Spermatorrhea (Dhat Syndrome) Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

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Do you want all the information about spermatorrhea or dhat syndrome? Then you are on the right page.

Spermatorrhea or Dhat syndrome is a disease seen in men in many communities. This is a condition in which male patients complain that they are suffering from early collapse or impotence. They also think that they pass semen into their urine.

 In this article, we have given you detailed information about spermatorrhea.

What Is Spermatorrhea or Dhatu Rog?

The word dhat comes from the Sanskrit word dhatu (metal), meaning nectar which forms the body “. Narendra Wig, an Indian physician, coined the term Dhat syndrome in the year 1960.

Dhat syndrome is called Spermatorrhoea in English. Dhat disease is a medical condition when semen flows with urine, feces, normal pressure on the lower abdomen, or sensual thoughts. It is a disease that is mainly seen in males but it can also be found in the female population. Let us see what its symptoms are and how it can be treated.

Symptoms of Spermatorrhea or Dhat Syndrome

Spermatorrhea is a common disease, but it has many types of symptoms. Symptoms related to chronic sexual fatigue may appear here. The doctor should be consulted immediately if he/she experiences these symptoms regularly as delays in treatment may develop other serious medical conditions.

  • Dizziness
  • Mild weakness
  • Chills or sweating at night
  • Involuntary discharge of semen
  • Loss of appetite
  • Itching and burning around the genital areas
  • Abnormal rapid heart rate
  • A flat penis
  • Severe back pain
  • Warm and soft skin
  • Pain in testicles or perineum

Causes of Spermatorrhea or Dhat Syndrome

It is mainly a disease related to the male reproductive system. There are many reasons for having spermatorrhea. These are given below:

  • The male genitals or testes should be kept colder than the rest of the body temperature. When the testes come under the influence of excess heat, such as after bathing in a tub of warm water, sperm start extracting after sleeping at night, as sperm infestation decreases.
  • This problem is bound to arise even if there is a scene or thought that affects sexual stimuli.
  • A poor diet is also a reason for this problem.
  • Excessive masturbation or sex can also cause spermatorrhea.
  • Spermatorrhea also occurs due to a weak digestive system or physical weakness.
  • Most eastern cities have western toilets. Their toilets are placed on the ground because men need to squat on them. At this stage, when excessive force is applied for a bowel movement, the semen starts coming out automatically. If the problem of semen starts happening daily then it can cause a serious problem.
  • The weakness of the nervous system.
  • Alkalosis of urine and genital organs.
  • Lack of sexual satisfaction.
  • Testicular fundus problems due to skin etc.
  • Narrow (tight) urinary exit route.
  • Rectal disorders such as piles, anal fissures, worms, and skin boil.
  • Excessive filling of the bladder.
  • Taking medicines that is related to a testosterone increase.
  • Stimulation due to contact with a mattress or blanket.

Treatment of Dhat Syndrome

There are certain ways that Dhat syndrome can be treated which are the following.

  • First of all, you have to get yourself examined by a doctor to confirm spermatorrhea.
  • Eat more during the day and less during the night.
  • Try to have a well-balanced diet.
  • Make sure you urinate after a night’s sleep.
  • stop smoking.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Keep your stomach clean.
  • If you have problems like hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), keep checking yourself.
  • Make sure to keep your genital areas clean so that you don’t have any itching or burning sensation.
  • Try to get up early in the morning.
  • Keep yourself relaxed and engage in meditation or yoga.
  • Stop having unprotected sex.

Home Remedies for Dhat Syndrome

Perform Kegel exercises for the treatment of spermatorrhea. Kegel exercises are best when you know which muscles to relax and aim. When you go and urinate you can understand your exact muscles. 

Let us look at an easy way to exercise Kegel.

  • Contract your pelvic muscles and count 1-5 very slowly.
  • Then release the muscle again after counting from 1-5.
  • Repeat this exercise at least 1 time.
  • Do 10 sets at least 10 times a day.

Ayurveda Medicines For Dhat Disease

There are many Ayurvedic medicines available for the treatment of Dhatu disease. These drugs can be used as a supplement or as a powder with milk or water.

1. Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is a rejuvenating herb of Ayurveda. It has many healing properties. Ashwagandha plays an important role in men’s sexual health as it can increase muscle health and improve semen quality. Thus it can help in Dhat syndrome. Use it in powder or capsule form or after consulting your doctor.

2. Guduchi Root Powder

It is an Ayurvedic herb that gives a bitter taste. It is mainly good for the treatment of digestive problems. But it can also treat sexual diseases such as erectile dysfunction and sperm count.

3. Asparagus or Shatavari

Asparagus is originally intended for the treatment of the female reproductive system, but it can also increase sperm count in men and improve spermatozoa.

4. Gokshura 

Gokshura helps in solving many problems such as the nervous system and reproductive system in males and females. It helps to relieve some symptoms of Dhat syndrome and sperm disability in men. You can take it in the form of herbal powder and supplements or as directed by your doctor.

5. Cowhage plant 

Kapikacchu is an Ayurvedic herb that has many healing properties. It is primarily an herb for the reproductive system. It can help in the reproductive system such as infertility, metal syndrome, and impotence.

OTC Medicines for Dhatu Rog or Dhat Syndrome

There are some over the counter herbal medicines which are available for the treatment of Dhat syndrome. But for your own safety, please consult your doctor before eating any kind of medicine.

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Dietary Changes for Dhat Syndrome or Spermatorrhea

What To Do?

Fast at least once a week

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water
  • Practice meditation
  • Yoga or any other form of stretching
  • Eat very light and healthy food
  • Follow celibacy as long as you can
  • Go to the urine before your bladder is full
  • Drink Amla juice. It has a cooling effect on the body

What Not To Do?

  • Stop eating garlic, chutney
  • Do not consume or smoke alcohol
  • Reduce caffeine intakes like coffee, tea, or chocolate
  • Do not ride a motorcycle or bicycle for long


We know that Dhatu disease or Spermatorrhea is a very serious sexual disease but the condition is treatable. If left untreated, it can cause problems such as erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems in men.

We hope that this article has helped you with all the information you need to know about Dhatu disease. Did you like this article? Do you think we missed writing anything? So don’t forget to mention in the comment section below.

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