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PRODUCT REVIEW: Schwinn Recumbent Bike 230

by Zotezo
July 12, 2018

Here is our look at the popular Schwinn Recumbent Bike 230. This exercise bike review is based on factors, such as running quietness, comfort, durability, warranty, and price.



Schwinn is not just a world-famous bike brand, but it is an American icon and leader in bicycle making. For over a century they have made sports bicycles, recreation bikes, upright bikes, exercise bikes, and commercial fitness equipment. In 2003, Schwinn Fitness began making their first upright and recumbent bikes.

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Schwinn Recumbent Bike 230 was created to meet almost anyone's fitness goals. It helps you reach your weight loss goals by raising your metabolism with moderate-level cardio. But what makes this exercise bike unique is that it is easy to use, and can vary your workout with 22 different fitness programs!

Comfortably tone your lower body and be heart healthy by working out on the recumbent for an hour, thrice weekly. Include it for a low to moderate-intensity cardio during your high-intensity intervals, while seated comfortably. Recumbent bikes allow you to lean back, unlike uprights, so you do not strain your back or spine. Monitor your target heart rate, calories burnt, and distance travelled easily on the amazing console and trademark Schwinn DualTrack. The Schwinn Recumbent Bike 230 is full of features: 22 preset workout programs, heart rate control, speakers, and much more:

  1. Schwinn DualTrack Technology that displays multiple feedbacks.
  2. 22 Program Fitness Levels.
  3. 20 levels of eddy current brake resistance.
  4. 10 Resistance Quick Keys.
  5. 6 LED Tracking Lights.
  6. 3-Speed Fan.
  7. Acoustic Speakers with big sound.
  8. Calorie Tracker and distance goal tracker.
  9. Vented Seat and Backrest.
  10. Easily adjustable slider rail



When shopping for fitness equipment online, carefully weigh the pros and cons before buying. Here's a list of the pros and cons of Schwinn Recumbent Bike 230.


  1. Great workout: Good for weight loss and HIIT workouts.
  2. Comfortable: Suits most people to steadily reach fitness goals.
  3. Muscle Toning: Tones legs, calf muscles, hips and thighs.
  4. Sturdy and high capacity: Lightweight at 82 lbs, but it can take up to 300 lbs user weight.
  5. Built-in Fitness Programs: Lots of training support including 8 heart-rate control workouts.
  6. Resistance: There are 20 levels of quiet eddy current brake resistance.
  7. Heart Rate Monitor: It comes with a grip heart rate monitor.
  8. USB Data Transfer: It has a USB drive that stores data and uploads it to Schwinn Connect.
  9. Two User Profiles: The bike is easy to share with someone with adjustable height.
  10. Nice Acoustics: Stream songs via your MP3 player and the bike console.
  11. Extras: Water bottle holder, USB port, a fan and media tray make it more attractive.


  1. Cushioned seating would be preferred as per customer reviews
  2. Flywheel weighs only 13 lbs but some customers prefer it heavier
  3. Not suitable for very tall people with long legs
  4. Warranty is not very generous
  5. Runs on electricity



The Schwinn 230 is a discount recumbent bike which can be used by beginners, fitness experts, and just about everyone from 5 to 85 years of age. The bike is amazing value and will complete your cardio routine, steadily getting you into shape, 'one pedal at a time.' The regular price of this bike is Rs.57,000/- but you can also find it on discount online.

This is why it the Schwinn 230 is considered by fitness experts to be the best recumbent bike for home gyms.

Get this Schwinn Recumbent Bike, and explore more exercise bikes.

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