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In an exclusive conversation with Zotezo, Dr. Soibal Moitra has spoken about the Novel Coronavirus. Here are the edited excerpts of his interview.

Team Zotezo: What Inspired you to become a doctor?

Dr.Saibal Moitra: I am a consultant in Allergy and Immunology at an approved Medical Hospital Kolkata and also medical director of Allergy and Asthma Treatment Center Kolkata. So as a young basically wanted to become a scientist in neurological Sciences. I wanted to do my Ph.D. and then to more research work. Guarding the activities of the brain field and neurons. So that was my passion that was my dream which was harboring childhood, but after I clear my twelfth exam, so I wanted to take an up a joint to the examination and where I got it very good Rank and I was getting one of the top colleges in India one of the medical colleges in Delhi, so then I decided to take up the medicine course and then go about out in having treatment research in the medical Sciences later on that prompted me to become a doctor. So it was not a pre-decided thing when it does happen like that.

Team Zotezo: What is Coronavirus?

Dr.Saibal Moitra: Coronavirus is a group of the family of viruses speech basically have RNA as the genetic material and they belong to a big family of virus and this virus infect both animals and humans. There are many Coronaviruses that are actually there in the animals. Animals are the host and few of the gonna viruses infect a human being.

Team Zotezo: What are the Symptoms of Coronavirus?

Dr. Saibal Moitra: They cause mostly cold-like symptoms which we get quite commonly every year in the fall. This virus affects human beings mostly so the growth of corona virus that actually causes a little talk of today is a novel corona virus 2019. So this is actually a type of beta corona virus almost akin to that Severe Respiratory Syndrome SARS corona virus which had an epidemic in 2002-2003 or the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome viruses in Moscow the virus which is debated in capitalist countries in 2012. This is the virus of second to that as long as beta corona virus group. Mostly they’re like any other flu symptoms like headaches, feel feverish and then they might have a high fever and then some patients will have this cough and the patient has shortness of breath. Body aches and some might have some GI symptoms like diarrhea and all but most of the symptoms are limited to the upper respiratory tract that is a nose having said this is easing runny nose. And the goal is a crucial step having the symptoms or the cough and the symptoms along with the fever.

Team Zotezo: Can you be immune to the new coronavirus?

Dr.Saibal Moitra: This new Corona virus has jumped species from an animal to human being, a human being is new ghost of this corona virus basically human beings don’t have any Community as of us as of now, as corona virus but what happened that as with time this novel corona virus and just to its new human host as a human was that we were new host. So then and human beings will develop this immunity against this virus. So that With time it is with control and it will just again come down to these trivial illnesses that we get every year. But as of now, we don’t have very good immunity against this virus that has come to the mutated virus and which has come very recently.

Team Zotezo: How can one protect himself from coronavirus?

Dr.Saibal Moitra: To protect one again because the virus is always important and that at one should avoid going to the places like hospitals or any other health care facilities, whether patients with symptoms pertaining to your this restricted fact, they usually come so it is always important that the patients who have this cough, wear a face mask. so that they don’t infect the others and health care workers who were actually sitting care of these patients. They should always wear a cap mask and gloves very important that when they touch these patients get the habit all over washing hands repeatedly with any alcohol-based hand rub. They should be refreshed by hand, nose or mouth and important that patients who should be screened and adequately if the suspected to be having this novel coronavirus infection, and they should be segregated in a separate ward. The adequate personal protective equipment gives it to the healthcare workers and installation techniques and all the other methods which are needed for the reduction of transmission of this event or even transmission of the virus should be taken care of by all the health care facilities. These are the methods that one should inculcate.

Team Zotezo: What is the Treatment of Coronavirus?

Dr.Saibal Moitra: As of now, there are no specifics and antiviral treatment. We don’t have any antibiotics or any antiviral medicines which are directed specifically against this virus, but the symptoms are the treatment is mostly it is symptomatic and supportive that is somebody gets a fever than that one is given this antipyretic like paracetamol. Somebody has a body ache. And also what you would usually have paracetamol tablets is equal to And if one starts getting these respiratory symptoms when we usually one is at if one develops resistance to failure, this is patients are usually ventilated by nonvisual method or by non-invasive methods or by the image Adventure. So it is the sub supportive treatment support of respiratory system support then if the patient develops the other system involvement consumer supportive treatment is given so it is mostly symptomatic and supportive treatment mostly the patient’s they become well with the symptomatic and supportive treatment and they come out of this in this has their own on what is defense mechanism. They actually consolidate the infection. So this is how the medical supportive treatment is given for this till now.

Team Zotezo: Are there any latest updates that have been released on coronavirus?

Dr.Saibal Moitra: The latest update says that there’s this has become a pandemic. This virus is spreading and as of yesterday, I will see that it was around twenty-eight thousands of more than twenty-eight thousand confirmed cases of the coronavirus. There’s as you know, it is spreading from The Hub of Wuhan city to China. Now they are confirmed in India in Kerala that is one thing and the development of the vaccine is on the pipeline as of now. We don’t have any vaccine but it is in the pipeline and of the development of the vaccine against this virus. Mostly the CDC. The Center for Disease is the divisional control of the USA. And also the other WHO they are trying to control the source control is the main strategy that is patients are being acquitted at the airports and all getting a strong vision about the spread of the infection worldwide. So the situation is said more or less being taken care of there is nothing to panic but pandemic which is occurring and it is contained quite sooner. Patients who had this illness and there are many patients are also surviving. It is only that these are the major things to be taken properly and judiciously.

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