10 Best Yoga Mats in India – 2020


Best Yoga Mat

Are you a beginner or an expert yoga practitioner who’s looking for the best yoga mat in India?

Then we are here to help you decide which one you can go for. A good quality yoga mat can help with your postures and enhance your workout. It can also help in reducing the stress on your joints. It can even prevent you from slipping if you sweat a lot.

Now, there are yoga mats of different materials, textures, sizes & colors available in India. To make it easier for you, we have done the homework and made a curated list of Top 10 Yoga Mats available in India. But, before you choose one, there are some key factors which you must keep in mind.

Here are the Top 10 Best Yoga Mats in India – 2020

10. Reebok Double Sided Fitness Training Yoga Mat


High quality double-sided mat for yoga and fitness exercises Includes a special strap for easy carrying rolled-up mats. A very comfortable & useful yoga mat for daily Yoga sessions. This is the number 10 on our list of the best yoga mat in India.


  • Very strong build quality once you use it you yourself will feel the difference
  • The mats have a superb grip and don’t even slip when you perform asanas
  • It even has a string to tie up your mat and makes it easier to carry on the shoulders
  • Very Sturdy and value for money

9. The True Mat Reversible Yoga or Exercise Mat, 6 mm


This yoga mat is at number 9 of on our list of the best yoga mat in India. This high density 6 mm thick special mat provides extra cushioning to reduce the impact on your joints, spine, hips, knees and elbows while still providing exceptional grip and resilience and so you can keep your balance and hold a pose. Each side has a raised texture to provide the grip needed so your mat stays put and you don’t slip and slide when the sweating starts! This Mat uses closed-cell technology to prevent sweat and dirt from penetrating its surface so your mat stays germ and odour-free.


  • High Density Cushioning for Extra Joint Protection
  • Anti-Slip Surface: Ensures Maximum Grip Along with Comfort
  • Extra Long and Extra-Wide: 6 Feet X 2 Feet (183 X 61 Cm), Specially made for tall people
  • Eco Friendly Material. No latex, no PVC, non-toxic or any harmful chemicals

8. Sri Krishna Culture Yoga Mat PVC and Latex Free Yoga Mat


Carry your Fitness Everywhere with Sri Krishna Culture Yoga Mat, which sits on number 8 of our list of the best yoga mat. These mats are Eco-friendly ones with carrying on strings for easy use.


  • This Yoga Mat is made from an anti-sweat material known as TPE which is 100% Latex Free so it will soak up all your sweat and your body won’t be slippery
  • This yoga mat is made up with best soaking fibers which won’t let the mat wet and can be used for a longer sessions
  • With Double Side usage one can use it either ways as both the surfaces are anti slip surfaces so your body is at ease now performing the most difficult asanas
  • This Yoga mat is perfectly sized so that it doesn’t fall short off your feet as well as through sides with length of 6 ft Approx and 2 ft wide.
  • This particular yoga mat is PVC and Latex free,made from all best in class material is best thing we can do to sustain the environment
  • You would love this yoga mat through its appearance as it is so attractive because of its dual tone colors and the dual tone combinations are simply eye catching

7. Dr. Trust PVC Yoga Mat with Bag


Dr.Trust is the most popular brand known for delivering ground-breaking products for its customers in the health and fitness segment. The brand brings you to enjoy this supreme quality PVC yoga mat which is all-natural, lightweight, non-Allergic and long-lasting. This is at number 7 on our list of the best yoga mat.


  • Excellent thickness and cushioning: Dr.Trust PVC yoga Mat and take your workout routine to the next level with the help of it, with 6 mm thickness, mat perfectly balanced the cushioning and grip
  • Extra large size: its Dimensions 183 cm (length) x 61 cm (breadth) makes the mat a perfect fit for all body sizes and helps you to perform the varied kind of postures comfortably
  • Transport it in style: feel good and stylish when using and carrying the mat anywhere, the provided carry bag makes easy to bring the mat anywhere as a roll up under the arm
  • Light weight: you can carry it around wherever you travel. With 1.3 Kg weight, It is light enough in weight and easy to carry around as a folding
  • Water resistant and anti slip: its water resistance makes it easy to clean and anti slip especially when you tend to sweat highly during hot yoga poses and exercising

6. Brandvilla Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag


Brandvilla is premium fitness gear engineered with principle, performance and progress for the modern human. We believe the fitness gear you use should reflect the attention you pay to the most precious asset your body. You can give this a try since this is number 6 on our list of best yoga mat in India. It also comes with a yoga mat cover.


  • The double sided texture which is comfortable and supportive gives you the freedom to customize your experience
  • This mat’s Pro Grip high quality EVA material will make your workouts more comfortable and enjoyable
  • The design of integrated anti-tearing net can effectively prevent from falling apart.
  • It’s 6mm and 4mm thick premium mat offers stable standing and stretching to support your body throughout all types of yoga and exercise routines
  • This is very easy to clean, just take a towel dipped in soapy water and gently rub it on your mat
  • Very easy to carry around since it is provided with a carry bag

5. Strauss Yoga Mat


The Strauss yoga mat is what you need for all your yoga exercises at home. The mat is padded for comfortable activity, ensuring that you won’t be damaging your knees and feet while carrying out your yoga postures. It is also designed to prevent skidding so you won’t find yourself slipping out of place in the middle of your session. Since it is easy to roll up, storage takes very little space. This is at number 5 on our list of the best yoga mat in India.


