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Mehendi is a form of temporary body art, where decorative designs are created mainly on a woman’s palm, back of the hand and feet with a paste. From the dried and powdered leaves of the Henna plant (Lawsonia inermis) the Mehndi paste is created. At first the dried and ground henna pastes are taken to form a paste, then the paste is bought in a cone-shaped tube and Mehendi designs are made.

Mehendi is a very popular form of skin decoration for the woman of the Indian subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East.

Mehndi designs vary from place to place, according to one person’s choice.

It can be a single circular blob, an intricate pattern of geometry or even a Gothic art.

What is Mehendi?

From a Sanskrit word ‘Mendhika’ referred to as the henna plant, the name Mehendi or Mehndi is derived. In the earliest Hindu Vedik rituals the use of turmeric and Mehndi (henna) is mentioned. Mehendi was first used for women’s palms but now it is really popular in men too.

As we have already mentioned, Mehendi is made up of the leaves of the henna plant. The henna plant leaves are generally dried in the sun. then that dried leaves are ground to a fine mossy green powder. The powder is then mixed with water, lemon juice and oil to make a smooth paste. This smooth paste is then soaked overnight so that all the ingredients would infuse in it.

The henna plant has a red-orange dye, Lawsone present in their leaves. Lawsone (2- hydroxy-1, 4- naphthoquinone) is also known as hennotannic acid. Unbroken henna leaves are unable to stain the skin until the lawsone molecules are released from them. Our skin has keratin protein. Lawsone will bind with the keratin protein and create the Mehendi stain.

History and Origin of Mehendi

According to some historical beliefs, the beginning of Mehendi Designs in India can be traced back to the Mughal Period. In the 12th century AD, Mughals introduced Mehndi to the Asian Subcontinent. But in that period, only the royal and rich people use Mehndi design to decorate themselves. The Mehendi designs were generally made by Mehndi artists.

Another belief suggests that the origin of Mehendi can be Egypt, as it was an ancient form of body art in Egypt. But in Egypt, Mehndi (Henna) was used as a medicine as well as a cosmetic. Mehndi also has healing power.

Mehendi has existence in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. The beautiful Mehendi designs found in India today has emerged in probably 20th century. Most of the women from that period, draw Mehndi designs in their hands and feet with these Henna stains. Though the exact place of Mehendi’s origin is not identified, the people from different cultures used to move throughout the continents and taking and sharing their art with everyone in their way.

Tradition of Mehendi

Interestingly, Mehendi has significant relevance in almost every religion. Mehndi has the utmost importance in many traditions in Hinduism, even if it is a part of 16 adornments (solah Shringar). The use of Mehendi is also mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Mehendi designs are generally applied during the wedding session. Bridal Mehendi is a popular tradition in North Africa, South-East Asia, Arab and Indian Subcontinent.

Algeria: In Algeria, brides have Mehendi designs printed on their hands prior to their weddings.

Afghanistan: In Afghanistan, it is believed that Mehndi brings good luck.

Bangladesh: Bangladeshi tradition holds that Mehendi brings good luck to the bride and groom. Women use Mehendi designs on their hands on various occasions, like weddings, Durgapuja, Eid-Ul-Fitr and other events.

Egypt: In Egyptian tradition, the bride’s friends gather before the wedding day and draw Mehndi design on the bride’s hand as well as each other’s hand.

India: In India, females draw Mehendi designs on hands and feet during various events. In the case of Indian wedding ceremonies, the day before the wedding is solely dedicated to this Mehendi tradition.

Iran: In Iran, Mehendi is considered to be a protective and magical plant. So it can bring happiness when it is applied to one’s hand.

Israel: Some middle eastern communities, such as Jewish, Chrisitan and Muslims host Mehndi parties the night before the wedding in Israel.

Malaysia: Here, Mehendi design is used on the bride and groom’s hands before the wedding ceremony.

Morocco: In Moroccan wedding, the wedding festival usually lasts for 5 days, within these 5 days 2 days are referred to as Mehndi days.

