coconut Water

Natural coconut water is the best potassium rich foods in India that you can drink. Indians are lucky to get so much of this natural health and wellness drink. Coconut water hydrates naturally, is high in electrolytes and does not contain added sugar. It is a refreshing and nutritious drink that not only helps your body beat the heat during an Indian summer, but is a superfood. It is identical to human blood plasma, and so it has even been used as an emergency IV, replacing the saline solution!


The common banana is well-known for its potassium content and benefits. Plus bananas provide quick energy before and after a workout because of carbs and sugar. While playing sports and intense workouts, your body needs to maintain potassium levels for muscle function and water balance. Otherwise, you may get dehydrated and leg cramps. Also, bananas have the happy hormone, dopamine which means you feel less stressed out.

Legumes (Beans and Lentil)

White and green beans, peas, and lentils have some of the most potassium. And they are also fibre-rich which means more health benefits.

Sweet Potato (Shakarkand)

These are like yams, but the difference is sweet potatoes are one of the best potassium rich foods and carbs. In fact, even regular baked potato or alu provides potassium. Sweet potatoes have a bright orange colour, suggesting it has beta-carotene, needed to make vitamin A – for good vision.

Spinach (Palak)

The secret ingredient of Popeye’s power, spinach is one of the best sources of potassium. Besides vitamins and minerals, spinach also has phytonutrients. Research shows that spinach has the plant chloroplast glycoglycerolipids, which may be responsible for fighting cancer.


The avocado is one of the best sources of potassium. This is a wonderful source of plant protein and healthy fats as well.

Avocado is perfect for a vegetarian diet!

Recent studies have convincingly proven the many health benefits of eating this green fruit. They may be expensive but if you can then add delicious and nutritious avocados to get a healthy diet.


Pomegranate seeds are an excellent source of potassium. Plus they are loaded with fibre, vitamin C, K, and other nutrients. Besides making the potassium-rich foods list, the pomegranate reduces cortisol levels in the body. Drinking pomegranate juice is perhaps healthier than any other fruit juice!


This low-calorie, cruciferous green is not just rich in fibre, vitamins and potassium, but broccoli also has more protein than most vegetables. Raw broccoli can be added to salads, and some studies suggest you gently steam this ‘super veggie’ to get the most health benefits.

Dried Apricots & Prunes

Studies show dried apricots, prunes, and other dried fruits are potassium-rich, healthy snacks – a quick way for you to get more potassium.

As you can see, there are many Indian foods rich in potassium, but vegetables and lentils are more abundant sources. If you eat dairy products, a cup of yoghurt has the most potassium followed by drinking a glass of milk.

Besides the above these ten healthy Indian foods are a good way to naturally add potassium to your diet:

  1. milk and yoghurt
  2. meat,
  3. bitter gourd (karela),
  4. coriander leaves (dhania),
  5. eggplant (brinjal),
  6. potato
  7. radish
  8. cauliflower
  9. onions,
  10. carrots,
  11. tomatoes,
  12. citrus fruits,
  13. pistachios and other nuts.

What are the signs of potassium deficiency?

If you are potassium deficient, you may lose your appetite, feel tired, get muscle cramps, severe headaches, or even heart palpitations and swollen glands. The safest way to get more potassium naturally is by eating healthy. The recommended daily dose for a healthy adult is 4,700 milligrams, and overdosing is never a good idea. If you are taking prescription medication for high blood pressure or for kidney failure you should not take potassium supplements. Always ask your doctor which vitamins and minerals you should and should not take.

Which of these or other potassium rich foods in India are you eating?

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