  • Color: Available in 2 colors (Grey and Blue)
  • Roll up and store, so easy to carry around
  • Easy to Clean & Washable
  • Generous padding for comfort
  • Ideal for home yoga sessions
  • Anti-skidding design

4. Amazon Basics Extra Thick Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap


Amazon Basics gets the 4th spot on our list of the best yoga mat in India. This thick exercise mat is suitable for a diverse range of uses. Ideal as a yoga mat, or for pilates, gymnastics, callisthenics, core training, sit-ups, push-ups, stretching and strength training workouts. It is Versatile which is great for intense abdominal work or even for when having a nice sleep when camping. It is made from non-toxic, latex- less and naphthalene-less nbr foam.


  • Made with 100% eco-friendly material
  • It is comfortable and easy to use for any exercise and activity
  • Slip proof and waterproof which stabilizes your posture and allows you to practice your favorite exercises
  • Free easy to carry strap makes it easy to pick up your mat and be on your way to your preferred exercise method
  • Tear proof and damage free – because of the resistant material it is made of, this mat will last through any kind of exercise
  • It has cushion which protect your knees, hips, back and elbows as you exercise
  • Especially useful to provide much needed comfort and protection against hard gym floors

3. Body Yoga Premium Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat


The number 3 on this list of the best yoga mat is Body Yoga Mat which is designed for beginner and intermediate yogis. This non-slip yoga mat is thick, which prevents injuries and stays sturdy even during difficult poses. Plus, you’ll love the convenient strap that allows you to toss your mat over your shoulder as you head to your class.


  • Comfortably thick for a better work out: the better grip yoga mat is made to give you the most yoga experience possible
  • Mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces so you can perform any movement with confidence
  • Lightweight (2 lbs) and easy to carry around, since it comes with a bag
  • Made to withstand the toughest  soft microfiber towel
  •  The closed-cell surface locks out germs, dirt, and moisture to keep bacteria and stinky odors at bay. Easy to wipe & clean

2. Fitkit Yoga Mat


Comfortable, Soft, Long Lasting and Beautiful, FITKIT yoga mat is at number 2 on our list of the best yoga mat in India. The best fashion statement is a fit body and the mat helps you reach your fitness goals. With double-sided non-slip surfaces, the premium exercise non-slip yoga mat comes with slip-resistance feature which provide comfort because of extra thickness and super light and comfortable foam.


  • Premium weight mat material is perfect for any type of yoga or Pilates routine and will last for many years to come
  • Sleek non-slip surface to keep your mat resilient towards any sweat or perspiration
  • Durable and easy care, easy to wash even in machines
  • Fitkit Yoga Mats are Durable and tear-resistant workout mats are constructed without toxic phthalates, latex or heavy metals
  • These mats are resistant to water, comfortable made with closed-cell foam
  • It provides superb cushioning and stable foundation for virtually every exercise routine
  • Very spacious, usually is larger than many mats

1. MevoFit 100% Organic Cork Yoga MAT


We award the number 1 spot to MevoFit on our list of the best yoga mat in India, which is good for both you and the environment. These mats are free of any toxic materials like lead, cadmium, latex etc. Practice yoga on the go. It comes with a stylish mat so it’s convenient to carry around. This is a perfect gift for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.


  • Made with renewable organic cork and 100% natural rubber. It is free of latex, silicone, toxic glue and phosphates, no PVC, no chlorine and is odorless
  • The mat has a natural, gripped rubber base and smooth cork top. It’s not so sticky that it catches you while you’re trying to switch positions, but enough to keep you stable even during hot yoga sessions. Also, its unique design ensures the mat grip any type of floor tightly
  • Mirrored alignments on both ends help keep your hands and feet remain aligned

How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat in India

1. Material

There are different materials by which a yoga mat is made like rubber, chemical based, & cotton rug based etc.

A rubber mat is the most commonly used mat since these are made from the tree rubbers. These have a smell which fades with time but these can absorb sweat the best. These can give you a good grip too. Only thing is that they need more cleaning.

Cotton mats are also a commonly used mat in the Indian households. These are the best in practicing short time yoga poses since they do not provide much grip.

Many yoga mats of today are made of chemicals like PVC which should not be purchased since these are toxic for you and the environment. Try to choose Eco-friendly options.

2. Thickness

Another important factor to note is the thickness. Yoga mats are generally 3-6 mm thick. But some are up to 15 mm thick. If you stand or perform yoga for a longer period of time, then opt for the one which has more thickness. Cushioning is directly proportional to the thickness. If you are looking for more comfort, then you should look for mats with higher thickness.

3. Longevity

If you plan to buy a yoga mat, you also plan to use it for a year. The more durable a mat is, the longevity is better. Make sure you select one which has longer durability because the older a mat gets it loses its stability and traction. Also take a look at the manufacturer’s warranty to be on the safer side.

4. Stickiness

Another factor that you must consider while purchasing a mat is to check the traction of the mat. If you do asanas which includes more twisting and turning then a more sticky mat is required. More sticky mats will give you more grip hence will hold you better while you exercise.

5. Ease of Carrying

If you travel a lot then you require a mat which is easy to fold, carry around and needs less space. Be sure to choose mats which come with yoga mats which makes them portable.

Based on the above parameters, we have made a list of top 10 best yoga mats online available in India.


Yoga Mats may be different in color, size or in quality but they all serve one single purpose of fitness. Most features can be overlooked such as the color or alignment when making the purchase decision on which mat to buy but always make sure that the mat has a good thickness, is anti-skid, anti-tear, has good traction, and the material is toxic free and durable.

When you keep this in mind and go for a yoga mat then it can be beneficial for you in the long run. We hope that this article has helped you select the best yoga mat in India.

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