Somalia: In Somalia, Mehendi designs are made on young women as a preparation for their wedding.

Sudan: Usually to decorate the bride, Mehndi is used at the wedding in Sudan.

Yemen: In Yemen, the Mehendi party is practiced to ward off the evil spirits from the wedding couple before their marriage.

How to make Mehandi?

Mehendi paste is generally applied on the skin with a plastic cone. Then after about 30 minutes, it becomes dry and begins to crack. Then a mixture of lemon juice and sugar is applied on the Mehndi design to moisten the Mehndi mud again. This will make the Mehndi stain darker.

At first, the Mehendi is pale or dark orange in colour then it eventually becomes darker due to oxidation in 24-72 hours. The final colour of the Mehndi design is reddish-brown, and it can last for one to three weeks.

Moisturizing the Mehndi stain with oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or sesame seed oil can help to extend the lifetime of the Mehendi design. Eventually, after a week, Mehndi designs start to fade, because of skin exfoliation.

Latest Mehendi Designs

As you know, Mehndi is an inseparable part of most Indian events, here are some best Mehendi designs that you must see.

Best Mehndi Design for Full Hands

From the bride to be to most of the girls and women in a wedding ceremony love to get their hands stained with Mehendi. So, here we tried to collect 25 most attractive Mehndi designs for you.

1. Jaimala Ceremony

mehendi design

On the palms of the hand, the jaimala ceremony was depicted with Mehndi. This design is a perfect blend of tradition with personification.

2. Unique and Personalised

mehendi design 2020

This Bridal Mehendi Design is perfect for full hand. It has a different checkered pattern. The initials of the names of the couples made the entire design beautiful.

3. Never-Ending Floral

simple mehendi design

This is a unique bridal Mehendi design and undoubtedly it is the best Mehendi design for the full hand. It fills the hand with a never-ending floral pattern designing.

4. Portraits of Bride and Groom

mehendi design image

In this unique Mehndi design, the portraits of the bride and groom have been made on the palm. We also love the lotuses and flowers twist around beautifully in it.

5. Fine Floral

easy mehendi design

This intimate floral design has dark and light highlights makes this design one of the best and most trending Mehendi designs for full hand.

6. Doodle Mehendi

mehendi design simple

This Mehendi design is a piece of doodle art. The favourite cartoon character and even a doodle of god make this one perfect and personalised.

7. The Disney Lover

mehendi design latest

This Mehndi design is fully infused with Jurassic park and Disney character’s logo. It is simple and sober.

8. Detailed Work

simple mehendi design images

This typical Mehendi design is one of the top Mehendi designs for full hand. It contains a combination of flowers, a graceful peacock and geometric lines.

9. Elephant on the Top

indian mehendi design

This Mehendi design has jalidar pattern, a spiral circle with couples portrait on the center, set this design apart from the others.

10. Classic Mehndi Design

mehendi design book

This Mehendi design had a leaf and scalloped line. It is one of the most basic design yet it is the best and most traditional one for full hand.

11. Lotus and Roses

mehendi design latest

This Mehendi Design is a combination of rose and lotus along with many doodles. The beautiful design on the fingertip makes this Mehndi design unique.

12. Gorgeous Circle Mehendi

round mehendi design

This mehendi design has a huge scalloped design, with another half with jaali and flower. It is another unique one for your full hand.

13. Lines and flowers

mehendi design simple

This mehndi design is a blend of flowy floral and geometric lines. It also ends with pretty mandalas with the perfect synchronization on the full hand design.

14. Flowing Patterns and Darker Accents

mehendi design easy

This simple mehendi design outshines with a city skyline and detailed pattern making it one of the best wedding Mehndi for full hand.

15. Leaf and Dot

simple mehendi design images

This perfect-looking mehendi design consists of pretty little dots and leaves of many sizes and fills the entire Mehendi.

