How to use a Food Steamer for a Healthy Diet

Home cooks use pressure cookers and rice cookers, but you may think twice before investing in a food steamer.

You may be wondering:

Is worth it? Is it difficult to clean?

Read on to find out why cooking with steamers is way healthier and easier in every way.


What is Steaming? Why is it Healthier?

For years the steaming debate raged on, with nutritionists claiming it is a far healthier option to cooking with oil, and even grilling and baking. Steaming food means continuously boiling water and using the steam generated to do most of the cooking in a covered vessel. Frying, grilling and even baking can often overcook food, taking out a lot of essential nutrients.

Steaming is the best way to retain nutrients and minerals which are lost on frying food. Retaining nutrients means retaining all the natural flavours and colours.  A steamer is also one of the easiest kitchen appliances to use.


Some Steaming Tips

Steamed veggies

Just because oil-free, steaming have to be bland. If a fitness then your for dinner every day.

Timing is everything!

If you over steam your veggies, ruin the taste and goodness. Also, remember to in layers. Add foods at different times, and use a steamer with a timer. Put potatoes, carrots, cauliflower in the pot first, broccoli, beans, beets later, and peas or spinach last. Open the steamer lid so the steam burn your arms.

Steaming non-vegetarian food

This cooking method reduces the fat content compared to frying or boiling. So steaming chicken and pork is healthier than frying or stewing it.

Steaming vegetables and non-veg food together

Steam a mix of your favourite greens with a nice sized bass on top. You save time and get a clean, healthy and quick meal all in one pot!


Tasty and Healthy Ways to Steam Food (veg or non-veg)

Prepare these yummy and healthy meals for you and your family.

  1. Steamed Vegetable Medley: This is a super-easy side dish that will turn any meal healthy. Almost all the colour, flavours, fibre, vitamins and mineral content will be preserved in your greens.
  2. Steamed Momos: Momos are awesome vegetarian or non-vegetarian starters to any meal. Make them from gluten-free flour in a bamboo food steamer for taste and health.
  3. Steamed Spareribs With Black Bean Sauce: Mouth-watering Chinese dishes like this one looks irresistible and tastes amazing. Make this dish with your food steamer for dinner.
  4. Steamed Salmon and Asparagus: Food steamer recipes do not have to be bland and boring. Make steaming food interesting. Sauce it up by drizzling a simple dressing over everything. Prepare a tangy Dijon mustard dill sauce to go with steamed salmon and asparagus recipe for dinner.
  5. Steamed Pork Dumplings: The words ‘steamed and non-vegetarian’ together conjure up Cantonese pork to mind. The Chinese do love steaming their non-veg – from momos to shrimp or pork dumplings and even steamed chicken feet!


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