Mother’s Day Tips: How to Survive as a Work At Home Mom

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To mark this Mother’s Day, we pay tribute those lovely moms who have chosen the challenging task of working from home -a growing trend with modern mommies. Our four mothers day tips are made for working parents and all you devoted mothers out there.

We get it.

You are a devoted mother and you want to be a work at home mom (WAHM). You want to become one of the millions of stay at home moms (SAHM) worldwide.

You’re not alone.

It is quite natural for new mothers to want to spend as much time with their toddlers and newborns as possible. After all, who can take better care of your precious little one than you?

But you may be wondering:

What about my job? My boss hates me taking long leaves.

Bosses know that extended leaves can mean losing efficient employees to family responsibilities. This is exactly why companies are opening up to the idea of work-from-home options, as opposed to granting maternity (and paternity) leaves.


Mothers Day Tip #1: Plan ahead

Scheduling your work and family time on a weekly or daily basis is the key to success. Divide each task into hourly slots. Set some rough “office” hours, how long you need to work each day, and when to return phone calls. No rules exist in the communication between a mother and child and it varies in every family. Your child will not be able to read your mind or tell when you are too busy for him or her but should be able to “see” you around for reassurance.

Installing glass windows and doors inside the home can help work from home parents. While your toddler is colouring or painting on the kitchen table, you can make that important call, and still watch him or her. Planning also means including interruptions into your schedule, like someone ringing your doorbell. It could be an annoying neighbour, your gardener needing something, a friend popping in for tea, the maid, or just the postman.


Mothers Day Tips #2: Set aside a separate workspace

Maybe you simply cannot focus on either being a mom or your business? Setting physical boundaries is one of the most important and tricky things can do to succeed working from home. Your home office space should be a private area and at a distance, but not so far away from your kids that you cannot keep track if something goes wrong. If you need to leave your desk, then it should be for a good reason only. Do not keep getting up every 15 minutes to check on your kids. It also helps if you have a door that closes you out of one role from the other. Keeping your roles as a mum and businesswoman separate is one of the best things you will do as a work-at-home mom.


Mothers Day Tips #3: Amuse your kids

Are the kids always fussing while you are trying to work? Keep your kids entertained while you work is not easy. Remember all they really want is a little attention from you, and you will find you have earned several hours of work time. Distract them with a few cool toys and games, or hire a nanny to take them to the park and set up play dates. You can entertain them by putting on children’s movies, so it will be easier for them to be good during “Mommy’s work time”. If you are on an important call and your son is shouting, “mommy”, you can politely end the call and get back to them.


Mothers Day Tips #4: Get help

Yes, this is the best and only solution, especially for small children. There will always be busy work from home days, and you will need to call your childcare facility or aya centre. Part-time nannies (ayas) are a great idea. If you know other WAHMs or SAHMs, you can hire one babysitter to watch all the kids. Also, ask your hubby to pitch in occasionally – kids love to talk to and play with their dads at the end of the day. If your husband arrives at dinner time, ask him to tuck the kids into bed and tell them bedtime stories. You can then fit some extra work time, or finish emailing from your laptop.


There are many reasons for parents to hesitate working at home: What are the pros and cons of working from home? Will it suit all mothers and single fathers for that matter? Can they continue to work, even when they do not have small children at home? Will it be difficult to find a new job later on? The answer lies in looking deep within your heart with a focus on knowing your priorities.

Tell us what you think of our mothers day tips and suggest some others from your experience.


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