Kent Grand Mineral RO Water Purifier

Drinking safe and pure water is a bit of a luxury in India. Water purification comes at a high price, and the technology may be unreliable. But Kent has made great headway in the RO water purifier business. Kent has been certified by many companies. Their reliable RO technology, high-quality membranes, and affordable multiple purification technologies have made them a leader in water purifiers.



Kent Grand is a wall-mounted RO water purifier that runs on electricity and uses a double purification technology followed by UV to eliminate dissolved impurities and chemical salts from water. The result is 100% clean, pure and safe drinking water every day for your entire family.



The Kent Grand RO water purifier has the best purification membranes. The transparent cover design is elegant and practical, saving countertop space. The body is made of food grade plastic which makes it safe.

Kent’s patented mineral ROTM technology provides double purification – the water purifier uses RO + UV + UF purification technology. The TDS controller makes it healthier than other RO water purification systems; it adds just the amount of minerals you want. This Kent RO water purifier has added lots of features like pre-post carbon, auto on-off, alert alarms to make drinking water easier and safer for your family.



The Kent Grand removes water hardness, dissolved impurities like chemicals, pesticides, rust, heavy metals, and viruses from tap water giving 100% pure and safe drinking water.



  • Adjustable TDS controller adds lost minerals
  • Auto on-off system
  • Spin-welded RO membranes
  • 8-litre storage tank
  • Filter and UV alarms
  • Works with any water source, even bore-wells, and tap water


  • Poor after sales support in some areas
  • Works on electricity



Kent provides the best purification technology compared to other purifiers with similar features. This is one of the best water purifiers from Kent because it uses double purification technique to purify water and gives tasty and clean drinking water. It is easy to maintain with a low budget.; though customer support might be an issue sometimes.

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