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Brand Of The Week: Dr Ortho India

by Zotezo
April 16, 2018

About Dr Ortho Brand

A brainchild of Sanjeev Juneja and his father, SBS Biotech started making Dr Ortho Ayurvedic products back in 2008. The brand took off in India right away, and today they boast of having an annual turnover of over Rs. 400 crore (or about $ 62 million dollars).


The Dr Ortho Way

The secret to Dr Ortho's success lies in product formulation and ancient Ayurveda. Dr Ortho combines the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern facilities in each of their products. Herbal ingredients are carefully combined with their oils, ointments, sprays and capsules to heal the body even from chronic conditions.

This is why their products have no side effects. With regular use, patients get joint pain relief from the knees, neck, lower back, and even frozen shoulder and arthritis in older adults. The products also bring a speedy recovery to sports injuries.


Dr Ortho Bestsellers

We want to tempt you with 3 of their most popular and reviewed products:


  • Dr Ortho Ayurvedic Joint Pain Relief Oil:

Dr Ortho Ayurvedic Oil uses 8 different Ayurvedic herbs which were used in ancient Vedic times to bring relief from joint pain. The herbal oil blend is particularly useful for healing aching muscles and joints in legs, neck, and shoulders. Massage the oil on the affected area for 5 minutes daily.

This medicinal oil from Orhto has no side but is long lasting because of ingredients like Flaxseed oil, Peppermint oil, Nirgundi, Gandapura, Jyotishmati, Cheed and Til tel, which are a source of phytochemicals, saponins and flavonoids, reducing both joint pain and inflammation. These bioactive compounds stimulate blood circulation, unknot stiff muscles, and severe joint pain or swelling.


  • Dr Ortho Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Ointment:

Dr Ortho Ayurvedic Ointment is a specially formulated pain relieving topical ointment. It is especially effective for lower back pain and inflammation. It is best suited for upper back pain, spondylosis (cervical osteoarthritis), joint mobility, arthritis, swollen tendon, muscular strains and sprains. It also relieves general body aches and pains due to fatigue or stress, and fibrositis. Essential ingredients include Nilgiri Oil, Clove Oil, Ajwain Oil, Turpentine Oil, Cinnamon Oil, etc., all of which get you moving again in no time. The ointment works by the oils deeply penetrating into aching muscles to increase the blood supply to them and ensuring fast pain relief, naturally.


  • Dr Ortho Ayurvedic Pain Reliever Spray:

Dr Ortho Pain Relief Spray is a blend of 8 powerful herbal oils that bring fast pain relief from sudden sprains, bruises, torn ligaments and sports injuries. It can be used by people of all ages, bringing quick and natural pain relief. The spray is easy to use, non-greasy and cooling with a pleasant scent, and it brings long-lasting pain relief.


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