16. Criss-Cross Line and Mandalas

mehendi design book

Mandala designs with checkered pattern lines lend in these Mehndi designs for full hand coverage.

17. Funny Mehendi Design

indian mehendi design

This cool mehendi design is composed of all the funny things the bride likes. The little frog prince-princess on the palm is so great and funny.

18. Spacious Mehndi

easy mehendi design

This mehndi design contains lotuses, leaves and many variable shady areas in dark and light tones. This also has little space within it, that makes it neater.

19. Hypnotizing Symmetry

mehendi design 2020

This Mehendi has huge semi-circles, line brands and shaded lotuses make a detailed intricacy in this trending design for a full hand.

20. Roses and Fine Jaali

mehendi design

Finely done jaals with shaded roses make this Mehendi really unique. It also covers the full hand.

21. Perfect Traditional

simple mehendi design

This front hand Mehendi design is based on typical rangoli pattern, the mandala in the center of the palm makes the design spectacular.

22. Diagonal Flower

mehendi design image

This Mehendi design is a spacious one with a big flower from the center of the palm with a leading trail to the finger.

23. Wide and Dots

mehendi design 2020

This simple mehendi design contains lots of dotted structure and is a wide-spaced one.

24. Repetitive Design

easy mehendi design

Small mandalas on the fingers with repetitive strokes make this Mehendi design very elegant.

25. Exquisite Mandala

mehendi design easy

A gorgeous mandala in the center of the palm with the perfect attractive pattern on the finger with pretty paisley design makes the hand look alluring.

26. Flower And The Couple

Flower And The Couple

A full hand mehendi design that consists of peacock and flowers is considered auspicious. You can also draw an attractive checkered pattern on the wrist to complete it. This mehendi design is perfect for brides and also the bridesmaids. 

27. Portrait Mehendi Designs

Portrait Mehendi Design

Well, for a minimalist bride who does not want to fill up her hand entirely can go for this simple mehendi design. In this mehendi design, you can draw portraits of your favorite couple like Radha-Krishna and surround them by bootis. Then on the wrist make some identical bands. 

Best Mehndi Designs for the Back of the Hand

In any occasion, whether you are flaunting your engagement ring or just posing on your wedding day, the most attention goes to the back of your hand. So here we list 25 perfect Mehendi for your backhand.

1. Breathtaking Floral One

indian mehendi design

This is one of the best backhand Mehendi designs. This eye-pleasing design is laden with flowers and creepers.

2. Charming Leaves and Dots

mehendi design book

This Mehendi design for backhands is composed of think little leaves and dots. And it is one of the stunning ones.

3. Floral Detailing

mehendi design book

This is one of the best Arabic Mehendi designs for backhands. Generally, it is popular among brides. It is a spellbinding design with super fine flower detailing.

4. A Modern Twist

mehendi design book

In this backhand Mehendi design, one side is covered with checkered pattern and roses, whereas the other side is composed of little peacock motifs.

5. Geometry and Flower

simple mehendi design images

This design has a leafy jaal pattern with beautiful lotuses and geometrical shapes. This is the perfect mehendi design for brides friends.

6. Traditional Bels

mehendi design book

This is a thick coloured mehendi composed of oversized rose bel. The perfect shading makes the Mehendi design spectacular.

7. Authentic Arabic Bel

arabic mehendi design

A unique checkerboard pattern is incorporated in this Arabic Mehendi Design. With this flowy bel, you will love to flaunt your hand.

8. Contemporary and Modern

indian mehendi design

This design has geometric lines and dots. The adjoining patterns of the geometric lines make it one the best mehendi design for backhands.

9. Charismatic Arabic Mehendi

arabic mehendi design

Fanciful leafy patterns and various flowers have made this design perfect for bridesmaids.

10. Fingers and Side Bels

mehendi design easy

In this design the main emphasis is given on the fingers. The flowy bels make this Mehendi mesmerised.

11. Side-Swept Mehendi Design

mehendi design latest

The dotted edges followed by shining floral designs, the leafy end top makes the mehendi design one of the best.

