Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) – Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

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Bhujangasana is a type of hatha yoga or modern yoga exercise. The name bhujangasana comes from two Sanskrit words भुजङ्ग (Bhujanga) meaning ‘Snake’ or ‘Cobra” and आसन (Asana) meaning ‘Posture’ or ‘Seat’. The pose is also called Serpent Pose.

Want to know everything about the bhujangasana? Then you are on the right page! 

Here in this article, we will describe everything that you need to know about the bhujangasana. The steps of this asana, the benefits you can get, and the precautions you need to take!

What is Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose?

Well, in modern hatha yoga, bhujangasana is considered as a reclining posture. In bhujangasana, the posture resembles a snake thus it is known as bhujangasana. It is mostly performed within the Surya Namaskar, which is a cycle of 12 different yogas or asanas. Bhujangasana is also performed as an alternative to the Urdhva Mukha Savasana or Upward Dog pose. 

Within the 12 Surya namaskar yogas, bhujangasana is the 7th one! This asana claims to have therapeutic effects on some organs such as the injured spine. Also, this bhujangasana is important for your back muscles and thigh muscles.

Why is Bhujangasana Important? 

Well, if you perform bhujangasana then your whole body gets a good stretch and makes your body flexible. Also, it has ample other health benefits. Bhujangasana aids the digestive system.

Most of us have a 9-5 job where we need to sit in front of a computer screen for a long time. Our back muscles get most;y affected by this lifestyle due to not exercising. Therefore, gradually the back muscles become weaker and it causes backache, slip discs, bending problems, and many more. Now, this article will state to you about bhujangasana yoga and the benefits it poses and precautions you should know.

Types of Bhujangasana Yoga

There are almost 4 types of bhujangasana that you can perform according to your needs and abilities.

1. Traditional Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

The basic traditional bhujangasana or cobra pose is the most popular one! If you practice this posture regularly then it can help the body with its ample health benefits.

2. Ardha Bhujangasana or Half Cobra Pose

Well, Ardha bhujangasana is the asana for beginners who just started doing yoga. For beginners, it can be really tough to tilt the body backward for long. Therefore just stay in the posture showing in the image and feel the stretch.

3. Hasta Bhujangasana or Curve Hand Cobra Pose

Kasta bhujangasana or curve hand cobra pose is the second popular posture. Here you can perform the yoga without straightening the arms and by bending them. Also, you can turn the hands outward in this yoga.

4. Urdhva Bhujangasana or Raise Arm Cobra Pose

This bhujangasana is for those who want to tone as well as strengthen their back. Here, you can raise the back and straighten the arms, and can perform the basic bhujangasana.

Right Way to Perform Bhujangasana

Well, do you know how to perform bhujangasana properly? In this section, we will help you to understand the steps and ways of bhujangasana so that you can perform it without any hassle. 

After the continuous practice of bhujangasana, you will be able to strengthen your back muscles and stretch the spine. Therefore, you will feel more energetic and get relieved from all the back-related problems.

  • Lie on the stomach and strengthen your legs properly. Keep the toes outward and touch each other.
  • Place the arms just outside the chest. Keep these arms close to the body and place the elbows outward.
  • Keep the forehead on the floor and keep the body loose. Now while breathing slowly raise the forehead first, then raise the neck and finally the shoulder.
  • With the help of the back muscles, keep your chest high, and using the hands lift the head up.
  • Now, slowly move the neck towards your back, so that your posture resembles a cobra or a snake. Breathe through the nose and look upward. Place the weight on your back and keep your chest wider enough.
  • Hold for 20-25 seconds.
  • Now slowly return to the cobra pose. Remember to exhale properly then bring the chest, shoulder, navel, and forehead down.
  • Place the hands under the head and rest for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat this bhujangasana at least 5 times!

8 Proven Benefits of Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana or cobra pose can help you out with ample health benefits. Let’s check how the bhujangasana helps your health.

