Stop Hair Frizz And Hair Fall In Monsoon

Love the first rains, but hate what it does to your hair? After a scorching hot summer, heavy rainfall smells fresh.

But your hair doesn’t!

It is unruly, brittle and frizzy.

Hair frizz and hair fall are the biggest banes of women living in India from June till October. You can follow our simple and easy hair care tips to tackle most of your monsoon hair woes:


Mild Shampoo

It all begins with how you wash your hair. Use a mild shampoo during the monsoons to avoid making your hair rough, dry, frizzy, and virtually impossible to detangle. Stay away from harsh chemicals that are usually present in generic anti-dandruff, anti-hair fall, and colour-retaining shampoos. Replace them with organic shampoos or herbal cleansers that will not strip the natural oils in your hair. We know keeping your scalp clean is not easy in the heat and humidity. Still, try to shampoo every day if you go out in the pollution during summer and rainy seasons. At the very least, shampoo on alternate days.


Light Conditioner

People often get more hair fall after using a hair conditioner because it is applied improperly. Make it a rule to use just enough conditioner to cover your hair lengths ONLY. Combing it with a wide-toothed comb in the shower from your ears to your hair ends can help spread it evenly. A good way to condition lightly is to spray a leave-in hair conditioner just after towel drying. But always avoid using a conditioner on your scalp. Your natural hair oils are enough to moisturize hair roots, and in hot, humid weather it is a definite “no-no”.


Well-Dried Hair

Many people wash, comb and run out the door in the morning. If you are in the habit of combing after towel drying your hair, then stop! Dry your hair completely using a hair drier or air-drying to avoid hair breakage, hair frizz and hair fall.


Wide-Toothed Comb

Frizzy hair should be combed as little as possible, especially dry frizzy hair. Hair frizzes out less when you comb wet hair with a wide-toothed comb. So put those plastic combs or brushes away and replace them with gentle combs with natural bristles or wood that protect hair and are healthier for your scalp. Use a gentle shampoo, smoothing conditioner, followed by combing with a wide-toothed neem wood comb.


Hair Serum or No-Frizz Spray

Reduce hair frizz and hair fall in one go! Hair serums are a must-have hair product in monsoon. Just after towel-drying, detangle hair using with a few drops of a concentrated serum or its lighter version – an anti-frizz spray. Or you can spray on a leave-in hair conditioner. Comb through the length of your hair with your fingers or use a wide-toothed comb. Dry and style hair for a smooth and shiny finish.


Hair Style

If you have long hair, avoid keeping your hair open, especially if it is windy or you live under fans. Use a high bun, ponytail or even braid instead. These hairstyles ensure your hair goes through less friction, keeping your hair off your face.


Lighter Hair Oil

Stop using castor oil, and olive oil for now; use avocado oil, argan oil or jojoba oil, or an organic formula instead. Be generous with the oil on the lengths but use a light touch on your hair roots.


Balanced Diet

In every health and wellness situation, your diet plays a part.

And hair is no exception.

Add plenty of fruits and veggies, vitamins, fish, yoghurt, and omegas for healthy hair that looks beautiful and lustrous all year round.

Do you have any hair care tips for us? How do you prevent monsoon hair fall?

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