12. Uniform Semicircular Design

mehendi design simple

This design is one of the best mehendi designs for backhand. The semicircular flowers and leaves are a new fashion trend.

13. Modern Ring

mehendi design 2020

Want to flaunt your wedding ring? You can definitely try this one. It has designs on both the side with shining scalloped tops that give a perfect eye-pleasing look.

14. Jalidar Pattern on the Backhand

simple mehendi design

The jaali pattern is a unique one. The bel is covered with floral design making the design like fresh air.

15. Flowers and Check-Board

mehendi design

Detailing of a huge flower with a combination of the checker pattern, with a single finger creeper makes the mehendi design perfect for any occasion.

16. Plethora of Flowers

mehendi design easy

A floral-themed mehendi has the same patterns on the fingers, making the backhand mesmerizing.

17. Little Leaves and Dots

simple mehendi design

Overflow the design with small leaves, jaals and little dots. This mehendi design is one of the prettiest for the backhand.

18. Wavy Leaf and Flowers

easy mehendi design

This bridal mehendi design has leafy bels and floral motifs and covers the entire back of the hand.

19. Floral Pattern

simple mehendi design images

This Mehendi design is a spectacular one, with the free-flowing designs with the leaves and the huge flower.

20. Hand Twins

round mehendi design

This back of hand mehendi designs has absolutely synced with two hands, with lines on the finger and huge mandalas.

21. Arabic Patterning

arabic mehendi design

An elaborately designed rose, flower petals and leaves make the design a treat to the eyes.

22. An Amalgamation of Flowers and Jaal

round mehendi design

Spiral circles, leaves, jaals with adjoining flowers make this mehendi design perfect for the back of the hand.

23. Unique Rose

mehendi design easy

Minimally done fingers and flowy leafy bells with rose brunches make this entire mehendi design neat and perfect.

24. Light and Dark Shading

mehendi design book

This mehendi design has a perfect shading, making the design mesmerising. The flower petals and checker patterns make it unique from the rest.

25. Circles and Leaves

simple mehendi design

This latest mehendi design is mainly composed of spiral circles and leaves of different sizes and shapes. This thick and thin design is perfect for the back of the hand.

26. Symmetrical Backhand Mehendi

Symmetrical Backhand Mehendi

Symmetrical mehendi designs on the backhand is a new trend for the brides. Instead of some bootis and flowers opt for this beautiful symmetrical mehendi design that will look auspicious on your hand on any occasion.

27. Horizontal Bands

Horizontal Bands

This mehendi design consists of some horizontal bands on the wrists as well as on the fingers. This is one of the most simple and basic mehendi designs for the back of the hand.

Mehendi Designs for Legs and Feet

We have collected some most enchanting mehendi designs for your feet. you will definitely love to flaunt your legs in this wedding session.

1. Rose for Toe Fingers

mehendi design for legs

This mehendi design can highlight the toe fingers with perfect for jaali designs with a lacework of rose and leaves.

2. Embellished Jewellery

simple mehendi design images

The jewellery look design on the feet is paired on a perfect symmetry with the toe fingers.

3. Mandala on Feet

mehendi design for legs

Mandala art with lots of dots on the feet gives an exceptionally beautiful and traditional look. This design is also paired with the toe fingers.

4. Lace Pattern Feet

round mehendi design

This lace design on the leg makes the entire jaali Mehendi unique and gorgeous. The basic motifs are highlighted perfectly.

5. Rose in the Toe Ring

mehendi design for legs

The special ring like covering on the toe with the detailed rose petals makes the design perfect for a north Indian bride.

6. Heavy Design on Feet

mehendi design book

A beautiful flowery design flowing from top to bottom of the feel completes the look flawlessly.

7. Ankle Band

mehendi design for legs

Ankle band is the latest trend of mehendi on feet. It flaunts the curves of the feet perfectly.

8. Elegant Ankle Band

round mehendi design

The line and dot consisting band design cover the ankle in a minimal and elegant way.

