Parenting Tips: Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem with Your Words

Growing up is hard.  But so is raising kids! Parenting does not come naturally to everyone; lots of great parents had to take parenting tips from self-help books and magazines. You see, kids who grow up into strong, confident adults get a lot of guidance and support from adults around them, especially mommy and daddy.


Why empower your child?

Child empowerment is a powerful psychological tool to help small children deal with growing pains. Children are sensitive, especially to mom and dad’s words. But you need not weigh every single word before speaking. Your words don’t have to be perfect but they should help build self-confidence in your child. At least, they should make him feel worth the effort of talking. Here are some child empowerment and parenting tips you can try out.


Empower your child by acknowledging his best side.

Studies show that kids’ beliefs determine their behaviour. And praise that comes from a parent is one of the most valued and trusted by growing kids. Point out anything positive you notice. Sing praise about how hard he is working, or say, “Wow”, you finished reading that book! Or, take notice that he remembered to brush his teeth before bedtime. It is the little everyday things that add up to build your child’s self-esteem.


Empower your child by problem-solving.

When guiding a child, focus on the problem rather than on him or her. So you prevent blaming or labelling one of your children. This way you are empowering your child to have the ability to solve something as opposed to making him the focus of the problem.

Ask: “How do you think you can help yourself remember tomorrow”?

This can shift his mind into thinking he the problem solver. Soon he will think, “I am in control”, and remember to do other activities. Till he does, keep motivating your child with encouraging words. Problem-solving is not the easiest parenting tips but it builds confidence and a can-do attitude in your child. Be patient with your kid- that is the key here.


Empower your child by redirecting “failure”.

Failure is a big part of growing up and learning. We fail to do something or get people all our lives. When your kids “fail” they are hyper-sensitive and draw big conclusions. All you need to do is help him overcome thinking it is the end, and that he is just no good at something. Do not allow him to think he is no good at studies, spelling, or that he is dumb. Focus on the future: “You’re really disappointed that you didn’t know this but it was a hard test..and we can help you for the next one. Then, support your baby like hell! Take out all the time and resources you have for her success. This will in itself have a huge impact on your child’s confidence and success. Kids try harder when parents back them up, instead of giving up on them.


Empower your child by praising him in front of others.

This is probably the easiest of all parenting tips, but it’s not used much by Indian parents. By allowing him to overhear you say something positive about him to someone else, you are instantly going to give his self-esteem a big boost. Keep it realistic, true and say it with sincerity.

This method is good for diffident and shy kids who may resist your direct encouragement. After all, there is evidence to the contrary. But when you praise him in front of others, he will think it is actually true. Say something like: My son and daughter are getting along so well that I enjoy being around them more often. I feel so blessed that I get to be his mother!!


Are you a parent?

As a loving mom or dad, you have all the power in the world, so pick your words wisely. Use kind and gentle ways to express ordinary things to build their self-esteem and your parent-child relationship.

We value your feedback! Mommies and Daddies: Do share your parenting tips and views on raising kids below.

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