Brand of the Week: KEEROS

About Keeros brand

Keeros is a young Indian health food manufacturing brand with healthy roasted super snacks for everyone, especially diabetes patients. Founders, Sachin Sahni and Simran Sahni, who are seasoned health, fitness and wellness industry professionals, wanted to create healthier alternatives to regular snacks in India.

Having served 50,000 clients the company may soon be the top of the Indian superfoods industry. But the secret to its success lies in sticking to its high quality ‘Healthy For All’ and ‘Safe For Diabetics’ formula and its low cost. Even the brand logo has a blue circle, the universal symbol of diabetes.


The Keeros way

The essence of the brand can be summed up in three words, or what they consider the Tone of Voice (TOV) pillars:

  • Honest
  • Contemporary
  • Nurturing

The brand name is inspired by the Hindi word for daily: Roz. And the brand does live up to its name because Keeros superfoods can be (and should be) consumed ‘roz’.


What distinguishes their products?

Keeros snacks are prepared with a mix of traditional Indian recipes and global superfood trends. A large percentage of their raw material is sourced directly from global facilities located nearby. This reduces transport time, and so preserves the freshness of the superfood. Every snack is formulated with a low glycemic index, zero cholesterol and zero trans-fats. These pure vegetarian snacks are lightly salted using only the best Himalayan pink salt. There are no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours in their super healthy snacks.


Keeros products and variants:

The Indian superfood brand has launched two variants – Multigrain and Multiseed. Both contain essential nutrients like protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, calcium, iron, vitamins and more.  To get the most nutritional value, it is best to store the products in a cool, dry place and eat it within 6 months from the date of manufacture.


We want to tempt you with 2 tried and tested healthy and tasty Keeros snacks:

  • Keeros Multigrain Roasted Supersnack (100gm): This lightly salted, nutritious Keeros snack is perfect to satisfy those mid-meal hunger pangs. Ingredients such as, rice flakes, wheat, beans, soya beans, millet, green gram, Himalayan pink salt, and relevant spice oils make it a yummy must have when you are on the go.

MRP: Rs.90

  • Keeros Multiseed Roasted Supersnack (150gm): Got a sweet tooth? Do you crave sweets often? Ingredients like roasted flax seeds, watermelon seeds, sesame seeds, Chinese pumpkin seeds, and dry dates make it a delightfully healthy. Four supersedes pack a punch of calcium, protein, iron and vitamin A.

MRP: Rs.200

MRP: Rs.275


Want low-calorie snacks that fill you up?

Looking for healthy Indian snacks for office?

Then look no further.

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