1. It Helps To Improve Digestion

Bhujangasana aids the digestion process and makes your digestive health stronger. With stretching, bhujangasana keeps the abdominal organs healthy. As you know that the lower back has a direct relationship with the kidneys, the stretching of it improves the kidney functions as well. 

2. Bhujangasana Strengthens the Spine

Bhujangasana works like a wonder on your back muscles. As we all are stressed with our modern lifestyle, bhujangasana eliminates the upper body stiffness and relieves the chest, neck, and relieves the shoulders.

3. It Eliminates Pain

As we have already said that the bhujangasana stretches the spine, thus it helps to grow your back muscles. If you follow the process properly it will strengthen the pelvic muscles. As well as the lower abdominal muscles including sciatica will feel freer.

4. Bhujangasana Improves Menstrual Irregularities

Bhujangasana is really helpful to relieve menstrual cramps and pain. Also, it controls the menstrual impurities.

5. It Reduces Anxiety and Stress

In the bhujangasana the chests lift up, thus it affects the heart and enhances the blood flow! Also, it reduces stress and gives you relief from anxiety. Therefore, this asana helps you to eliminate all the negative emotions.

6. Bhujangasana Awakens Kundalini

Kundalini or the kundalini chakra is the main component of your subtle body. It is said to be coiled up at the base of your spine and to have control over all the chakras you need to wake up this kundalini. If you perform bhujangasana properly it will help you to awaken these seven chakras. Thus you will get relief from liver and kidney problems.

7. It Helps to Treat Asthma

Back bending exercises such as bhujangasana helps you to open the rib cage, and expand your chest as well as improve the lung capacity. Along the asana follow a proper breathing routine and get the most benefits.

8. Bhujangasana Tones The Body

Bhujangasana or cobra pose helps to reduce abdominal fat as it burns up the abdominal muscles. Thus with these yoga postures, you can finally be able to achieve those fitness goals easily.

Precautions You Should Take While Doing Bhujangasana

Well, if you are performing the bhujangasana then you need to follow a few precautions. Remember that you should feel the pressure on the feet, limbs, hands but not in the back. In this section, we have cited the precautions that you should take while performing the bhujangasana.

1. Problem With Stiff Neck

Well, during the bhujangasana or cobra pose the neck is bent upward from the spine. Now make sure to do this properly as well as slowly. Also, remember to breathe thoroughly through the nose. If you do not perform slowly then it can hurt your neck and can cause the neck muscles to get stretched.

2. Wrong Hand Placement

To maintain the correct Bhujangasana posture, the hands should be kept at a straight distance from the shoulders. If you do not keep the arms at a great distance, the shoulders will not form any back arch. This is why the posture will not be right and the body will be harmed.

3. Pull the Elbows Closure

It will not be necessary to lock the elbow while doing Bhujangasana. There are times when people lock their elbows. Everyone’s body has different boundaries, therefore do not move beyond the limits of your body.

Who Should Avoid Doing Bhujangasana

Though bhujangasana is actually safe, there is a group of people with specific problems, who should avoid Bhujangasana altogether.

  • People who suffer from acute neck disease like spondylitis
  • Cobra posture should not be done if you have a severe spinal operation or injury
  • Do not do Bhujangasana if you are pregnant
  • Do not try this if you have recently had stomach surgery
  • The person who has carpal tunnel syndrome or any other wrist problem should avoid it completely
  • If you have a severe headache problem, consult a doctor before performing any asana such as migraine

Ideal Time to Perform Bhujangasana

You should do Bhujangasana every morning for at least 5 minutes. Well, if the morning is not possible then you can do it in the evening. Bhujangasana can be beneficial for those who have a desk job and are always seated on chairs. This can help relieve pain caused by sitting for long periods of time. An interesting fact about the cobra pose is that it can increase your height by a few inches after stretching your body longer.


With Bhujangasana you can make your lower back muscles strong. It also improves metabolism. We hope that this article has given you all information about Bhujangasana.

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