9. Lotus Motifs

mehendi design easy

This Mehendi design can be divided into slanted halves. One half consists of lace detailing whereas the other has composed of lotus motifs.

10. Breathtaking Intricacy

design for legs

This mehendi design for foot has a unique pattern on the middle of the feet with enough space and has a detailed work on the toes.

11. Loaded Prettiness

mehendi design for legs

This mehendi design is simple and smart with dainty dots and a simple circular pattern. The designs are done with repetitive lines and strokes.

12. Half Coverage

mehendi design latest

With the mini polka dots on the toe fingers, and the checkered pattern with two lotus makes the design effortlessly beautiful.

13. Effortlessly Easy Strokes

mehendi design 2020

Most of the feet mehendi are difficult. But this simple Mehendi has only some easy strokes and lines.

14. Payal Mehendi

simple mehendi design

This simple mehendi design is like a multicoloured pretty payal (anklet). The half circles on the toe fingers make the entire henna looks dazzling.

15. Dainty Polka Dots

mehendi design latest

The contemporary bride’s feet can have this checkered pattern with dainty polka dots.

16. Mandala and Dots

mehendi design book

The mandala on the center of the feet connecting with the toe finger via tiny dots makes this Mehendi perfect for any ceremony.

17. Shoe Style Feet Mehendi

mehendi design for legs

This simple mehendi design with a mandala on the middle is unique. The dots on the ankle make it look like a stunning shoe.

18. Full Leg Design

mehendi design 2020

Well-aligned lines, leaf strokes, lotus and monument structures make this mehendi design aesthetically beautiful.

19. Playful Pattern

mehendi design for legs

Though full leg mehndi is a tough one, this unmissable pattern emerging from the feet to the legs is so pretty.

20. Creepers and Dots

mehendi design book

This latest mehendi design is sharp, edgy and playful. This has a leafy trail, mandala and dotted boundaries make this design super attractive.

21. Traditional Yet Modern

mehendi design latest

Dominated paisley pattern with playful strokes and extra dots makes this foot Mehendi perfect for brides, who want to keep it traditional yet modern.

22. Half and Half

round mehendi design

The cool mehendi designs on both the feet look like a mirror image of each other. The symmetry of the Mehendi is perfect.

23. Playing Silhouette

indian mehendi design

Dots are used to cover most of the areas in this mehendi. This has a silhouette floral motif joined with a mandala.

24. Patterns and Swirls

simple mehendi design images

This mystical design contains pearl-like dots, detail lining and floral embellishment. This is one of the best foot Mehendi designs.

25. Voguish and Bold

mehendi design for legs

This simple foot mehendi is perfect for modern times. The bold outlines and the mandala makes this design unique and best.

26. Geometric Mehendi Design

Geometric Mehendi Design

This geometrical mehendi design is perfect for the feet. The truly charismatic design is floated with shaded lotus and leaves.

27. Bel Mehandi Design On Feet

Bel Mehandi Design On Feet

This is one of the most simple mehendi designs for feet. This super unique mehendi design is made with small leaves and bel motifs.

Best Mehendi Designs for Kids

Most kids are generally mischievous in nature, and it is really hard to keep them in a place for a long time. That’s why you need a simpler and smaller mehendi design for your baby’s hand. Here are 25 Mehendi designs for kids, that you can try.

1. Unique and Curvy

mehendi design for kids

These curvy contemporary designs are perfect for the kids. It is really perfect to draw on your baby’s hand.

2. Mandala and Dot

mehendi design easy

A sweet and cute mehendi design for your beautiful baby. This is small and elegant.

3. Fast and Simple

round mehendi design

The fingertips are filled with mehendi colour. The beautiful mandala in the middle of the palm looks perfect and beautiful.

4. Full Coverage

indian mehendi design

Some kids want to have full coverage on their hand. This finest Mehendi design is perfect for your munchkin’s hand.

