Is It Safe To Have Sex During Corona Virus Outbreak?

Can I Have Sex During Corona Virus Outbreak?

Can I Have Sex During Corona Virus During Outbreak?


CORONAVIRUS the latest pandemic has brought a halt to people’s lives. There are nearly 150 countries affected worldwide with more than 2 Lac people already infected with this deadly virus. COVID-19 is known to spread through sneezing and coughing. But the question we are addressing today is can you have sex during coronavirus outbreak?

We don’t really know whether it’s safe to have sex during this lockdown situation. We are being advised to practice social distancing by being at home, avoiding gatherings of 5 people or more, and using delivery options to get food wherever it is possible. For couples who stay together it is very complicated to maintain social distancing. But there can be risks associated with intimacy during coronavirus.

This novel Coronavirus is present in respiratory droplets but is it present in semen or any vaginal secretion? There is no obvious answer to this. We do know for sure that being in close contact with other infected people transmits coronavirus. Even kissing can be dangerous during this time since the virus can be transmitted via saliva. So better not even think of SEX! And, if you’re worried about the general threat of contracting it from people you have sex with, here are 7 safety measures that you can follow:

Avoid Parties

Avoiding all kinds of parties is the thumb rule for preventing yourself from any kind of infection. You are in close contact when you attend such social gatherings. And, you are at an increased risk of an infection since you can easily hook up with someone and become intimate. Since coronavirus is spread through close contact so parties are a big no no!

Stay Away From Bodily Fluids

Coronavirus is a new virus even for the scientists. They have still no cure for this and it is spreading fast together in many countries. Many countries are quarantined. During this lockdown situation when you are at home you should avoid being in contact with any kind of bodily fluids of your partner like pee, poop, and even vaginal fluids and semen.

Get a King or Queen Sized Bed

It is quite natural that couples will sleep together on a bed and it is literally impossible to remain the full 6 feet apart. If it’s feasible try to get a King or a Queen sized bed for your home so that you can maintain the requisite distance and stay guarded.

Opt for Hand Sanitizers

Washing your hands frequently and applying a hand sanitizer is a very important step if you really want to get close to your partner. Whenever you’re in a very close proximity with your loved one whether it means kissing, or cuddling you are at a greater risk of exposure to the virus.

Use a Condom

If the COVID-19 outbreak has not put you off from indulging in any sexual activity then hand sanitizers and condoms are your best friends. Condoms can prevent any kind of sexually transmitted disease and also can prevent any contact of bodily fluids. Condoms are always a good idea since they’re also forms of birth control So remember to stock up condoms!

Stick to Social Apps

You must already be aware of the term phone sex. Now people it’s time for some pleasure using apps like skype or google duos. Having sex over video calls can be awkward but during this emergency period you can definitely try your hands on social sex. Do a video call to your partner from the other room. This way you can keep distance and have fun!

Try Solo

Instead of getting intimate the usual way try to go solo. Enjoying yourself is safe and pleasurable at the same time. You can be your best partner and have solo sex since you have the least chances of being affected with the virus. But, make sure to sanitize your hands and your sex toys.

Let’s Sum It Up

So even if you are stuck at home and sex is on your mind then you can follow some precautionary measures before you start being intimate. Since, both precaution and prevention is better than falling prey to this infectious and deadly disease.

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