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Renowned in the field of nutrition, Dr. Naziya Shaik (Kalsekar Hospital) in Mumbra, Mumbai is amongst the leading dietary experts in the city. Having extensive experience and practice in the profession, this clinical dietitian is well-known within the medical circles for the thorough and all-encompassing knowledge in human nutrition and dietetics. Because of the changing lifestyles, most people have developed erratic food habits that have led to the rise in lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and nutrient deficiency. This dietary expert aims to guide a patient in adopting a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

In an exclusive conversation with Zotezo, she has spoken about Sports Nutrition. Here are the edited excerpts of the interview.

Team Zotezo: Why is Sports Nutrition so important?

Dt. Naziya: Sports Nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet with regards to a person’s athletic performance. Nutrition is an important part of many sports training regimens, being most popular in strength sports (such as weight lifting and bodybuilding) and endurance sports (e.g. cycling, running, swimming, rowing). Sports Nutrition focuses its studies on the type, as well as the quantity of fluid and food taken by an athlete. Besides, it deals to protect against free radicals. Sports Nutrition is an advanced nutritional science of providing all macronutrients and micronutrients in optimal quantities essential for the preservation of lean body mass. Synthesis of new tissues, optimization of the skeletal structure, maximization of oxygen transport and use, maintenance of optimal fluid & electrolyte balance and regulation of all metabolic processes.

Team Zotezo: Why should an athlete develop a nutrition and exercise plan?

Dt. Naziya: Sports nutrition has recently emerged as a recognized specialty area within the field of nutrition. Athletes challenge their bodies regularly through physical training and competitions. To keep up with the demands of their activity or sport, athletes need to adequately fuel their bodies daily. This fuelling process requires a specialized approach; therefore, athletes who want to make dietary changes should seek out professionals who are experts in sports nutrition and experience in developing individualized plans.

Team Zotezo: What role does nutrition play for athletic performance?

Dt. Naziya: Nutrition plays a very important role in
Optimal gains from the training, enhanced recovery within and between workouts and events, achievement and maintenance of ideal body weight and physique, reduced risk of injury and illness, confidence in being well prepared for competition, consistency in achieving high-level performances and enjoyment of food and social eating occasions.

Team Zotezo: How does an athlete recognize a fad diet?

Dt. Naziya: The Diet industry is a billion dollars industry. Where all the fad diets and quick-fix companies claim to offer, which makes more confusing to know what will work or what is a scam.

Guarantees a certain amount of weight in a specific time range:
A safe range of weight to lose is anywhere between ½ -1 kg per week. There is some program which helps to lose 10kg in two weeks, which is not safe. If you do so, it’s quite possible you may lose more lean muscle mass, and not fat.

Cut certain foods: like food groups, or macronutrients like carbohydrate, protein or fat (unless you are following any medical specific diet, or digestive upset or food allergies) there is no need to avoid any specific food groups. All food groups have different antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial to our health, but it is also understanding that different food groups have a different nutrient-dense, and how much need to be consumed as per caloric requirement.

Says it is easy, miraculous, and there is no work involved:
Bottom line- Fat loss DOES take efforts. It requires us to change our lifestyle and habits.

There is a supplement or pill to “melt fat”. But there is no pill to melt fat or block calorie absorption. If there was such a quick fix, no one would have a weight problem.

The diet says you can eat as much as you want and whatever foods you want.
Once again, you can’t expect to lose fat if you don’t change your lifestyle habits or food choices.

“Finally, a weight loss formula for everyone.” “One diet will not be a magical diet.” One diet will not fit for all. The diet should be personalized and exercise programs to suit your particular lifestyle/target.

“Money-back guarantee” makes you feel safe and happy. But it may give you side effects.

“Celebrity Branding” Just because you can recognize the actor or actress doesn’t make the product any more reliable. The actor is being paid to endorse the product, while you are paying to be scammed.

Team Zotezo: What is the live- high / train – low concept?

Dt. Naziya: It is a training method in which athletes live at high altitude and train at low altitude, usually with the goal of improving performance at sea level. The body, even if sitting or sleeping, responds to high altitudes by creating more red blood cells to boost oxygen levels. The increased oxygen can enhance an athlete’s endurance during training and competition. Evidence suggests that live high/train low can enhance physiological and sea-level performance to a greater extent than training methods using live high/train high, live low/train high, and live low/train low.

Team Zotezo: Can athletes overtrain?

Dt. Naziya: “No” overtraining can lead to a decrease in performance, severe muscle loss, slow recovery, lack of motivation, loss of appetite reduced health, etc.

Team Zotezo: Where would you suggest an athlete find more information about sports nutrition and exercise?

Dt. Naziya: Every athlete should meet professional Nutritionists for their individual diet. They can find information from the Book of “Nutrition for Athlete” by IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation). Also, information can be sought from“Essentials Of Strength Training & Conditioning” / National Strength and Conditioning Association: Thomas R. Bacchle, Roger W. Earles, editor.

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