5. Flowers and Dots

mehendi design for kids

Dainty flowers and tiny dots will look cute on your child’s hand.

6. Only Flowers

mehendi design easy

This Mehendi design contains flowers and creepers and will look perfect on your baby’s hand.

7. Simple Dots

mehendi design book

For kids, this simple Mehendi design is made with small dots only.

8. Perfect backhand

simple mehendi design

This is a cute Mehendi design for your child’s backhand.

9. Flowers and Stars

mehendi design easy

The tiny star and the floral motifs make this Mehendi design perfect for a child’s backhand.

10. Hearts and Dots

mehendi design for kids

Most of the kids love hearts and heart-shaped structures. This Mehendi design with heart and dots will be loved by the kids.

11. A Mini Trail

mehendi design for kids

This is a small and simple Mehendi design for a baby’s hand. The flower petals with the dots look perfect.

12. Cartoon

mehendi design easy

All kids love cartoon characters. This cartoon motifs on your child’s hand will look amazing.

13. Heart Trail

simple mehendi design

The heart trail design from the palm to the finger with dots and flowers is simple and elegant for your child’s hand.

14. Floral Chains

round mehendi design

Some babies love to have full coverage on their hand. The flowers and mandala make the design modern and perfect.

15. Gleeful Flowers

indian mehendi design

The flowers and the creepers with shining lines are best for your child’s hand.

mehendi design easy

You can draw a superhero logo with Mehendi on a kids hand. Extra dots give the entire look a gleeful approach.

17. Mandala and Rings

mehendi design for kids

A mandala on the center with a ring stretching from it makes the entire backhand of the child perfect.

18. Rangoli Like

mehendi design simple

Just like rangoli, the stars and circles make the Mehendi design classy for the kids.

19. Lovely Flower Petals

simple mehendi design images

Ring forming design on the fingers and circular bangle like structure on the middle of the palm is perfect for your baby’s hand.

20. Paisleys and Smart Strokes

easy mehendi design

This Mehendi design looks perfect with dots, smart strokes and paisleys.

21. A Basic Heart

mehendi design 2020

This design has a super cute prominent heart motif on the middle of the palm with edgy strokes.

22. Elegantly Simple

mehendi design easy

This foot Mehendi design has a neat floral motif in the center of the feet. The henna dotted toe fingers are perfect for a baby girl.

23. Graceful Trails

mehendi design for kids

This Mehendi design is neither too minimal nor to elaborate. You can make a graceful leafy trail with flowers and curvy patterns design on your little baby’s feet.

24. Flowers and Trails

round mehendi design

Most babies do not like heavy pieces of jewellery and bangles while attending a wedding. You can get this mandala design with huge flowers, dotted chains, and the web-like pattern will look great.

25. Basic Flower Pattern

mehendi design book

A minimal Mehendi design with flowers, dots, and droplet detailing, will be best for your baby’s hand.

26. Floral Twist Mehendi Design

Floral Twist Mehendi Design

Kids love floral mehendi designs on their hands. Even if they do not understand such detailing they will love to look at it.

27. Unicorn Mehendi Design

Unicorn Mehendi Design

Does your baby girl love unicorns and funny characters? Then go for a simple mehendi design that is completely designed with fairy tale creatures.

Best Mehendi Designs for Men

Nowadays men also love to have Mehendi design on their hands. Here we will give you 10 of these amazing Mehendi designs for men, and you can show them to your Mehendi artist.

1. Minimal Design for the Groom

mehendi design image

This clutter-free Mehendi design is best for the groom to be. It also has the initials of the bride.

2. Symmetry and Geometry

simple mehendi design images

This Mehendi design is best for boys who love symmetry. This design contains geometrical lines and structures.

3. Tangled Fingers

mehendi design easy

Some boys do not want a hand full of henna. This intricate Mehendi on the fingers is best for the groom who wants a minimal design.

4. Single Band

mehendi design latest

A simple single band of geometrical shaped Mehendi can create magic on a man’s hand.

