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Social shopping, Earn through Facebook

by Zotezo
January 17, 2019

So, you have created your e-store with our partner page. Congratulations on completing your first step towards making money online. Next comes even more crucial and intriguing part- promoting your e-store to make sales happen.

As you have already seen and might have used the social media icon to share your store in one social platform than one. Today let’s discuss on the use of Facebook to promote your store and be a successful seller.

Promote your online store on Facebook

There are more ways than one, on how to promote your store on Facebook. They are:

  1. Through your own Facebook account
  2. By creating a business page on Facebook
  3. By joining Facebook Marketplace


Let’s discuss each of these options in details:

Through your own Facebook account

If you already active on Facebook, you can use your account to promote your store. As you will post anything about your product or store, it will get reflected on your account and all your friends and contacts will get a chance to get informed about your updates. However, the reach of the updates is limited and also there is always a chance that your friends might miss an update.

Create your own page

Creating your own business page on Facebook is another option and is a better one. With the help of a business page, you can reach more prospective customers, beyond your usual friends and contacts. So far, so good. But are you not sure about how to create your business page? Here is a step by step guide to that.

Go to Facebook/pages/create

Click to Choose a page type

Fill the required information fields

Click on get started and follow the instructions appeared on screen

Once your page is ready, make it attractive and ‘click-worthy’

Also ‘invite’ all your online friends and contacts to ‘like’ your page.

You might think about joining related groups to get more eyeballs.

Make sure you organise both your page and store.

Give your page a suitable layout and design.

By joining Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has recently come up with another commercial platform called the Market place. It is the online commercial place where a buyer can show his products and can get in touch with the prospective customers with ease. A step by step guide on how to join Marketplace is mentioned below:

Go to the ‘Marketplace’.

Click the button, ‘Sell something’.

Add the necessary information about the products you would like to sell and categorise your products.

In the segment, ‘Add description’, explain the best features of any products that might be beneficial to the customers.

Add suitable pictures.

After successful completion of all these steps, your products will be visible online. Your potential customers might be interested to purchase them.

The Facebook marketplace is a huge business platform. It is better to join a particular group. There are various groups based on the product category they deal in or the locations they are based at. For example, there might be a group dealing in ‘Health care’ category and another group called ‘lifestyle Kolkata’ comprising lifestyle business based on Kolkata only. You can choose any of such groups and join one.

Here are some tips to maximise your social reach on Facebook

Set up an e-commerce platform: It is always better to connect your face book store with an e-commerce platform. It will allow your customers to check out directly through Facebook. Your visitors can purchase products directly from your e-store and they do not need to visit the parent site.

User engagement: To attract more and more eyeballs to your e-store, you have to engage your potential customers. You can do this by methods like asking questions and making product suggestions.

Offer discounts: Offer discounts on any products as soon it appears in the parent site.

Activate social sharing: Activate social sharing option so that your visitors might be interested to share products with their friends and contacts. The more they will share the posts, the bigger the reach of your Facebook e-store.

Optimise the layout of your store: Layout plays a major role in social shopping as well. You can optimise your store so that it will give easy access to your visitors. You can achieve this by categorising your products so that your customers might find it easy to access their targeted products.

Not just selling: Even your most loyal customers do not want to hear about your products every time they visit you. It is better to use relevant contents like useful articles, relevant video clips, and relevant customer testimonials. You can also run an online contest and giveaways to attract more and more Facebook visitors. These will make your business more trustworthy.

Chat with your potential customers. A timely and proper reply might be helpful to convert your visitor to a potential customer. Just remember, Facebook will not help you make business, you have to do it yourself.

An attractive sales pitch might be helpful to increase sales. Using expressions like ‘Exclusive deals’, ‘Only for today’; might attract more potential customers.

Please remember that Facebook marketplace is a platform for commercial transaction. Do not share any personal details or confidential information like bank account number, phone number, residential address.





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