Scented Candles: Use them to Transform your Home

Aromatherapy at home is taking on an important role in wellness. One of the best ways to relieve stress is by aromatherapy and scented candles. The scents in your home can set a mood, warn you of a danger, trigger a happy memory, or fire up an appetite! Even freshly laundered sheets and towels can make our living space more enjoyable. Then it is no wonder why scented candles, air fresheners, room sprays and incense are booming businesses today.

The fragrances in your home create an ambience that ranges from the homely, to romantic and even wild. Scented candles are a quick and easy way to turn your living space into a cosy nook or set a romantic mood, or the right mood for a loud party. There are two types of scented candles; those that get their scent from fragrance oils, and the ones containing essential oils.


Create ambience with the right scent

They can be used just about anywhere, so long as it is in a confined space. Scented candles are supposed to stimulate your senses, so picking the right one in the right space is important. Most people love lighting them in the living room, bedroom, and before taking a bath. But try to pick different ones for your living room and your bedroom, and so forth.

Do not be boring and predictable, always lighting the same candles. A variety of fragrances makes your living space more appealing. Pick different scents to mark different occasions, like some special scent to mark a festival, or your kid’s birthday party, or an anniversary. Make your home more inviting by choosing your candles according to the season. Light a different scented candle to welcome spring, summer, fall, winter and the monsoon.


Aromatherapy with candles

You know that using specific essential oils in your bath or cream can help you deal with skin or hair issues. But did you know that you can use aromatherapy to change your mood, energise your mind and body or relax into nothingness. So you can use candles infused with specific aroma oils to alleviate mind or body issues. Pick candles that specifically say aromatherapy, and the best way to use it is to burn it in when you are having a long soak in your bath, or in your bedroom. Try lavendar for relaxing, lemon grass or ylang ylang for reviving tired senses, rose or tuberose for peace and calm around the house.


Mix the scents 

Scented candles can never get boring. They are great for mixing up multiple fragrances to give a unique aromatic experience in your home.


The right way to burn the candles

  • Take care not to use fragrances that overpower everything else in your home.
  • Always keep safety in mind as burning candles are open flames which can start fires. So follow the instruction the candle pack.
  • Be careful lighting candles near any fabrics, like curtains and sheets.
  • Avoid using scented candles at you dining table when you eat as it will affect the way your food smells.
  • Avoid trying to mask odours with scented candles, as it can aggravate it. Use a room aerosol instead.

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