5. Stunning Backhand

round mehendi design

The beautiful and abstract Mehendi design on the backhand will pick an experimental look successfully.

6. Resembling a Tattoo

mehendi design 2020

This boy’s Mehendi design is like a tattoo on the forearm. The black Mehendi colour also gave it an authentic look.

7. Netted Mehendi for Backhand

mehendi design latest

Just like a glove, this netted Mehendi design gave full coverage to the backhand.

8. Celtic Motif

indian mehendi design

This Mehendi design with Celtic or other greek motifs will rock your wedding day.

9. Floral and Simple

simple mehendi design

This cute Mehendi design only has a flower and a few dots. This makes it a little different than the traditional ones.

10. Wrist Band Mehendi

mehendi design 2020

The thick wristband design with abstract details make this Mehendi design unique.

11. Simple Artist Mehendi Design

Simple Artist Mehendi Design

A simple and beautiful mehendi design is very soothing for the eyes. The geometrical motifs are modern yet perfect.

12. Leaf Trail Mehendi 

Leaf Trail Mehendi

Well, if you think that flowers and leaves are only for girls, then just see this mehendi design for men. This backhand mehendi design looks perfect for all modern men.

Simple Mehendi Designs for Your Wedding

As we have said earlier, mehendi design is one of the most precious cultural events at any Indian wedding. Let’s check 25 most beautiful yet simple mehendi designs that will be perfect for both bride and bridesmaids.

1. Multipattern Mehendi Design

This simple mehendi design is good for those brides who like to have a modern touch on their traditional mehendi design.

2. Concentric Elegance

This is one of the most simple mehendi designs with highlights of the concentric ring-like structure.

3. Floral Bootis

Floral Bootis

A simple mehendi design that contains some floral bootis and a big mandala on the center of the palm looks heavenly and beautiful.

4. Essential Minimalist

Essential Minimalist

Do you not really like mehendi, but you have to wear it on your wedding day as it’s a tradition? Then go for this minimal yet simple mehendi design and it also looks sophisticated.

5. Leafy Trail

Leafy Trail

Go for this simple mehendi design that consists of some leafy trail and little flowers.

6. Mirror Image Duplicate

Mirror Image Duplicate

Well, this is one of the most simple mehendi designs. Here you have to draw the same design on both hands.

7. Paisley and Unique

Paisley and Unique

It is one of the oldest mehendi designs. it contains the traditional paisley-like leaf patterns on the hand with little flowers.

8. Fusion Mehendi Design

Fusion Mehendi Design

This simple mehendi design is contemporary as well as trendy and will look great on every skin tone.

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Types of Mehendi Designs

As we have said earlier mehendi designs are most popular in the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally 8 most popular types of mehendi designs are found worldwide.

1. Arabic Mehendi Designs

These are the most popular and oldest forms of mehendi designs. As these mehendi designs only contain a few lines. Dots, flowers, and leaves, these mehendi designs are very easy to make. To make a perfect Arabic mehendi design you will need a maximum of 20 minutes. Even a non-professional can draw a perfect Arabic mehendi design.


2. Indian Mehendi Designs

Most Indian mehendi designs contain peacock, flowers, fruits and some more intricate patterns. These types of mehendi design fill the hand completely. Indian mehendi designs are more complicated than the Arabic designs.

Indian design

3. Pakistani Mehendi Designs

The Pakistani mehendi design is a bit more complex than the Arabic mehendi designs. These mehendi designs are a combination of both Indian as well as Arabic mehendi designs. Pakistani mehendi designs are usually worn by the brides. These contain black mehendi and normal henna.

pakistani design

4. Indo-Arabic Fusion Mehendi Designs

As the name suggests the Indo-Arabic fusion designs are a combination of Arabic mehendi designs and Indian mehendi designs. It is a type of Pakistani mehendi designs but has Arabic mehendi patterns as the outline.

indo arabic

5. Moroccan Mehendi Design

This type of mehendi design originated in the middle east. These designs are completely made with geometrical shapes and outlines. Moroccan mehendi designs are simple yet beautiful. 

moroccan design

6. Glitter Mehendi Designs

These types of mehendi designs are not traditional. Here bold outlines are created with mehendi and the entire design is filled with colours and glitters. Usually, this type of mehendi designs contains little strokes only. 

glitter design

7. Bridal Mehendi Design

Usually, most bridal mehendi designs are a combination of every other type of mehendi designs. From flowers and dots to images of bride-grooms and logos, the bridal mehendi designs fill the hand and feet completely. 

