Brand Of The Week: Johnsons Baby

Are you a Johnsons baby?

Johnson and Johnson (J&J) baby products are probably the most famous and trusted of all baby brands, worldwide. So much so that the brand name is synonymous with babies. Johnson’s Baby is the undisputed leader in baby care. The brand has been around for over a hundred years! Its clinically proven mild products are trusted by mothers for generations:

Your grandmother probably used them as a baby!


The Johnsons Baby Way

  • Safety First

Johnson & Johnson’s goal is to make healthy and happy babies with safety as their primary concern.  It is the most respected baby brand in the world, for good reason. They were the first company to research how a baby’s skin is different from adult skin, as well as study them across ethnic groups. Their scientists continuously strive to develop safer, non-toxic formulations having no-tears, no-numbing, and minimum preservatives in their baby products. Most products have a maximum shelf-life of 3 years, but the company recommends you use it on babies within a year from the manufacturing date. It is worth mentioning that the brand is committed to shaping a healthy, sustainable planet, and their products are not animal tested.

  • Tried & Tested

J&J has stood the test of time. For the past 100 years, Johnson & Johnson has been researching baby’s skin and safer ingredient, which is the essence of the brand. Today, their products are trusted because they are safe, economical and minimise the use of chemicals. The brand does not just meet the government regulation but also listens carefully to what their customers want to see improved.


Johnson Baby Bestsellers

There are many products manufactured by J&J. We have picked only four of the best Johnson Baby products in India. These baby products have stood the test of time. They continue to satisfy picky mothers and happy children (and adults), attract great customer reviews online too.

  1. For Newborns: Johnsons Baby Top To Toe Baby Wash: This no more tears formula is gentle and safe for daily cleansing both your baby’s skin and hair without dryness.
  2. For a Baby: Johnsons Baby Shampoo: Due to public sentiments, this is a reformulated baby shampoo free from formaldehyde and parabens. It is 100% soap-free, hypoallergenic, with the no more tears formula.  
  3. For a Toddler: Johnsons Baby Lotion: Clinically proven to be mild and allergy tested, this is a long-lasting, non-greasy baby lotion with a gentle fragrance. It locks in moisture with a protective barrier; use it after bath to protect your baby’s delicate skin.
  4. For Adults: Johnsons Baby Oil With Vitamin E: This makes an excellent massage oil for adults with sensitive skin. Enriched with vitamin E, the baby oil locks in moisture, is not greasy for a oil, and it is dermatologist and allergy tested. Use it on your baby’s and your body, before or taking a warm bath.


Safety is the No.1 priority of Johnson & Johnson.

J&J works with scientists, paediatricians, dermatologists and nurses to make sure every product is safe for your baby. A baby’s skin is sensitive and sometimes has special needs. Before you use a new product on your infant, check with your doctor or book the services of a paediatrician.

Go for:

Baby products with very gentle formulas or ‘clinically proven’ mildness on the label.


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