Is Your Office Diet or Workplace Making You Fat?

Here’s a typical office diet scenario: It’s Monday morning, and you reach for your coffee, there’s a plate full of sweets, croissants, cakes, and doughnuts that someone has left in the pantry. Then your co-worker informs you there is another birthday celebration (third one of the week). So there will be cake, a fizzy drink, and samosas.

That is all it takes for most people to be distracted from their work and a healthy lunch break.

Did you know most people consume 75% of the daily recommended calories from 9 to 5 during the work week? What???s worse is, this does not include the tiffin or packed lunch they brought to work either. Most of these empty calories come from free food, such as:

  • Tea,
  • Coffee,
  • Biscuits,
  • Soft drinks,
  • Cakes,
  • Pizza,
  • Maggi noodles,
  • Laddoos, rasgollas,
  • Samosas, pakoras and other deep-fried snacks.

Here are a few simple tips to help you handle the temptations of a typical office diet:

  • Eat a good breakfast: Leave home after eating a hearty breakfast that is filling and nutritious.
  • Pack lunch: The best option is to bring lunch and snacks from home. It is healthier and saves you money.
  • Move more: Get up from your chair and walk around
  • Snack healthy: Junk food, sweets and deep-fried foods are tempting, but choose fruits nuts and seeds instead.
  • Drink up: get at least 2 to 3 litres of filtered or mineral water while you are still at the office.
  • Manage stress: Craving for food even when you???re not hungry is a sign of stress. Comfort foods help lower stress but this is a quick fix and usually unhealthy.
  • Sleep well: Getting enough rest at night is very important to be productive.
  • Exercise or do yoga regularly: Exercise and yoga both help with weight loss and handling stress. Even a 30-minute morning walk in the park will help you beat stress.
  • Treat yourself: No one can be good all the time. You can afford the occasional indulgence and cave in to the office diet others follow. But, it???s all about balance. Treat yourself to one thing that you love every day. You can have it at the end of your day, add it to a nice meat. Otherwise, you may end up splurging on everything in sight over the weekend. Remember, there are healthy treats too. Be it a fruit you love like mangoes, a fine red wine or dark chocolate mousse you buy at a healthy gourmet grocery store.

Employees who eat well feel better and have more energy to focus on the job and perform well. That???s why nutritionists advise employers to encourage employees to eat right.

What about all those free sweets at work?

People like feeding one another to spread affection and a friendly atmosphere at workplaces. But if you tell your friends at work that you are serious about your diet, it is alright to say no to birthday cake, cold drinks and fried food. There is going to be another birthday around the corner, which can easily tip over or upset your balanced diet, throwing your hard work down the drain, beyond the point of no return.

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