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Brand Of The Week: HERBAL HILLS

by Zotezo
July 10, 2018

About Herbal Hills Brand

Ayurveda originated in India some 5000 years ago. So it makes good sense for Herbal Hills, an Indian brand to cultivate and formulate wellness products.

Herbal Hills farms, manufacturers and exports 100% natural herbal products made with carefully researched Ayurvedic formulation. They have set up a high-tech processing and manufacturing unit at Lonavala, outside of Bombay.

The Mumbai-based company has set up worldwide distribution of their Ayurvedic products to countries like USA, Europe and beyond. Herbal Hills puts quality and safety as the company's top-most priority. They meet all International Food Safety standards, Quality Guidelines & Certificates, such as the USDA, FDA, VOCA, APEDA, HALAL etc.


The Herbal Hills Way

The Indian brand believes in healing by going back to mother nature. Using the abundant and ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, they make health and wellness accessible to people via Ayurvedic Medicine and herbal supplements.

The research team worked hard for 2 years to come up with natural Bio-enhancers which are plant-based. Sometimes from leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, herbs and even Indian Cow Ghee, Herbal Hills has built a State-of-Art Farm where only grass-fed Gir cows are bred in the healthiest environment.

This means you get the best Green Food Supplements for your health, including:

  1. Wheatgrass,
  2. Alfalfa,
  3. Barley grass and
  4. Medicated Cow ghee.

Plus, all the above were formulated by an expert team of doctors & researchers.


Herbal Hills Bestsellers

There are several product lines. Besides green supplements, the brand has formulated Joint Care, Healthy Skin, Men's Health, Women's Health, Immunity, and more

We recommend you try one of each of their wide range of products:

  1. Green Food Supplements, like Spirulina, Barley Grass are 100% organic and nutrient rich.
  2. Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation with Natural Bioenhancers: For healthy joints, bones, muscles. Arthrohills Kit soft gels are made from Medicated Cow Ghee, Maharasnadi quath (36 herbs), and Dashamooladi quath (10 herbs). Men's and women's health products are also made from this cow ghee.
  3. Health Drink: For digestion, boosting immunity and purifying blood, the Aloe Vera Juice - Wheatgrass Juice is a potent combination.
  4. Herbal Ayurvedic Single Herb: Neem is one of the best natural blood cleansers, and Neemhills is the perfect herbal capsule.
  5. Bulk Herbal Powder: Neem Powder, Amla, Tulsi, Turmeric, Garcinia and many other herbs can be bought in a fine powder form.
  6. Natural Personal Care: Arthrohills Joint Oil, Keshohills Ultra Hair Oil & Glohills Face Cream.


Do you have any favourite Herbal Hills products?


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