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Get Started: Social Selling With Zotezo Partners

by Zotezo
January 25, 2019

Social selling is all set to explode! Did you know? The future of e-commerce is social commerce.

In 2019, it is estimated there will be some 258.27 million Indian social network users, up from 168 million in 2016. 28% of businesses have either implemented social commerce or plan to do so in 2019, according to a social trends survey by Hootsuite. Today, it does not take much effort, time or money to open your own online store. There are do-it-yourself eCommerce platforms such as Shopify India and Zepo.

You too can jump on the e-commerce bandwagon and leverage the power of social selling with Zotezo:


Simply visit and create your e-store:


Who can open a Zotezo eStore? 

  • - Health, Beauty, Fitness Experts.
  • - Social Media Influencers.
  • - Experienced Direct Selling Agents.
  • - Wellness Enthusiasts who want to earn more.


What’s in it for you?

create free estore zotezo partners

Create Your Free Estore on

  1. Earn up to 20% commission or Rs. 2000 per sale. You can even earn on your own purchase.
  2. Earn from anywhere, anytime using your smartphone.
  3. Associate with:
    • Genuine brands
    • Secure payments
    • Lowest prices
    • Prompt delivery
    • Easy returns
  4.  Save:
    • Time because building an e-commerce business can take years.
    • Money because there are no investments.
    • Energy because there is no hassle in managing a business.
  5. Be a Wellness Ambassador on social media. Share wellness living with friends and family.
  6. Be your own boss. Create your own store and pick your favourite brands, categories and products.


Setting up and curating your new e-store

If you are new to social shopping, you are not alone. Sometimes it can seem confusing or overwhelming, from a technology viewpoint.

Don't worry! has made setting up your new e-store as easy as pie!

Join Zotezo Partners Program

Open your Store& Start Selling Today! Join Zotezo Partners Program for Free!

  1. Go to the Zotezo Partners site: and click Open My Store button.
  2. Sign up. Complete your profile with your name, email, mobile number, and choose what to add to your store.
  3. Add wellness products: Start off by adding or removing our carefully curated categories and products. Choose from 100K+ health, beauty, fitness items.
  4. Share your e-store with your audience on social media. We will take care of the rest of the selling process, such as billing, support, shipping & handling.
  5. Get paid by bank transfer once you earn Rs.1000 in total commissions.

To start you off, we curated a few products, brands, and categories so that you can easily add and remove them from your new e-store.


Which social network is the best for your business?

Social media networks are not created equal.

Before you start sharing, it is best to do a little research on which platforms are best for your B2C or B2B business. Experiment a little to figure out the best networks and the best times. Pick the best social media and messaging platforms. Easier said than done, right?


Here are 6 Social Media Marketing Tips (for choosing the best networks for you):


  1. Compare the top social platforms. The more visitors a network has the more likely you are to find new customers.

For Example: Facebook is the clear winner here with over 2.2 billion monthly active users. But YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram are catching up. Many folks do not think it is worthwhile sharing anywhere besides Facebook.

Think again!


  1. Choose the right sharing platform. Ask yourself some key questions:
    • Q1: What networks do my audience hang out?
    • Q2: What type of content are they sharing?
    • Q3: Do B2C users prefer videos, or images, charts or short text?
    • Q4: What does the future hold?

For Example: Facebook and Instagram are trending in B2C companies in India. Instant messaging is also booming here! While WhatsApp and Facebook Marketplace are must-have IM marketing platforms for small businesses, email marketing tools like MailChimp are equally effective. B2C and B2B marketers cannot afford to ignore YouTube’s 1.5 billion users either. Video content marketing is a hit with consumers everywhere.


  1. Initiate a discussion about your store/products. Social media is a platform for social interaction, so it will be a good idea to create a conversation about your product and demonstrate them in action.

For example: Make your blog or business pages more engaging and interesting by creating stories around your store products. Stories create a more personal experience for shoppers who connect easily to your story.


  1. Choose the right time of day and week to schedule posts. Great content is pointless if your audience is sleeping and cannot see it.


  1. Focus on the right categories to enhance your business, profession or interests.

For Example: If you are a full-time gym trainer, then create an e-store revolving around Sports Fitness and Diet products. If you are a hairdresser, a nutritionist or a new mom, your categories can be about beauty, healthy eating, or mother & baby products.


  1. Choose the best products for your audience. Pick items that are relevant to your friends and family and can fulfill their health, beauty and/or fitness needs.

For example: If your uncle who is active on Facebook, is a diabetic, you can add Diabetic Shoes, Glucometers, Sugar-Free Foods and Supplements for diabetes to your store and privately share that with him on your profile. As a potential buyer, he will show interest and may purchase.

You get paid once someone shops. It’s that Simple!


What’s new in social media marketing 2019?

Social shopping is the future of online business. This makes social media platforms even more competitive! Every year, they introduce new and improved features.

For Example: E-commerce companies are leveraging the Facebook Stories feature effectively the past year. It appears as a notification/message on top of your follower’s screen. Instagram and WhatsApp are even more popular with Stories. Hootsuite surveys indicate 64% of people are using Stories to promote their online business or plan to do so in 2019. Instagram has even taken its No.1 feature a step further by introducing Stories Highlights.

Here’s a snapshot of social media features to look out for in 2019:

social media 2019

What's New In Social Media For 2019


Watch our tutorial videos on YouTube:

How do I open my online store?

How do I add products to my e-store?

How do I share and earn on social media?


Simply Share & Earn!!

Are you itching to make your first sale?

Social shopping is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Start social selling by joining Zotezo Partner Program today, and start earning commissions vis social media in 3 simple steps:

Open Your Free Online Store


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