5 Steps To Perfect Hair Colour At Home

There are times when you simply do not have the time go to the salon for a professional dye job. Or you simply need to touch up your roots in a hurry. That is ...

Your Down-There Hygiene Mantra

We know it is not a topic that one often discusses, but feminine down-there hygiene is something you should take seriously if you are a young adult woman. Most ...

10 Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Here are the health benefits of wheatgrass - a superfood everyone is talking about. You already know that greens are good for your body. And it is easy to add ...

3 Quiff Hairstyles for Men with Wavy or Curly Hair

Quiff hairstyles for men can look awesome on wavy or curly-topped guys. Thick curls or waves give a lot of texture and allowing for more men's hairstyles to ...

The right way to get the smoothest shave ever

Shave your facial hair – not your skin. Get the cleanest and smoothest shave ever by shaving after a shower or a bath and by following these tips:  ...

8 Ways You Can Have A Great Shave

For most men, shaving daily is a chore. Most of you just tend to hurry through the process. But did you know that you can have a great shave by enjoying it? ...

7 Reasons Why a Man Should Only Use Grooming Products for Men

Clearly, men’s skin is different from that of women. It is therefore not so wise to use women’s products or products just re-labelled as men’s product, or even ...

Good Skin Care Habits For Men

No, it’s not just women who have to have it. Good skin care habits are also important for men. In today’s harsh environmental conditions, it is very important ...

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