PRODUCT REVIEW: Bombay Shaving Company Complete Shaving Kit

India’s men’s grooming is taking it up a few notches! Bombay Shaving Company, a premium men’s grooming brand launched a shaving system that has it all! Initially, India’s first six-part shaving product sold through a subscription model. And, it became an instant hit online! This is our product review, based on the brand USP, key features, quality, value, price, online reviews, the pros, and cons.


About the Brand

The Bombay Shaving Company brand believes that men should pamper themselves in the morning, instead of having a dull and boring shaving routine. It is an Internet startup which follows the business model of US-based Dollar Shave Club. Founded by former McKinsey and GroupM employees, this is perhaps India’s fastest-growing men’s shaving brand. The men’s care brand believes in turning shaving and grooming in into a thing of luxury. They want men to have an “immersive shaving experience” (as the founder Shantanu Deshpande puts it), instead of the auto-pilot chore so many men see it as.

Two years on, the company is all set to launch men’s bath and body products into the Indian market as well.


What is it?

The 6-part shaving kit isn’t just any men’s grooming kit!

It’s a shaving system created to turn routine shaving luxe, complete with a pre-shave, shaving, and post-shave treatments.


What is inside the shaving kit?

  • 1 Shaving Cream
  • 1 Pre Shave Scrub
  • 1 Post Shave Balm
  • 1 Precision Safety Razor
  • 20 Feather Blades
  • 1 imitation Badger Brush
  • 1 Hand Towel


What are the key features?

Give your stubble or beard the classic treatment by using a single blade razor like in the old days. It cuts close to the skin shaving the thickest hair while nourishing skin. Multi-blade razors irritate skin, give razor bumps because they go below the skin surface. Forget bumps and ugly shaving marks. Now you can look forward to your morning shave like a beauty treatment, instead of a routine.


What are the pros and cons of the men’s shaving kit?

The grooming kit is super easy to use. You will be left with a very close, smooth shave that will feel fabulous to the touch.

Here’s why you should get the Bombay Shaving Company Complete Shaving Kit:


  1. Razor removes thick hair precisely and safely.
  2. Get all your shaving needs in one shaving kit.
  3. Easy to use for a comfortable shave.
  4. Feather blades from Japan need one stroke for a close shave even on thick beards.
  5. Neatly packaging makes it ideal for travel.
  6. Pre-shave scrub nourishes with vitamin E and aloe vera.
  7. Post shave balm soothes with essential oils.
  8. Shaving cream has a rich lather that softens skin.
  9. Brush lathers quickly and gives a whisper-soft shave.
  10. Great value – premium quality at a reasonable price.




Who should get it?

If you want to discover a whole new world of shaving, this shaving kit from the Bombay Shaving Company is for you. Your skin will love the absolutely gorgeous post-shave balm. But you can’t be counting your pennies when you get this..think of it as a touch of luxury for your face. It makes a fabulous birthday gift idea for a husband, a brother or a friend.

Plus nearly ALL the customer reviews online were amazing! Everyone rated the product 4 or 5 stars, with one or two exceptions, who mentioned the price could be lower.

In a nutshell:

This is a great smelling shaving kit by Bombay Shaving Company, with solid quality and performance and a great value too. The razor alone costs INR 1,500..these are no run of the mill blades!


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