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Men's Grooming Trends: What's Hot and What's Not

by Zotezo
July 23, 2018

How times have changed! Guys, you're in luck because 2018 has been the year of men's beauty - or rather, men's grooming tips, trends and products. Men's beauty and personal care products are in more demand than ever. Facial hair and styling trends have made huge waves in the world of male grooming trends.

Out of ideas on a new haircut? Can't make up your mind?

Maybe it's time to check out popular men's grooming products or the latest facial hair trends.

Here are the hottest men's grooming trends in 2018.


Facial Hair Isn't Over

Beards had a great run! Easily the most popular of all global grooming trends, beards were seen everywhere the last few years. And they haven't disappeared completely either. But beards are on the wane. If you're still sporting your big, bushy beard, trim it before the end of the year. Get a goatee, French beard or a barely there fuzz because the beard is making way for the classic moustache.

Yes, the mo is having a moment.

It was bound to happen someday -the manly moustache has finally made a comeback. Bold 'tashes are the next facial hair trend! So you can start growing your moustache now and carry it off with a clean-shaven chin, Tom Selleck style. Remember to invest in some beard oil or moustache wax to keep it well-groomed and conditioned.

We recommend: Beardo Godfather Beard Lite Hair Oil, 30 ml, MRP Rs 350/-


Longer Hairstyles

Looking at recent fashion shows, longer hair is also making a comeback. Not the awkward floppy 90s hairdos or the super-long 70s styles, but longer lengths in dignified styles. For example, you can combine a floppy fringe with a French beard, (a la Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt). But remember guys, longer hair may be one of the sexiest male grooming trends, but it is also high maintenance. You will need a gentler shampoo, more hair cream, serum, hair gel or mousse, and even hairspray! Switch from carrying a comb in your pocket to a small round brush and a wide-toothed comb to control your hair.

One summer grooming trend we are glad to see dying out is the man bun. Even the Ken Doll wore a man bun in 2017! It is still popular with a few European footballers, but big Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio ditched the style, thankfully!

We recommend: MCaffeine Cool Jazz Caffeine Hair Cream (with vitamin C, aloe vera), MRP Rs 399/-


Buzz Cuts Are Back!

This is one of the best grooming trends, if you're a "no hair, don't care" kinda guy. Hollywood celebs like Tom Hardy walked the ramps and brought this retro style back. But the key to buzz cuts is to go along with the shape of your head. They look best on people with square-topped heads and round heads too. Close crops, a classic military style, and super-short haircuts are hot again. But do not try them at home; only professional hairstylists can get it right. You can keep the sides short in between salon visits using a hair clipper or trimmer.

We recommend: Agaro HC-1548 Hair Clipper, MRP Rs 1,595/-


Sheet Masks

Hot off the plane from South Korea, sheet masks are a favourite beauty fix for men - no mess no fuss. Plus they are a fabulous anti-hangover arsenal. Face masks effective because the active ingredients can slowly seep into the skin over a 10 to 20 minute period. They are great for using just before a plane flight and anytime the skin gets dehydated.

We recommend: Krishkare Hydrate Sheet Mask, MRP Rs 150/-


Bronzer For Men

Which guy wouldn't want to have a golden glow year round? If you are a very light skinned guy, try mixing a little self-tanner with your daytime moisturiser for a natural looking 'tan'.

We recommend: Clarins Bronzer For Men - 15 ml, MRP Rs 2829/-


Pampering Time

It's not just women; men need pampering too! Men like saying it is "good hygiene habits" rather than pampering to justify the cost, but we don't think to treat yourself well needs an excuse.

What's wrong in a little spa splurge now and then, right?

This is one of our favourite grooming trends probably because it's here to stay! According to the International Spa Association, over 30% of men are spa-goers nowadays! India has more luxury grooming places for men than ever before. In fact, now is the best time to embrace the world of men's grooming.

Whether you are in a London, Paris or Delhi grooming room, or you are getting a bespoke facial or Swedish massage in your neighbourhood salon, the options for men are endless. You can have a host of grooming treatments from a simple head massage, beard trim and a classic hot towel wet shave, to a Swedish deep-tissue massage, mani-pedi, and a gentleman's facial!

We recommend: Day spa at a 5-star hotel in your city. Better yet, go for a weekend getaway with your wife at Soul Vacation Resort and Spa in Colva, Goa, Cost: Rs 2,610 per night.


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