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8. Bangle Mehendi Design

These types of mehendi design are bangle patterned. This mehendi design follows the wrists and the hand like bangles. These look perfect for hands as well as legs.

bangle design

How to Apply Mehendi Designs?

Putting on mehndi design on your hands is quite a task. You can follow these simple steps below.

1. Wash Your Hands

Before you start applying mehendi on your hands, it is very important to wash your hands properly with soap and water to make it squeaky clean. If the skin of your hands are oily then rubbing it with cotton balls dipped in alcohol may solve your problem. Doing this can make your hands dry and ready for mehendi design application.

2. Start with the Tip of the Cone

Next step is to check the working of the cone on a rough paper. It can be that the tip of the cone may either be too thin or thick and it may not give you the right mehendi designs. So, it is necessary to begin by checking the tip.

3. Position of the Mehendi Cone

Though there are various ways of holding a mehendi cone, but usually the easiest and the fastest way is to hold it like you hold a pen or pencil while writing. Start by applying mehendi on your hands moving to the palms then further to your fingertips. If you feel your mehendi design surroundings are getting messy clean it with a tissue paper. You can also clean the cone tip with a tissue.

4. Mehendi Design

Mostly the ones who apply mehendi designs are familiar by starting with big shapes. First you can make the outline of big shapes, then fill them with tiny patterns. You can also use dual color cones, like black cone for outline and red one for filling designs to give the mehndi design a unique look. When you are completed with the front side, then do the back side. At last the fingertips of your hands should be covered.

5. Drying and Scraping

Drying and scraping of the mehendi designs is the last and an important step. After you complete applying mehendi on your hands, wait for it to dry out completely before scraping it off. While the drying process is going on, you can make a lemon and sugar syrup called Chopa, in Hindi language. This is applied so that the mehendi stays on the hands for a longer time giving darker results.

How to Make the Mehendi Designs Long-Lasting and Darker?

Mehendi is a big part of any Indian occasion. Naturally, we all want a bold and dark Mehendi. So, here are some tips to make your Mehendi darker and long-lasting one.

1. Use Natural Mehendi

Try to use natural henna powder as natural henna will last longer than a chemical one. Natural henna comes out with a perfectly darker and more beautiful colour.

2. Wash Your Hands

Before applying the Mehendi, wash your hands and feet with soap and make them grease-free. Washing the hands will help the absorption of Mehendi on the skin.

3. Apply Oil

Before applying the Mehendi, rub a little oil (especially eucalyptus) on hands and feet. The oil will give the Mehendi a dark and gorgeous colour.

4. Sugar and Lemon Juice

Take some sugar and mix it with a little lemon juice. Take a cotton ball and apply the sugar-lemon juice after the Mehendi dries up.

5. Apply Balm

After the Mehendi is completely dry, apply any balm. It will bring out the darker colour of your Mehendi.

Follow these steps and you will get a perfect bold and dark Mehendi. You can even combine these steps or go for the one that is best suited for you.


Mehendi designs are generally used as a temporary tattoo all over the globe. It is one of the much-adorned parts of our culture. Mehendi is also considered as very auspicious in the Middle East and India.

Indian women are always searching for new and simple Mehendi designs during different celebrations. Here, we have tried to incorporate 120+ Mehendi designs for you, that you will love.

Did you find this article helpful? Have you made your choice? Do tell us about that in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share these awesome Mehendi designs with your friends and family.

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